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TerraNES: The Civil Experiment

Discussion in 'Never Ending Stories' started by Terrance888, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Terrance888

    Terrance888 Discord Reigns

    Jul 22, 2007
    Workwork Workshop
    Orders Due Friday, March 22
    [TIMER=12/14/2012 20:00 EST; Deadline is Here!][/TIMER]
    Minigame 8 is Due December 13th
    [TIMER=12/13/2012 12:00 EST; Time To Eat!][/TIMER]
    Minigame 9 is Due December 25th
    [TIMER=12/25/2012 16:00 EST; A Blast From the Past][/TIMER]

    Hello, and welcome to my first Fresh Start! This will be a “Classic” Earth Fresh Start. This will be my first “Real” NES and I hope we can all enjoy it. For those interested, please just PM me a message and I will help you select a good nation. Also, I would ask all to browse the Wiki and help make it truly representative of what we have here!

    This NES will start on a fresh blank slate of Earth, using slightly tweaked versions of “Classic” rulesets to maximize playability and nostalgia. I also wish to at least move 10 updates: Hopefully, all these goals will be achieved. However, we must not forget the most important goal of all: FUN!

    Also, Many Thanks to Lord Joakim for his support, Abaddon for his Ruleset, MjM for his Friendship, Das for being the father of this Ruleset and I guess Iggy for being the mother, EqandCivfanatic for providing relatively longlasting NESes in the past, Erez for being a fun friend in other Fresh Starts, Dreadnought for hosting my first disaterous attempt at a fresh start.... And on and on. I'll just thank all of YOU for bringing me here, and allow me to serve your as a Moderator this time.

    The purpose of this NES is to provide a blank environment on which players will create nations of their own invention with qualities of their own design. What if the Gauls were peaceful philosophers? What if Egypt was an agnostic feudal society? What if Aztec was a technological behemoth? Your destiny is your own in this game, and an emphasis is being placed on allowing players a large amount of control over their nation. I'll even allow some silly stuff (bear cavalry?) if you write and spend enough on it! If you provide me with historical data, or other information, I will use it, to your advantage or someone else's disadvantage... but otherwise, do what you want!

    Let’s go and make our destinies!


    You start off with a default primitive animism, belief in spirits of nature and things like that. You can create a more advanced religion through a story and the construction of temples. Religions are every bit as powerful here as they are in our world. You can start up a totally original religion, or if your location is suitable, be the birth place for a RL Religion. They give your leader credibility, mould alliances, and break empires. Eventually, some religions are strong enough to get their own stats and form religious organizations.

    There are now rules for the raising of soldiers for holy wars and the establishment of holy organizations. I will add them in their own special post below.

    There are various religious sects possible. I will begin listing the main sect first, while listing other sects by importance.



    This stat represents the age your nation is in, tech-wise. The ages of this game will be displayed here as time goes on, however as a general rule of thumb later ages are better. You cannot directly buy advancement, but it shouldn't take much thought to what might help. A project building schools across your nation for example. It is a lot easier, and cheaper, for your actions to drive the forward momentum. Trade, war, culture etc etc all will move you forward. Advancing in age does not necessarily advance your army though - that requires additional spending. Finally, for the truly dullard among you, you can spend directly on advancement- it would be EXTREMELY INEFFICIENT AND EXPENSIVE.

    Age advancement shall be more or less represented by a fraction. Every turn, you will get a random increase in advancement, with additional advancement based on other factors (including direct investment, or usually more effectively by indirect investment). This advancement represents random achievements. HOWEVER, significantly advanced nations with great achievements can advance an age without completing the fraction bar, with an ADDITIONAL bonus after they do so. This is shown by culture and confidence.

    After you advance an age, you lose 1 level of Culture and Confidence comparably to the new age- what's cool in the last age is cliche in the new- as well as 1 level of size due to newer efficient methods of government.

    Additionally, as we move on we may see unique ages: These will give their developers additional confidence and culture, and provide closer diplomatic ties and bonuses for those who desire to also copy these unique ages. Example: “Mid-Gunpowder French Absolutism”, provided by Louis XIV’s example, was rife in the unorganized Holy Roman Empire's statlets and gives a boast against drops of confidence.
    Example: "Late-Classical Hellenism" gives a bonus to spearmen and culture.

    Current ages are Early Bronze-Bronze-Late Bronze-Early Iron. Bronze is the current Advanced Age.

    After 4 turns of Bronze, a player can attempt a "Feat" to join the Late Bronze Age. Every nation will achieve mastery of bronze by that time, and this "Feat" is like the icing on top. Will your nation specialize in great protective armor, or really flexible armor? Will your nation develop mass production or exquisite workmanship? Will your nation develop new ship-making techniques, or new warmaking weapons? All up to you, as long as I approved of it beforehand.

    This is, as the name suggests, the size of your nation. Size is an amalgam of land area, as well as how easy it is for each part of the nation to reach the other part (a colonial empire, by its nature, will have a higher size stat than a nation of equal land and population size that is on one continuous chunk of land). As nations advance and efficiency and communication improve, the size stat will go down. Size determines how costly change is, as well as the effectiveness of various things (plagues, military strategies, conscription/levies, increased taxation, etc.). Generally, Age will decrease size by one, and so will an appropriately sized infrastructure project. Decreased size means more efficiency.

