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Term 6 - Embassy to APO

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Multi-site Demo Game: High Council' started by Emp.Napoleon, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. Emp.Napoleon

    Emp.Napoleon SUPER EMP!

    Oct 19, 2002
    Washington, DC / San Diego, CA
    I only care if they can cover land with their units, and they do not need to settle in order to cover land.
  2. Emp.Napoleon

    Emp.Napoleon SUPER EMP!

    Oct 19, 2002
    Washington, DC / San Diego, CA
    Session Start (Yahoo! - emperornapoleon_cfc:bigfree123): Wed Sep 29 21:30:53 2004
    emperornapoleon_cfc: hail
    bigfree123: hey hey
    emperornapoleon_cfc: about time I found one of you :p
    emperornapoleon_cfc: we think we have been spoted
    bigfree123: yeah, we figured. I think they may have someone who's cheating. They get away with it by being the person in charge of moving units around. They know where you are, so they move units into that unique position that would be able to see you.
    bigfree123: Now that they have, its better to just get all units back home
    bigfree123: GWT will try their own invasion in some turn to come
    bigfree123: pull your troops home, then send back the empty ships to map out thier land and make them nervous that you still have troops aboard
    bigfree123: they cant send too much to our land if they think we can land on them at any time
    bigfree123: We need you guys to create an embassy with us so we can get a RoP
    bigfree123: that way if they do make a landing on either of us, we can help eachother out
    emperornapoleon_cfc: lol, after so many years of alliance we never have?
    bigfree123: nope
    bigfree123: it was not needed
    emperornapoleon_cfc: yea
    bigfree123: just a game technicality
    emperornapoleon_cfc: yea
    emperornapoleon_cfc: how is poly doing blocking land?
    bigfree123: we figure we cant block everything
    bigfree123: we will do a partial blocking
    bigfree123: meaning that we will block mountains, hills and other terrain that would give them a defense bonus where they land
    emperornapoleon_cfc: yea
    bigfree123: the main defense will be a mobile strike force consisting of Cav units
    bigfree123: we want to get to Steam Power asap so we can get rails up
    bigfree123: rails will be our best defense
    emperornapoleon_cfc: yes
    emperornapoleon_cfc: but how are we going to mak a counter attack? will we just wait untill marines?
    bigfree123: btw, i calculated 80 gpt in order to do 4 turn research
    bigfree123: yes, we need marines
    bigfree123: and tanks
    emperornapoleon_cfc: so we got a good 40 turns
    emperornapoleon_cfc: ish
    bigfree123: (Link: http://www.civgaming.net/forums/showpost.php?p=123187&postcount=17)http://www.civgaming.net/forums/showpost.php?p=123187&postcount=17
    bigfree123: see that post
    bigfree123: who's "Annka"
    bigfree123: err "ankka"
    emperornapoleon_cfc: our grand poo-bah
    emperornapoleon_cfc: :p
    bigfree123: ok
    emperornapoleon_cfc: resident
    emperornapoleon_cfc: president
    bigfree123: read that post that will answer your questions
    bigfree123: You need to go to bat ofr our alliance
    bigfree123: *for
    bigfree123: neither of us will survive unless we get the most out of our combined resources
    bigfree123: we need to look a this like we are practically the same team
    bigfree123: brb
    emperornapoleon_cfc: ok
    bigfree123: (Link: http://www.civgaming.net/forums/showthread.php?p=123197#post123197)http://www.civgaming.net/forums/showthread.php?p=123197#post123197
    bigfree123: more info
    emperornapoleon_cfc: we got 4 turns to FP
    emperornapoleon_cfc: I can't answer the other questions though
    emperornapoleon_cfc: don't know
    emperornapoleon_cfc: I will post this message right now
    emperornapoleon_cfc: but I need some sleep, unless you have anything else
    emperornapoleon_cfc: ?
    bigfree123: no, thats it
    bigfree123: that and what i posted in the alliance embassy
    emperornapoleon_cfc: ok, I will get some guys to look there
    emperornapoleon_cfc: see you
  3. Emp.Napoleon

    Emp.Napoleon SUPER EMP!

