Ten Bands (for Dummies) Ten Broods - 2 maps


Jan 15, 2002
Atwater, CA
Two maps with a 124x124 size with 10 civs each. Fully customized with more than the usual amount of resources, with some twists. Ten Bands has two versions, the Dummies version has the best spots to settle marked with an 'X'. Some modifications to the rules, and mostly updated to the 1.17 rules (you didn't know they changed stuff!?). Lots of water. You can start out on a lonely continent or get into a fight on one that you share.

An earlier version of 10 Broods was previously posted. This version layout is almost the same, but the rules are different. I had fun making them and playing on them. The AI doesn't seem to have any problem playing a challenging game on these maps. An text file is included in the .zip.


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Screen capture of the two maps


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This map ruined my game! How you say? Well first off now after playing this map(with its MODS) it wont allow me to uninstall it or reinstall the game again to fix the problem. Civilzations no longer get free techs, or have personalities like Militaristic, and Religous. I do not suggest downloading this! However since I have I need someone to help me fix this problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP! HELP! Email me[EMAIL]

Moderator Action: complaint duly noted and rejected. Your problems appears unconected with the map save for the coincident time. As posted below other person have no such problems with the map and Technical advice states that this loading type of file could not have the results you describe. No more post on it here.
Please read the forum rules:
First of all I don't appreciate the obscene letter that you sent me. Second, these maps were made exclusively with the Firaxis editor. If you have a problem with them, then you're beef is with Firaxis. Maps only alter the game that that is played with them. They don't alter any other files as your post implies.
Originally posted by InsaneData
I dont think so! You completely ruined my game! Someone else download this map and see if it happens!!!!!!!! and if it does this person should be held responsable.

Quite frankly, you have no idea what you are talking about. I did download his mod, played it, and have had no problems whatsoever.

To datarush: If this guy really sent you an obscene letter, you should take the matter up with a moderator. There is no call for that garbage.
Originally posted by InsaneData
Actualy I do know what I am talking about. My game was working just fine, untill I accident played on of his maps. Then right after it started acting stupid. And I did not send him an obscene letter.

The problems you describe can only be caused by corrupt game data files. That CAN NOT HAPPEN by simply loading a modified .bic file. Not possible. I would suggest you run a diagnostic program on your hard drive (Windows comes with Scandisk).
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