    The Levels are:

    Citystate - Tiny - Petite - Small - Medium - Large - Huge - Gargantuan - Monstrous - MODZILLA


    The first two numbers represent what you have to spend, total. You can't spend anything more than this except by EP transfers that turn.

    The first number is your total income, and your second number is your treasury; whether it be banked EP, loot, or even in the negative due to temporary loans or damages.

    The economy points are used to grow the economy, spend on armies/navies, build wonders, and do research or anything else you want. You can increase your economy either by urbanization (building towns->cities), domestic policy (irrigation, industries), trade policy (build ports, incentivize merchants) or projects (a Highway System, land clearing large areas, huge projects); Or whatever you want! Do you want a super-pimped crown? Spend some EP!

    Towns will cost 4 EP and they will help centralize regions, but cities CANNOT simply be upgraded from towns. Only time, projects, stories, culture, trade and other factors can do so. If cities are too close together, they start sapping each other's vitality and lower domestic income, and may even demote each other back into towns. Conversely, distance cities and towns may declare independence if your rule isn't strong enough or your confidence is too low.

    Large crosses represent cities and control your urban income. Each city gives 1EP, except for special cities, which give more. Small dots show major agricultural, mining, or other rural income regions in the form of towns. However, the rural economy will NOT be tied directly to the number of towns. Finally, we have trade income based on the changing values of goods as they pass through your country.

    The negative number represents the amount of gold lost per turn from upkeep, and you must take it into account by yourself. You can choose not to pay the upkeep in a given turn or pay less, and depending on your excuses you might avoid catastrophe. Then again, your army might simply rebel and overthrow you to pay themselves. (with a loss of economy, troops, confidence and even territory)

    If we look at the example: Economy: 6/1 (1/2/3)-1 we can analyze its economy. We see that they gain 6EP each turn, and have 1 EP in their treasury, which might be loot or banked income. Of the 6EP income, 1 is from a city, 2 is from their domestic economy and they gain 3EP from their trade routes. We can also see that they also pay 1 EP per turn in upkeep, which when paid they would have 5 left to spend on their plans.


    As ages advance and more powerful units emerge, units become more powerful. I will use a numerical system. Example: Warrior has (1) power, Spearman has (1.5), Swordsman has (3)... And if you write stories about your units' terrific strength, they may get a little power bonus.

    1EP will train 1 unit or build 10 Ships of appropriate age.

    1 Unit of Warriors are 1000 Men
    1 Unit of Spearmen are 750 Men
    1 Unit of Swordsmen are 500 Men
    1 Unit of Axemen are 500 Men
    1 Unit of Archers are 400 Men
    1 Unit of Cavalry (of any kind) are 200 Men
    (So with elephants and 10 per elephant=20 elephants, with chariots and 4 per chariot=50 chariots)

    With UUs, simply describe them to me and I'll put them into your stats.

    Unit Power (For Comparing Masses of Troops)
    Early Bronze Age: Warrior (1), Spearman (1.5), Archer (1.5), Curragh (0.5)
    Bronze Age: Archer (1.5), Spearman (2), Axeman (2.5), Chariot (3), Long Boat (0.75)
    Late Bronze Age: Archer (2), Spearman (2.5), Axeman (3), Swordsman (3), Chariot (4), Horsemen (3.5), Galley (1)
    Early Iron Age: Archer (2), Spearmen (3), Axeman (3.5), Swordsman (4), Chariot (4.5), Horsemen (4.5), Galley (1.5), Early Trireme (1.5)

    You can train your units to have any power level, so spearmen really can beat a tank.. if trained well enough. Each level of training costs the level you are training in EP. You can only train one level per turn. (Example: to train Bronze Age Axemen to 10, you need to level it up 4 times. This will take 4 turns and 1(from level 1, ect)+2+3+4, or 10EP other than the 1EP just buying it!). This also means that you can double the starting strength of newly purchased units by paying twice the cost.

    When you build units for combat. Newly trained units are simply your militia or conscripts who are given a brief lesson on marching and formation fighting, and sent into battle. After that, however, they are part of your army. If you want decently trained troops from the start, you should pay 2EP for a level 2 starting unit.

    You may have one Unique Unit at a time which is a modified base unit according to your present age level depending on when the unit was first conceptualized. The Unique Unit you provide me with is an idea of how the unit should function or a basic idea of its purpose, and I will assign a cost to it. Unique units are generally better than ordinary units, however are also more susceptible to environmental or tactical factors. Say Arabia creates Camel Archers, which are much better than its ordinary units. They will excel in the homeland and in neighboring regions but as the borders are pushed, they will become less effective as camels are no good at fighting in, say, tundra. Another example is Immortals. They do great in the Middle East when their tactics of withering covering fire mixed with charges work well against other light infantry, but fail against the Greek Hoplites and their heavy infantry. (Type of infantry will be based on stories and orders) When a nation makes a new type of unique unit, old unique units will slowly disappear or be assimilated.