    Oct 19, 2002
    Washington, DC / San Diego, CA
    Top Poly officals think it will be better for us to keep our tech-for-money deal than for us to reserch, untill we get some libraries up. I agree, what do you all think?
  4. Donovan Zoi

    Donovan Zoi The Return

    Oct 22, 2002
    I agreeeee.
  5. Emp.Napoleon

    Emp.Napoleon SUPER EMP!

    Oct 19, 2002
    Washington, DC / San Diego, CA
    Poly thinks that we should:
    #1 Give them 90GPT
    #2 Got on economy to give more aid to APO's reserch and some day our own.
  6. Emp.Napoleon

    Emp.Napoleon SUPER EMP!

    Oct 19, 2002
    Washington, DC / San Diego, CA
    <Trip> have you seen the recent posts at the Embassy forum?
    <EMP> the ones Mr free showed me
    <Trip> we have a great number of Libaries built
    <Trip> so our overall research ability is much greater than CFC
    <Trip> it's much more efficient for CFC to send Apolyton the same money that could be spent on research
    <EMP> so the gold for tech deal will surpass any hope of us reserching?
    <EMP> o
    <EMP> ok
    <Trip> because, say, 90 GPT CFC spends researching will give us 120 instead
    <Trip> because we have so many Libraries
    <Trip> same amount of gold, more done with it
    <Trip> once you guys get some Libraries up later then we can reconsider the situation
    <Trip> but for now we just need to get the techs done
    <EMP> I hope we do, as science minister
    <Trip> I know it's disappointing not doing any research
    <Trip> but GWT has an immense economy
    <Trip> now that they have no war weariness
    <Trip> they will be taking only 4 turns per tech for the rest of the game probably
    <Trip> if we don't do the best we can to overcome that then we'll be in big trouble
    <Trip> another thing
    <Trip> I postead a plan for setting up boats to watch for GWT in the future
    <Trip> in total it will require 22 boats, with more being desirable
    <Trip> right now Apolyton has 12 Caravels and more are being built
    <Trip> how many does CFC have, 4?
    <Trip> according to my plan we need a total of 12 boats to the west of our continent watching GWT and 10 to the east
    <EMP> I think a alot
    <Trip> I will post the images at the Embassy forum soon
    <EMP> maybe more than ten
    <Trip> ten boats?
    <EMP> I can give you a screenie of our ships
    <Trip> no, I just want to know exactly how many you have :)
    <Trip> I didn't think you had that many
    <EMP> let em look
    <Trip> okay
    <EMP> one white bar under a ship means another ship right?
    <Trip> no
    <EMP> IT's been a long tie since I played civ3 :p
    <EMP> *time
    <Trip> it can mean land units on board
    <Trip> go to the F3 screen
    <Trip> it will list how many units of each type you have
    <EMP> I can't opean a save right now :p I am using a screen
    <EMP> ok wait I think 4
    <EMP> fairly sure
    <Trip> hmm, okay
    <Trip> that's what I thought
    <Trip> in any case
    <Trip> we will need a total of 22
    <EMP> we can build more if you like
    <Trip> we have 12 now and are building more
    <Trip> that is probably not necessary
    <Trip> what we need for you guys to do is concentrate on your economy
    <Trip> Markets, eventually Libraries
    <Trip> Workers, etc.
    <EMP> so money for our libraries and you guys?
    <Trip> what do you mean?
    <Trip> money for your libraries?
    <EMP> to build them I mean
    <EMP> and support them
    <Trip> ohhh
    <EMP> later for techs, if we ever get there
    <Trip> what we need right now mostly is money for research right NOW
    <Trip> we will soon be in our Golden Age
    <Trip> 20 or 25 turns
    <Trip> we want to be able to get to the Industrial Era by then
    <Trip> right now we are doing research at -120 GPT
    <Trip> how much gold do you have right now?
    <Trip> if you have a reserve from the past turns it would be very important for both of us
    <Trip> as we are burning off all of the gold we have
    <Trip> and not saving anything
    <EMP> 753
    <Trip> hehe
    <Trip> we have about 200
    <Trip> and running -120 GPT
    <Trip> as I said
    <EMP> :p
    <EMP> now we both know that we wil not be able to block all of our land, do we have a plan incase they land?
    <Trip> well
    <Trip> the plan is to have the boats up and watching
