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Term 10 Judiciary: Kiwi Kourt!

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Demo Game: Government' started by Nobody, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Nobody

    Nobody Gangster

    Sep 14, 2001
    Wellington New Zealand
  2. Nobody

    Nobody Gangster

    Sep 14, 2001
    Wellington New Zealand

    Spoiler :
    Rights and Duties of all Citizens

    * Participate in all Judicial discussions
    * Request that any Judicial discussion be moved to its own thread in the Citizen's forum
    * Post requests for Judicial Review of existing law.
    * Post requests for Judicial Review of proposed amendments. This request should contain the exact text to be reviewed and a link to the discussion thread.
    * Post requests for clarification. This is an unofficial question about the rules that does not create a finding or set legal precendent, but may lead to a Judicial Review if any Justice feels one is needed.
    * Post requests for Investigations. This is a request to determine if a citizen has violated a rule. This request must be posted in the Judicial thread. There are no anonymous requests.

    Shared duties and responsibilities of all Justices

    * Conduct the business of the court in a fair, impartial, open and speedy manner.
    * Review and discuss any questions about our laws.
    * Review all proposed Amendments to our laws.
    * Review all requested Investigations to determine if there is need.
    * Participate in all Investigations in a fair and impartial manner.
    * Post clear opinions on all questions.
    * Notify the Judiciary during any Absence, and arrange for a Pro-Tem replacement
    * Discuss and ratify these Judicial Procedures.
    * Recuse themself from any Investigation that they are involved in as either the citizen requesting the investigation, or as the citizen under investigation. A Pro-tem replacement will be named by the President.
    * Recuse themself from any Judicial Review where they feel unable to render a fair, impartial, open or speedy decision. A Pro-tem replacement will be named by the President.

    Rights and Duties of the Chief Justice

    * Post polls for amendments once they pass review
    * Post any valid Recall poll.
    * Oversee all Judicial Proceedings.
    * Maintain the Judicial Log.

    Rights and Duties of the Judge Advocate

    * Post any valid Recall poll if for the Chief Justice.
    * Serve as the Prosecution during any trial of a citizen. In this role, the Judge Advocate need not act impartial as they are arguing for a specific side.

    Rights and Duties of the Public Defender

    * Serve as the Defense during as trial of a citizen, unless requested otherwise by the citizen. In this role, the Public Defender need not act impartial as they are arguing for a specific side.

    Judicial Reviews
    Judicial Reviews are used to resolve questions of the law and to validate proposed amendments. The opinion of a majority of the Justices will be used to resolve the Judicial Review.

    Reviews of existing laws may be requested by anyone. The Chief Justice shall review each request for merit. If the Chief Justice declines the request, the other two Justices may both accept the request, and override the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice will post each accepted request, clearly denoting the questions. After at least 24 hours, each Justice may post their finding. This post should clearly answer the questions as posed by the Chief Justice. The Chief Justice may request clarification of these findings as needed.

    Reviews of proposed law may be requested by anyone. The post must include the proposed law, and a link to the discussion thread. This post should clearly note all changes, including additions, deletions and changes. The proposed law must have been conspicuously posted as a proposed poll for at least 24 hours, and the discussion thread open for at least 48 hours. The Justices will review the law for any conflicts with current law, and post their findings. The Chief Justices will post the poll for all proposals that pass Judicial Review.

    Concurring decisions or rulings by at least two justices will resolve a judicial review. Any justice can request clarification of another justice's decision or ruling. Justices may also request the use alternative means of internal discussion to aid in their decisions. All ruling MUST, however, be posted in the Judicial thread.

    Requests may be deferred to the next term if the Chief Justice deems it likely that the Judicial Review will not finish prior to the conclusion of the current term.

    Investigations are used to determine if a citizen has violated a rule. They may be requested by any citizen in a post in the Judicial thread. Except as noted, the Justices must act in a fair, impartial, open and speedy manner throughout the process. All citizens are innocent unless determined to be guilty. All evidence, except foreknowledge of the game, must be presented publicly. Evidence of foreknowledge of the game will be reviewed by the Judiciary, and a statement about that evidence posted. Once that evidence becomes irrelevant due to game progress, any citizen may request it to be posted.