    When unique unit designs are spread out enough, they cease to be unique and become regional units. Regional units may be used by all the nations in that region and any other specified and are no longer unique. They also tend to be quite obsolete.

    Any questions on the specifics of each unit shall be PMed and later added to the FAQ after that specific war is over.

    Every 5 Land units and 20 ships costs 1EP in upkeep to maintain.

    List of UUs has been moved closer to stats.


    Your people's confidence in nation and leadership. Low confidence will result in revolts and revolutions. High confidence and your people will defend you with their lives, resist subversion and have strong faith in you no matter what you do. This a very important stat, one that in this NES encompasses infrastructure, education, and a whole manner of things. Be inventive with projects and this will rise. If it starts dropping, you know you need to spend on your nation's welfare.

    The Number Stat will represent base Confidence, which will affect your final confidence along with Culture and Size. Generally, base confidence only affects your "citizens" or your "homeland" peoples. Newly conquered peoples will usually hate you, but it won't lower confidence unless your homeland fears their revolt.

    Going up an age usually lowers your confidence by 1.

    (Revolting, Hateful, Resentful, Simmering, Apathetic, Tolerating, Respecting, Admiring, Loving, Worshipping)


    This stat represents how cultured your nation is, and the more culture the better. Having more culture decreases the chance that a random event will screw you up, and can allow you to culturely affect, or even flip, your neighbors. A strong culture will also help maintain confidence among "noncitizens". Culture can increase through stories, wonders, and Cultural or Religious centers and other projects.

    Culture will spread and mix between nations. The main culture stat will note the strength of your own culture.

    (None, Pathetic, Mediocre, Limited, Average, Strong, Influential, Outstanding, Wonder of the World)

    You will also have in parenthesis a list of influential cultures. This may be anything from a cultural group you are part of, major conquered peoples, or influential nations. Warning: cultural influences over Overbearing may cause cultural flips to the owner's culture! On the plus side, you may attempt to flip others, or peacefully vassalize them with little resistance.



    This stat displays the projects you have, how close to completion they are, and their end effect. To begin a project, detail it in your orders and the desired outcome. I will decide the cost; preferable before the orderset. A Project only advances with EP spent. Projects are where you will get all sorts done and really let your creativity flair. The better the idea, the cheaper the cost for greater benefits. Some things, of course, need a multitude of projects to achieve your desired affect. For this you probably want to communicate the fact that it is a series of projects. Other times, one big expensive project will be attempted for one big expensive result.

    Warning- projects can and will be able to be captured throughout the NES, and once repaired by used by their new owners. They can also be targeted or damaged.


    Now taken over by the Wiki.
  2. Terrance888

    Terrance888 Discord Reigns

    Jul 22, 2007
    Workwork Workshop

    Writing stories is encouraged in this NES to provide not only culture but flavor to your nation and help customize that nation to your specific tastes. They don't need to be particularly well-written or verbose, but a feeling of knowing that you're trying is all that's necessary. Communicate to us the character of your nation, and we will respect it. Write stories, draw pictures, whatever, I will reward it with a longer write up and a better understanding of your country.


    These are quick and fun storywriting contests which you can get ideas about developing your nation. I will usually have 2 active at any given amount of time (in the future I will have active ones posted at the end of my updates) and I will warn all before I give out awards. Don't be afraid of the high quality of other entries! I have 12 various criteria (3 random ones at any given awards) which I use to judge 9 semifinalist spots and 3 winners. Winners would get "soft" benefits over the next few turns- a tiny resistance to lower confidence, a slighter better chance at increasing culture, or even just better diplomatic relationships!


    Should be sent via PM, but can be posted if you really want.
    TITLES: I would like all titles to have this format, if possible: TerraNES Turn X Orders: Your Nation Here
    If possible, I would like this kind of organization.
    Spoiler :

    All Spending in ONE place.
    A list of treaties/agreements so I don't have to look them up.
    A blurb about what you are going to do. If you like narrative orders and stuff, you can start here. Spending and agreements will NOT be narrative, if possible.
    For Military stuff, I would like to know what is going where first, and bolded; details come below.


    We will begin in the early Bronze age. We’ll start with 50 year turns, but as I said, I am very fickle in how I update; so far, unless RL interrupts, I am thinking 2 Updates a month, with a miniupdate ever other month.

    I will have a dead deadline. After the deadline, I will not guarantee I will accept orders; for 1 turn I will NPC nicely (especially if you warn me first), but after that your nation will decay unless you tell me how long you're dropping out and give guidelines to make my life easier. Thanks.

    So far we're going to have 50-year turns to update 20. After that I will post awards and we'll reevaluate what to do next later.
  3. Terrance888

    Terrance888 Discord Reigns

    Jul 22, 2007
    Workwork Workshop

    Barbarians are those peoples who have yet to coalesce into full-fledged states, though they may from time to time form themselves into “state-lets” and city states. Barbarian peoples consist of wide ranging cultures with varying values, some being the stereotypical warmongers and others being highly sophisticated, pacifistic artisans. On the map, weaker or more passive barbarians will be colored light grey, with more aggressive or stronger ones with dark gray, or even some faint borders. The general ethnicities and largest peoples will be named. You can have diplomacy with barbarian peoples, but the effectiveness will vary and, depending on the size and unity of the targeted peoples, the amount of people reached will be small. Never underestimate barbarians, but don’t overestimate them either.