    <Trip> with 22 boats in the correct positions we should see them at least 4 turns before they arrive
    <Trip> we will obviously have backups in case they sink the ones we have watching
    <Trip> so we should have plenty of time to get ready
    <Trip> Apolyton is going for Military Tradition and Cavalry
    <EMP> eya but we will not
    <Trip> since we do not have 3-move Riders
    <EMP> and they know we are weaker, they wil go for us, not yuo
    <Trip> we expect that
    <Trip> we are planning on sending Workers over to your lands to help construct roads
    <Trip> as well as units to help block tiles
    <Trip> do you know if we have a Right-of-Passage agreement?
    <Trip> if not, you should send one to us us ASAP
    <Trip> or us to you
    <Trip> whoever plays next
    <EMP> not yet, I will try to get that done ASAP
    <Trip> so we can use your roads and help build more to make the continent more secure
    <Trip> also
    <EMP> I never play the save :p
    <Trip> once our Knights land we will send some over most likely
    <Trip> and certainly some Cavalry later on
    <Trip> but the key is getting the boats in position
    <Trip> you should get your Riders home and station them somewhere near the center of your land
    <Trip> somewhat northwards, since it's likely they'll land up north instead of south
    <Trip> as I said, I will post the images where the boats should be soon, in the next few days
    <EMP> ok
    <Trip> so we can get all boats to their spots and watching
    <Trip> we are going to send over some boats from our main fleet to watch GWT's coast near you guys
    <Trip> since as you said it's probable that they'll try to attack you instead
    <EMP> very likely
    <Trip> we will probably need about 90 GPT in order to keep up our research rate
    <EMP> I will announce that too
    <Trip> hopefully you guys can provide that so that we don't fall behind GWT
    <Trip> thank you
    <Trip> if you can convince people to rally behind this plan that would be great
    <Trip> I'm really not trying to be greedy and get your guys' money for Apolyton
    <Trip> we really are researching and burning through ALL of our gold
    <Trip> we'll have nothing for rushing or upgrades
    <EMP> ok
    <Trip> once we get to the Industrial Era things will really start to heat up :)
    <Trip> Railroads, factories
    <Trip> etc.
    <EMP> yepo
    <EMP> anything else?
    <Trip> hmmm
    <Trip> let me list things:
    <Trip> we need about 90 GPT to keep current research pace (will look up exact #s later)
    <Trip> Caravel sentry net info (will post screenshots at forum in the next few days)
    <Trip> Right-of-Passage Agreement
    <Trip> possible other military cooperation
    <Trip> and yes
    <Trip> using some of your gold to help speed up things like Granaries and Markets is a good idea
    <Trip> you probably won't need to upgrade much in the near future
    <Trip> you don't need Cavalry like we do
    <Trip> since Riders move just as fast
    <Trip> and we don't really want to FIGHT them
    <Trip> just stop them from landing
    <EMP> yea, a war on ladn would be devistating
    <Trip> I think that's about it for now
    <Trip> if I have anything else I will contact you in here or in MSN
    <Trip> or post something on the forum
    <EMP> ok
    <EMP> I'm posting this right now
    <Trip> great
  7. Ankka

    Ankka Deity

    Oct 5, 2001
    BigFree said 80gpt in the Embassy forum, and that's what I'm gonna agree to.

    We have 4 caravels, and IIRC 1 being built.
  8. Cheetah

    Cheetah Deity

    Dec 20, 2002
    the relative oasis of CFC
    80 will have to do. Why do they suddenly want 90?
  9. Zarn

    Zarn Le Républicain Catholique

    Apr 14, 2002
    New Jersey/ Delaware Valley
    We should station troops everywhere, not just the South. Actually, I do not believe the north would be our weakest area.
  10. Emp.Napoleon

    Emp.Napoleon SUPER EMP!

    Oct 19, 2002
    Washington, DC / San Diego, CA
    Both have a good possiblity of attack, but they wil not think there are units in the north.
  11. Ankka

    Ankka Deity

    Oct 5, 2001
    And the South is more important to defend. ;)

    We're building cats and riders... we should propably start upgrading some pikes to muskets.

    I moved some units from inland cities towards the Westcoast.

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