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Term 4: Ministry of Domestic Affairs


Jun 29, 2002
My agenda:
Originally posted by Yndy
My policy will be to increase the number of workers to an average of one worker per city. I'll also build more improvements, especially marketplaces to increase our disposable income.

I'm currently working on a detailed schedule and discussing with our President. Until then feel free to make suggestions here or on PM.
I would like to see some plans from the Domestic Affairs Department on where we will place or settlers. We already have one settler standing by in Shen Ling as i write this (Turn 136 - 150 AD).

If we could start to make some plans for our workers too, that would be great.
Good points, Cheetah.

I think we should put up a poll on where to put the settler and new city.
Yes... That's what I'm trying to say! We should have discussed this a week ago, BEFORE the turn pops up...
I don't think anybody opposes sending the settler. If they don't (or if it's only one or two dissenters), it can be said to have been agreed to by general consensus, no poll needed.
I have produced the new cities location chart. Green is the top priority, Violet and Blue are next, black is a strategic point, the pink ones are temporary locations.

The Green will have the least corruption and would become a good city with time.

The citizens and officials are invited to comment. If we have different views we might consider a poll.


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Follwing the review of our cities (thanks Cheetah) I came up with the following short term domestic policy.

Officials are invited to comment given their priorities (Military especially), citizens are welcome too.


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On City sites:

For one, I'd question the priority of placing our double whale city at this point in time. Those plains won't be productive for a while, and it will take a good deal of resources to get access to the dual whales that the site is needed for.

The pink locations of the grasslands east of our homeland (near BoP) all seem a bit too spread out to me. With a bit of rearrangment, we can fit in at least one more productive city, imho.

On domestic plans:
Everything looks good, though a temple would be a good idea in Shen Ling to allow it to grow larger, which would increase production and commerce.
Yndy, I'm voting you Rookie of the Term, and MVP :D (theres a reason I voted for you in elections!)
Great job Yndy! :D

And then a few comments.
I agree with Octavian on the double whale city. I don't think we should settle it at this time.

On the other cities; wouldn't it be better to place more cities between us and BoP? That is the best places to build cities IMHO, and it would be a shame if Poly builds out their entire area of conquered GCA land, if we doesn't have anything there.

And about the islands:
We need to make sure that no-one else get them. But if we place cities there, they will not be connected to our mainland if we doesn't build harbors on both sides. I fear they would take a bit to much resources to make productive right now.

Still, I can agree to a city on Greenland, though I would like to know where GCA is going, and putting units on the islands is a better idea right now.
The green city would have the least corruption and would need some time to build the temple anyway. The violet and blue would be totally corrupt until we revolt to Republic, and so would be the pink ones.

Yes, you’re right we’ll squeeze more cities in the Eastern plains; I wasn’t sure how tight you wanted the build.

Shen Ling does not need any other improvement as long as it will be used as a 4-turn settler factory. Afterwards, we’ll order a lot of them.

The harbor in Xiang Shou will be one and the Black city will probably start with a harbor too. We could even have that city productive eventually.
I resign for three reasons:

1. I have limited my civ playing time and participation to these forums due to multiple reasons (which I'm not going no name here)

2. The MSDG has an interesting attention requirement which varies from none at all when the save is stuck somewhere to full time presence during several hours during the turn.

I cannot follow such program, I have several other responsibilities and the MSDG is secondary to all of them.

3. Current ammendaments to Article M of the Constitution will throw me out of position sooner or later.

I will still be a citizen and follow your moves from time to time.

It's been a nice experience.
Sorry to hear you're resigning Yndy. :(

I hope you'll have time to say a few words from time to time though. It's always appreciated. :)

Hm. Well we have to get a new Minister of Domestic Affairs. The President has to elect one, so:

Who want's to be Minister of Domestic Affairs? Raise a hand! :)
That's a shame, Yndy, as you have contributed quite a bit in your short time here. :( Please continue to stop in and let us know how we are doing every now and then. Your opinion is quite valuable.
Originally posted by Cheetah
Who want's to be Minister of Domestic Affairs? Raise a hand! :)

Finaly, an Office Opertunity

I CivGeneral would wish to be the Minister of Domestic Affairs :D
CG has been begging me for ages, so I guess he is now Minister of Domestic Affairs.

Emp.Napoleon, you can be domestic deputy, assuming CG wants a deputy (He told me he has.)

I know CG knows what to do, but just to repeat it, you guys are about 3rd in line in power (behind Prezzy/Vice Prezzy and Foreign Relations). Your job is pretty much everything that doesn't involve another country. You tell me where to put the workers (a map of actions would be great, see some of my DGII maps). You tell me where to put the cities, and what cities build what.

Emp.Napoleon, apart from any power that CG gives you, you should keep scheming ideas. Because the more effort you put in, the more you will be rewarded, and the sooner you will get a better job. It is GREAT when an advisor analyses a situation, and does his job without being asked! I have a feeling that that wont happen though, but there's some hope.

Oh, and Yndy, thanks for your time here, I never really heard much from you, but It was great to see new faces here :). I hope you come around, and post every now and then...
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