    Generally, it is very very hard to get a secure diplomatic relationships with barbarians.

    NPC States

    They will form from Barbarians, organizations, or even just plain-‘ol discovered on the other side of the mountains. However, don’t expect them to be complete pushovers, because as an actual nation they can mobilize armies like you can; your one advantage is their focus on tradition and the fact that you can write stories! Anyone can jump in as an NPC at anytime, although I warn that you should ask me and others about the background of that NPC, and change its course to the way you want it over several turns.


    Hordes are barbarians that are unified, but are still migrating, nomadic, or simply out to conquer more land before settling down. They will be marked red and have special rules. Players can become hordes (often to flee catastrophe) or take over hordes and wreck havok.

    Important Cities

    This NES will utilize the three-city system of economic (eco), cultural, and religious centres. They will be key contributors to your economy, your culture, and practically all other stats. If you loose even one of them to an enemy it could be disastrous. In addition, maintaining your important cities will be much more fickle than before. Finally, it is possible to get a centre due to a project, just as before, but such centers may (or may not, but more likely may) be more likely to lose their status. Stories can also be as, or even more effective, but I will NOT accept a story just saying “Oh yeah, New York is a real Cultural center. In fact, I can feel its wealth increasing right now.”

    Economic Centres: Economic centres are cities where economic activity is greatly concentrated. Eco centres are almost always due to the concentration of trade, but industry, finance, banking, etc. can also cause an eco centre to come about. The benefits of an economic center will be two eco per turn, unless for some unforeseeable reason I make an exception. Modern examples of eco centers would include Tokyo, Dubai, Cape Town, London, Rio de Janeiro, and New York.

    Cultural Centers: Cultural centers are cities where the culture of a nation, a region, or even of the world is personified. Art, education, nationalism, regionalism, philosophy, science, pan-nationalism, etc. can all contribute to the creation of cultural centers. The benefits of these cities are just as varied as their causes, but will always give one ep per turn. Modern examples would include Sydney, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Cairo, Oxford, Buenos Aires, and Chicago.

    Religious Centers: Religious centers are cities where major religions find there center(s) and where great pilgrimages take place. While religious centers will generally form without outside coaxing, government approval and conversion always help in the forming of such cities. The benefits will be mostly religious in nature, but may also extend into those areas benefited by cultural and economic centers and will include 1 EP gained from Pilgrimage to this city. Modern examples would include Dharamsala, Jerusalem, Mecca, Rome, Istanbul, and Mexico City (Guadalupe).

    In addition, there are 2 other kinds of important cities. Your Capital will be marked with white outlines, while Local Capitals, be they cities or important towns, will be marked with white dots. Losing a Capital is disasterous, and for the next turn you will lose control of various aspects of your nation, depending on your centralization. If you survive, you can declare a new capital. Losing a local center will often cause the entire province to leave your control, whether they join your enemies or you simply can't govern them effectively enough.
  4. Terrance888

    Terrance888 Discord Reigns

    Jul 22, 2007
    Workwork Workshop
    History of the Civil Experiment
    Update 0: Rise of Civilization-Commentary by Aliens
    Update 1: The Kindling-Commentary by The Stone Cutters Guild
    Update 2: The Spark AND The Rise of Religion-Art by Tomb Drawers, Medieval Scholars, Modern Historians
    Chinese Combat Correspondence Updates-A/B/C
    Update 3: The The Fearsome Fierce-some Fire/Part 2-Commentary by Billy Mays and PBS
    Update 4: Merchants and Minds/ Part 2-Commentary by History Teachers
    Update 5: Of Trials and Trepidation/Part 2
    Update 6: Green Death and Grey Skies/Part 2
    Update 7: Falling Cities and Rising Crisies-Commentary by a Zirilist Monk
    Update 8: The Hopeful Coasts of the Sea of Despair
    Update 9: To Balance a Scale
    Update 10: Experience and Entropy
    Story List: 1-11

