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Terrain Specialized Buildings


Feb 7, 2015
Civ V's link between terrain and district bonuses is a very interesting strategic element. Unfortunately, it is influenced only by a relatively small number of terrain features, and it declines in importance beyond the early game. A solution to both of these problems would be to dramatically increase the number of buildings that either have their own adjacency bonuses (like Norway's Stave Church) or increase the value of nearby resources (like the Water Mill and Civ V's Granary). A University, for instance could gain adjacency bonuses from nearby neighborhoods, while a Research Lab could increase the science yield of Aluminum and Mercury in the same city.

These bonuses would be even more interesting in cases where different buildings compete for the same slot. If for instance, Stables provided additional mounted unit production from pastures and Barracks provided additional melee unit production from mines, decisions about where to put encampments and what buildings to put in them would become more interesting. While this dynamic would currently apply only to a handful of buildings, I hope that the game will eventually add more such choices.

While increased yields from terrain an adjacency would generally come in the form of the district's primary yield, this would not need to be an absolute limitation. A Temple, or one of the worship buildings, might provide culture from incense, for instance. Benefits could even extend beyond yield boosts, with Universities increasing great person generation in adjacent districts or Broadcast Towers increasing the regional effect range from adjacent Stadiums.

Districts and adjacency bonuses are one of the best innovations of Civ VI, and expanding beyond a simple system of mountains, forests/rainforests, rivers and districts would only make them deeper and more engaging. Attaching these expanded mechanics to buildings rather than districts themselves would spread these dynamics across the game's eras and allow advanced players to make detailed plans without overwhelming new players with information. I very much hope that expanded interactions between terrain, buildings and adjacent districts will be part of future patches and expansions.
In addition I think encampments should get additional defensive points for being on hills, which they oddly don't get (developer oversight?).
I am also an advocate for adding adjacency bonuses to Encampments. Perhaps it could work like this:

+1 production towards military units for each adjacent strategic resource.
Barracks adds +1 production for adjacent Iron, Niter.
Stable adds +1 production for adjacent Horses, and Oil (maybe?).

That way, you not only have more terrain bonuses, but also the ability to specialize the district based on your terrain.

Furthering the above suggestion, we could do similar things with other districts.

Add an Observatory building that is exclusive with University. Observatory requires an adjacent mountain (and graphic is placed on the mountain), and it increases the adjacency bonus from mountains.
University, then, could increase the adjacency bonus from rainforest.

Commercial Hub:
Market could add minor adjacency bonus for each adjacent luxury resource.
Maybe add a Farmer's Market building that is exclusive with Market. It could add an adjacency bonus for food resources.

Theater Square:
Add a Landmark building that is exclusive with Amphitheater. It could add culture based on appeal (thus making appeal more relevant earlier in the game).

Entertainment Complex:

Alternatively, Landmark could go here and be exclusive with Arena? Or Amenity from Entertainment Complexes could scale based on appeal (thus making appeal more relevant earlier).
Add a race track building exclusive with Arena. It adds +1 Amenity for each adjacent Horse and Oil. In classical-renaissance, era, graphic would look like a chariot race track. In Industrial-Info, it could be car races or a horse derby?

I think Harbors need buffs in general. I think they should get a minor gold adjacency bonus for each adjacent water tile, and then maybe a production adjacency bonus for each adjacent sea resource.
Add a Marina that is exclusive with the Shipyard. It adds +1 Amenity for each adjacent sea resource.
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Here are some additional suggestions I've thought of since starting the thread:

(alternative to Market): +2 gold from silver and copper tiles worked by this city
Commodity Exchange (alternative to stock exchange): Provides bonus gold from each of this city's resources equal to the number of resources of that type (One incense, for instance, would provide +1 gold. Three rice in the same city would provide 3+3+3=9 gold.)

Workshop: +4 production when constructing districts, buildings and wonders on adjacent tiles

Festival Grounds (alternative to Temple): Doubles pantheon bonuses is this city (but does not provide Great Prophet points or unlock apostle purchases).

Arena: +1 amenity form horses
Zoo: Adjacent fur and ivory resources provide +1 regional amenity bonus but can no longer be worked.
Stadium: Adjacent Broadcast Towers provide +1 regional amenity bonus

One class of building I ended up skipping was factories and power plants. I can think of half a dozen variants that would benefit from different terrain types (Hydroelectric Plants and rivers, Nuclear Plants and Uranium etc.), but while these terrain differences would be interesting in their own right, they'd be much more interesting if the different building types also had different interactions with a hypothetical expansion's pollution and climate systems.
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