    Any citizen who is the defendant of a Citizen Complaint has the right to representation throughout the process. The Public Defender will defend each citizen charged with an offense from the moment the Citizen Complaint is filed until the complaint is concluded, unless another citizen is appointed by the defendant to serve as the Defense, with that citizen's consent, or if the accused prefers to defend him/herself.

    At any time during a citizen complaint, the prosecution and the defense (and accused) may agree to drop the case and implement an alternative agreed to solution, provided the Chief Justice concurs. Likewise, the citizen making the request may drop the request, ending the citizen complaint unless another citizen wishes to continue the process. Likewise, the citizen under investigation may accept the charges, and move immediately to the Sentencing phase.

    If a citizen has been found innocent of a charge or if the citizen has been found guilty and sentenced appropriately, the citizen may not be charged again with the same violation.

    Each requested Investigation will be reviewed by the Judiciary. Justices will gather and look through the evidence presented, including requests for statements from all citizens. If all Justices posting decisions determine the request to have No Merit, the basis for that finding will be posted by each Justice and the request is denied. If at least one Justice determines the request to have Merit, a trial on the facts will be conducted. The Judge Advocate will review the request and the relevant law, and determine the specific law the accused citizen is alleged to have violated.

    The Judge Advocate will create a thread for the trial in the Citizen's forum. This initial post should contain the specific violations and the evidence for those accusations. The next two posts are reserved for the citizen accused and the Public Defender - until they post, or 24 hours from the initial post, no other citizen may post in the thread. All citizens are encouraged to post in this thread, but are reminded to respect the rights of all citizens.

    Once the at least 48 hours have passed, and discussion has petered out, the Chief Justice can declare the discussion closed, and post a Trial poll.

    The Trial poll will be a private poll, with the options Innocent, Guilty and Abstain. It will run for 48 hours. The option receiving the most votes will determine the result. In the event of a tie, the members of the Judiciary will determine the result by posting clear opinions in the Trial thread.

    If a citizen under an investigation has accepted the charges, the citizen, the accuser and the Judiciary may determine and assign a sentence if they all unanimously agree to the arrangement. Failure to uphold that arrangement will result in full sentencing poll posted as if the citizen were found guilty in a Trial.

    If an arrangement cannot be made, or the citizen was found Guilty, the sentence will be determined by the citizens through a poll. The Chief Justice will post the poll, marked as private with a duration of 48 hours. The options for the poll will include:

    * Suspension from Demogame
    * Removal from Office (if applicable)
    * Final Warning
    * Warning
    * Abstain

    Other options may be included through unanimous consent of the Judiciary.

    Once the poll closes, the Chief Justice or Judge Advocate will determine the sentence imposed using cumulative voting. The most severe option that a majority of citizens support will be imposed. If a Warning is issued, a warning will be posted by the Chief Justice in the Judicial thread and may be reposted in that person’s government thread, if they hold an office. If a citizen is given a Final Warning, the above procedure will be used, but with stronger language. Additionally, the options “Warning” and “Final Warning” will not appear on a sentencing poll if that citizen is charged with a similar offense in the future. If a citizen is sentenced to a Public Apology, a thread apologizing for the actions taken must be posted by the defendant within 48 hours of the close of the sentencing poll. If the citizen is removed from office, they are barred from holding that office for the remainder of the term. The length of a suspension is to be determined by the Judiciary, with the required consent of the moderators.

    Changes to Judicial Procedures
    The Judicial Procedures may be changed at any time by a concurring decision of at least two justices.


  3. dutchfire

    dutchfire Moderator Moderator

    Jan 5, 2006
    good luck this term Nobody, though I doubt you'll get much to do.
  4. DaveShack

    DaveShack Inventor Retired Moderator

    Feb 2, 2003
    Arizona, USA (it's a dry heat)
    We do have a couple of empty offices if you'd rather disband the court and work on in-game stuff instead. :cool:
  5. Nobody

    Nobody Gangster

    Sep 14, 2001
    Wellington New Zealand
    na its ok, ill just sit here and pretend to be important. I just started endgame wow. it takes all my time.

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