    Update 11: A Brave New World
    Update 12: Initiate Imperialism
    -Intro to Organizations: The Iron Lances-By MYSELF the MOD
    -Diplomatic Sparring: Business of the League-by SKILORD;Amazingly Wonderful-by Erez; Ambassador to Thebes-By SKILORD; Just Keep Smiling-erez; Fear is the Mind Killer-by SKILORD;A Theological Seminar-By SKILORD;Laughing Uncontrollably-by Erez; Agreed-by SKILORD
    ---Start of Minigame 3-By MYSELF the MOD
    -Epilogue of Update 12-By MYSELF the MOD
    -The Abandoned Palace of Ostava-By Mickzter of Ostava
    -Bloody Omar-By Tycho of Vahshallah
    -Insight into Unsullied Strategy-By Gemhound of Armorica
    -Changing of Guard-By Tycho of Armorica
    ---Results of Minigame 2-By MYSELF the MOD
    -Queen Aerona-By Gemhound of Armorica
    -New Map of the World-By Tycho of Vahshallah
    -Piram and the Edict-By Stockholme of Aramya
    -A Very Specific Sort of Authority-By SKILORD of Levantine League
    -Major Arms Contract-By spaceman of Axum
    -Epic of Xiyi; Happy Families; The Calm; The Storm; The Aftermath-By Optical of Xiyi
    -Miniupdate 12.5: These are not the Spoilers you were looking for
    -Warrior Laws of Japan-by Christos200 of Katoan Japan
    -Prologue of Update 13-By MYSELF the MOD
    ---M3: Spartan Japan-By Chrisos200 of Katoan Japan
    ---M3: Techno Spartan Katan-by Luckymoose of Katan
    ---M3: Drunk Dumonos-by Daftpanzer of Dumonos
    ---M3: Secluded Keepers-by TerrisH of Keepers of the Codex
    ---M3: Vahshallan Kingly Wandering-by Tycho of Vahshallah
    ---M3: The Hyakkid Am-Bad-Ass-adors.-By Lord Iggy of Hyak
    ---M3: Axum Underhanded Intrigue-by Spaceman of Axum
    ---Minigame 4: Burial Services and Traditions
    ---M4: Japanese Burials-by Chrisos of Japan
    ---M4: Exnotism and the All Soul-by TerrisH of the Keepers of the Codex
    ---M4: Burial of King Edguar-by Stockholme of Etass
    ---Results for Minigame 3: Ambassadors and Diplomats
    ---M4: Druidic Funeral-by Gemhound of Armorica
    ---M4: The Grave of Embers-by Tycho of Vahshallah
    Update 13: Truth of Triskaidekaphobia
    -Secrets of Etass-by Stockholme of Etass
    -So, it has come to this-by Spaceman of Axum
    -The Vanishing-by Lokki of the Draka Horde
    ---M4: Exalted Mariners-by Stockhome of Doussa
    -Emperor Tokugawa-by Chritsos of Katoan Empire
    -An Introduction to Worros I-by Eltain of the Wesfrenks
    ---M4: A Grim Time for Axum-by Spaceman of Axum
    ---Minigame 5: Terrestrial Merchants
    ---M5: Brennin in Veneta-by Gem Hound of Armorica
    ---M5: Swift Dear in Takete-by Tambien of Nenekatae
    -Rising Pillars-by Tycho of Vahshallah
    -Miniupdate 13.5: That Was Not Medicine!
    -How a Home was Made-by Blair the Normal of Njijnrin
    -Tong Hua; Part 1: A Long Way Off Course-by Optical of Jinyi
    ---M4: Burning the Dead-by Lokki of the Draka Horde
    -A tale from Dumonos-by Daftpanzer of Dumonos
    -M4: Last King of Merion-by Lord Iggy of Hyak
    Update 14: Summer Casts Timestop! It is Super Effective!
    ---M5: Trade will Prevail-by Spaceman of Axum
    -Even a God can Die-by Christos of Japan
    ---Trade With the Draka Horde
    ---Results for Minigame 4: Burial Services and Traditions---
    -Succession-By Tycho of Vahshallah
    ---Minigame 6: Maps and Cartography---
    ---M6:people of the Horde-by Lokki of the Draka Horde
    -The Red Prophet-By Tycho of Vahshallah
    ---M6: Armorica and the Druids-by Gem_Hound of Armorica
    -Fall of Souisson-By Gem_Hound of Armorica
    ---M6: Alfrenks-By Eltain
    ---M6: Exalted Cartographers present Fallen Sea Trade Routes-by Stockholme of Doussa
    Miniupdate 14.5: Appealing to the Thunderstorm
    -Prosecution-by Gem_Hound of Armorica
    -Spears and Lances-by Tycho of Vahshallah
    -An Excerpt from Levea: An Illustrated History of the Cradle of Civilization-by Lord_Iggy of Hyak
    ---M6: Places of Hyak and those that Should Be-By Lord_Iggy of Hyak
    Update 15: Appeal Denied
    -Mandate of Masgard-by Tycho of Vahshallah
    -The Ballad of Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight-Eltain of Alfrenks
    -The Endless March-By Tycho of Vahshallah
    -End of the Trade War-by Spacemen98 of Axum
    -Origin of Hereos-by J.K. Stockhome of Doussa
    -Triumph of Kargash-Sar-by Lord_Iggy of Hyak
    -History of the Japanese Nation: The Unification of Japan- by christos200 of Japan
    -New Kingdom of Axum-by Spaceman98 of Axum
    -Exerpt from Kings of the Stouthold- by Eltain of Cytria (culture)
    -Hero of the Hour, Villain of the Day- by Optical of the Jin Horde
    -Rise of Suguda-by J.K. Stockhome of Suguda
    -The Speech of Emperor Shang Lun-by Optical of Jin Horde
    Update 16: Many Hues of Blood
    -A Map of the "Flight of the Jin" and Relevant Locations-by Optical of the Jin Horde
    ---The Rise of Caedmon-by Gem_hound of Armorica
    ---http://forums.civfanatics.com/showpost.php?p=11942818&postcount=2946-by Gem_hound of Armorica
    -"Incorrect" History of the Amir Empire-Arrow Gamer
    -Overview of the Amir Empire-Arrow Gamer
    -Flight of the Jin: Yueh River-Optical of the Jin Horde
    ---The Storied War-by MYSELF the MOD
    ---Battle of Spear Lake: Above the Vahlshallan Army-by Gem Hound of Armorica
    -The Flight of the Jin: The Journal of Jin Xin of Xilatang-by Optical of the Jin Horde
    ---The Storied War: Dear Heinrach: From the Front-by Tycho of Vahlshallah
    ---Battle of Spear Lake: The Relief-by Gem hound of Armorica
    ---The Storied War: One Thousand Horns of Buertgang-by The Lord of Elves
    -Prusija Background-by Bair the Normal of Prusija
    ---Battle of Spear Lake: The Drums are Comming
    -A Compendium of Seoul-by Optical of Jin Horde
    -Plan of Wajetosaphir-by erez87 of the United Egyptian Empire
    -The Monoreme-by erez87 of the United Egyptian Empire
    -A War against the Hordes-by Arrow Gamer of Amir
    ---Battle of Spear Lake: The Trap-by Gem hound of Armorica
    ---A Map of Spear Lake-by MYSELF the MOD
    ---More on The Storied War-by MYSELF the MOD
    -Joc the Gentle-by J.K. Stockholme of Suguda
    -Ildaris Grows Civilized-by Lokki242
    -The Flight of the Jin: Nanbu Shanqu-by Optical of the Jin Horde
    -"Nile", a Game-by spaceman98 of Axum
    -Thoughts of a Soldier-by Mayor of Seoul
    ---Results of Minigame 5: Terrestrial Merchants
    ---M6: The Western Seas-by Sam Sniped of Leon
    ---Minigame 7: Stereotypes and Jokes
    ---M6: Maps of the Flight of the Jin and the Wider Xilan Region-by Optical of the Jin Horde
    -Egypt through the Middle Kingdom-by Erez of the United Egyptian Empire
    ---M7: Two Japanese Complain-by Christos200 of Japan
    ---M7: How many Armoricans does it take to light a lamp?-by Tycho of Vahlshallah
    ---M7: I didn't think so- by erez87 of the United Egyptian Empire
    ---M7: An Essay on Hyakkid Comedy-by Lord Iggy of Hyak
    ---m7: Illdarian Humor-by Lokki242 of Ildaris
    -Council of Heaven, the Three Gods of Suguda-by J.K. Stockholme of Suguda
    ---M6: Long Sea Trade and Axum-by spaceman98 of Axum
    ---M7: An Essay on Egyptian Comedy-by erez98 of the United Egyptian Empire
    ---The Storied War: Declaration of the Iron Lancers-by Myself the Mod
    ---The Rise of Caedmon: End of Act One-by Gem Hound of Armorica
    ---The Rise of Caedmon: Interlude-by Gem Hound of Armorica
    -Blood and Iron-by Tycho of Vahlshallah
    -The Flight of the Jin: Arrival-by Optical of the Jin Horde
    -A Brief Overview of Changes in the Faith-by Tycho of Vahlshallah
    ---M6: Internal Divisions-by Lord Iggy of Hyak
    -On Hyakkid Governance-by Lord Iggy of Hyak
    -The Fall of the Grand Temple of the Iron Faith-by MYSELF the MOD
    ---Territories of the United Egyptian Empire-by erez87 of the United Egyptian Empire
    -Translation of the Aynar Face of the Ulyan Monument-by Optical of Ulyan
    ---M7: An overview of some Amir stereotypes:-by Arrow Gamer of Amir
    ---M7: A Commentary on the Tribes of the Nanbu Shanqu and the Peoples of the East by the Yi-Dawar-by Optical of Ulyan
    ---M6: Overview of the trade activities by Seoul-by Major of Seoul
    ---M6: An Attempt-by Arrow Gamer of Amir
    -The Rise of Sweden-by Patchy of Suiones
    -Mediolanun's New King-by Mosher of Mediolanun
    Update 17: Diamond in the Rough
    -Suione Rebellions: Prologue;The Cost of Rebellion; Celestial Disturbance; by Patchy of Suione
    -Ildaris Response to the Celestial Disturbance-by Lokki242 of Ildaris
    -Celestial Disturbance: An Offering and a Stone-by Gem hound of Armorica
    -Celestial Disturbance: Aynar's Flame-by Optical of Ulyan
    -Celestial Disturbance: A King Deliberates over Nirilism-by erez87 of the United Egyptian Empire
    ---M6: The Known Egyptian World and Trade-by Erez87 of the United Egyptian Empire
    -Recollections-by Gem Hound of Armorica
    -M7: A Feast-by Eltain of the Alfrenks
    -Proclamations of Seoul-by Mayor of Seoul
    -Maahet-by erez87 of United Egyptian Empire
    Onward to Nessos!: Where Shadows Dwell; The Lands of the Crimson Day; A New Journey; Answer the Call, Marchers; Homeward Bound; Broken Lance-by Tycho of Vahlshallah
    -An Overview of Mazderah-by North King of Mazderah
    -Axum Postbellum-by spaceman98 of Axum
    -Gaoziluo the Mohe-by bonefang of Yang
    -Rise of Pentadjinism-by spaceman98 for Bekke
    Hegemony: M7-Chapter 1; Chapter 2 by SamSniped of Leon
    -Vote by the League in Council-by MYSELF the MOD (And Player Diplomacy)
    -And so the plotting begins-by erez87 of the United Egyptian Empire
    ---Minigame 8: They Are What They Eat (Cuisine)
    -Eterikan City Planning-by Spaceman98 for Eterika
    ---Results of Minigame 6: Maps and Cartography
    -Heart of Iron: Strike the Iron; Crack the Iron- by Gem_hound of Armorica
    ---M8: Wherein Lots of Generic Food is Eaten-Arrow Gamer
    Miniupdate 17.1: The Blossom of Ambition
    ---M8: A Treatise on Prūsiskai Cuisine Part One; Part Two-Bair the Normal of Prusija
    ---M8: Fresh water fish of Bo: Pakhaa-by bonefang of Yang Republic
    ---M8: Katanic Cuisine, Blood Bread-by TerrisH of the Keepers of the Codex
    ---M8: Wonders of Teufel Spice-by Tycho of Vahlshallah
    -A Translation of the Zan (fourth) Face of the Ulyan Monument / The Short Trek-Optical of Ulyan
    ---M8: Land of Sparkling Romantics-Lord of Elves of Buertgang
    ---M8: Sugudan Cuisine-by J.K. Stockhome of Suguda
    ---M8: One Last Taste-by Eltain of Alfrenks
    ---Minigame 9: A Legendary View

    Update 18:End in Sight
    Update 18.1
  5. Terrance888

    Terrance888 Discord Reigns

    Jul 22, 2007
    Workwork Workshop
    Guide for Civil Cultures

    50 years is a Long Time
    You can use you troops as soon as you buy them! Really! Of course, allways think of the other aspects of war. You army can march vast distances in 50 years, but can only conquer a lesser distance, even less with resistance, and will be forced to crawl in the case of seiges.
    An example of a nation conquering much in 50 years is Thebe's growth into the Neo-Egyptian Empire in Update 11, who used a lot of logistics and reinforcements to keep the advance moving.
    An example of a nation bogging down is seen in Aramya Turn 3 in the wars of Levean Supremacy, due to forces being too closely matched.
    An Army Marches on Its Stomach
    For armies, you generally want to spend an extra EP on logistics when they start to campaign in darker-grey areas and other civs. This will provide for all the miscellaneous needs of campaigning (fresh armor, good food, toilet paper) as well as any spontaneous needs (seige weapons, nation building, chief-bribing.) Any specific need other than the miscellaneous needs and seige weapons should be noted in the orders.
    An example of an army that failed to food is army is the Valyrian Army if Update 7; eventually, they are forced to cannibalize on dead soldiers.
    Standard Tactics
    You can suggest tactics, but mostly I will only follow strategetic orders, with tactics being the spice on the balance between success and failure. The standard formations are Shield Walls for defense and Wedges for attack.
    An example of unorthodox tactics can be seen in Update 7, when they made fireships and launched them at their navaly superior enemies. Because of the set up of their culture, I allowed it.

    Flip Flops
    Why is culture important? Well, not only does culture hold together your nation as a whole, it can also influence neighbor's opinions of you and even cause some of them to decide to join you! High culture may allow you to survive a barbarian invasion by assimilating the barbarians, and military occupation by fomenting a revolt.
    Water with Stories
    Culture is best grown with stories. They can be of any kind, as long as they are creative and they add to your nation. Want to write two lines about your current king? That's fine with me! Want to write an epic poem or make a video; Thats extra fine with me!!!
    Feed with Projects
    Many projects also give you a boost in culture when they are completed, especially unique ones.
    Inject with Wonders
    Wonders are projects which are distinctive in establishment, took many turns to complete, have at least 1 story written about it, and have extra investment over its practical use for pure awesomeness. Wonders add a lot of culture and continuously remind a nation why they are awesome.

    Towns and Cities
    Yes, I am allowing the manual construction of Towns and Cities. However, remember that they need reasons to flourish after you build them if you don't want them to become ghost towns. They can amplify trade, manufacturing, mining and agriculture in an area, help spread culture, and increase centralization against enemy culture flips.
    Keep in mind that Towns and Cities will pop up naturally as you grow to represent naturally boisterous areas of rural or urban industry.
    Domestic Spending
    When you are expanding your economy; you don't always need to build a building or a project. You can just improve irrigation a bit, or improve mining, or even just encourage trade. As long as you give a decent enough reason, this non-building growth can be some of the most resilient economic sources you have.
    Sending Orders
    Due Date Policies
  6. Terrance888

    Terrance888 Discord Reigns

    Jul 22, 2007
    Workwork Workshop
    Spoiler Central Seas :

    Spoiler Iberia :

    Leon, Kingdom of/SamSniped
    Religion: Bokonism
    Age: Early Bronze (66/75)
    Economy: 23/3 (7/12/5)-4
    Military: 2 Spearmen (4.5), 6 Spearmen (3), 4 Archers (3), 3 Archers (1.5), 8 Curraghs (1), 15 Curraghs (0.5)
    Projects: Forear Escola (DONE +Culture+Education);Temple of the Gods (DONE +Culture+Confidence); Road Network (DONE +Trade); The Great School of Barica (DONE+ Culture+Education), Forts of Leon (2/17 +Defense, Marked on Map)

    Religion: The Faith
    Age: Bronze (4/100) (Iron Working )
    Economy: 16/5 (2/10/5)-2
    Troops: 1 Spearmen (4.5), 2 Archers (4.5), 1 Axemen (5), 1 Hekuri Barrat (3)
    Projects: Upgrade Army (0/2)

    Lamari, Vassal of Leon/NPC
    Religion: Zirilism
    Age: Early Bronze (51/75)
    Economy: 9/1 (1/8/2)
    Military: 1 Spearmen (3), 2 Spearmen (1.5), 3 Archers (1.5), 4 Curraghs (1), 1 Curragh (0.5)

    Kadiz, Kingdom of/NPC
    Religion: Faith
    Age: Early Bronze (46/75)
    Economy: 6/0 (1/3/2)-1
    Military: 1 Spearmen (3), 3 Archers (3), 4 Curraghs (1.5), 20 Curraghs (1)
    -1EP Tribute to Leon/Turn

    Roba, Kingdom of/NPC
    Religion: Bokononism
    Age: Early Bronze (30/75)
    Economy: 4/2 (1/2/1)-0
    Military: 1 Spearmen (3), 2 Archer (1.5)

    Religion: Druidism
    Age: Early Bronze (16/75)
    Economy: 5/0 (1/2/2)-0
    Military: None

    Spoiler Western Seas :

    Mediolanun, Kingdom of/NPC
    Religion: Ancestor/Martyrdom Traditions
    Age: Early Bronze (48/75)
    Economy: 17/2 (5/10/2) -1
    Military: 3 Archers (4.5), 3 Spearmen (4.5), 1 Rumen General (4.5), 1 Rumen Generals (4.5), 5 Curraghs (1.5), 12 Curraghs (1)
    Projects:, Oracle of the Ancestors (DONE +RC), Great Walls of Ctesiphod (Done: + Defense +Economy)

    Tarase Confederacy/NPC
    Religion: Druidism
    Age: Early Bronze (37/75)
    Economy: 10/0 (1/7/2)-2
    Troops: 4 Spearmen (4.5), 2 Spearmen (3), 2 Archer (3)

    Sardinia, Republic of/NPC
    Religion: The Faith (Zirilism, Bokononism)
    Age: Bronze
    Economy: 6/1 (1/4/2)-0
    Military: 1 Spearmen (4), 2 Archer (4), 1 Chariot (4), 14 Longboats (2)
    Projects: Great Senate House (6/15 +Confidence+Efficiency)

    Utica, Commonwealth of/DC123456789
    Religion: Zirilism
    Age: Early Bronze (50/75)
    Economy: 16/-7 (2/13/3)-3
    Military: 2 Archers (4.5), 2 Archer (3), 5 Spearmen (3), 2 Spearmen (1.5), 30 Curraghs (1.0)
    Projects: Great Temple of Utica (DONE +Culture+Religion)

    Novaricum, Commonwealth of/NPC
    Religion: Zirilism
    Age: Early Bronze (37/75)
    Economy: 17/-7 (4/8/5)-6
    Military: 4 Archers (4.5), 4 Spearmen (4.5), 9 Raiders (1.95), 10 Raiders (1.3), 7 Wolfships (1.8), 7 Wolfships (1.2), 47 Curraghs (1.5), 3 Longship (0.75), 2 Altyrians (1.5)
    Projects: Novaricum Drydocks (DONE +2 Curragh per EP)

    Spoiler Fallen Sea :

    Katan, High Kingdom of/Luckymoose
    Religion: Exnotist Takarzite Kitabalism
    Age: BRONZE
    Economy: 41/23 (7/28/6)-6
    Military: 1 Solarians (8) 8 Spearmen (6), 5 Spearmen (4), 2 Archer (6), 3 Chariots (6), 2 Axemen (5), 15 Longboats (1.7), 15 Curraghs (1.8), 25 Curraghs (1.2), 3 Monoremes (1.5). 1 Egyptian Barge (1.5)
    Projects: Katanic Road Network (DONE +Infrastructure), Epirucan Harbor (DONE +Trade +2 Ships/EP) The Colossus of Cytria (NOT OWNED 0/4 ++Trade), The Harbor Academy (REPAIRED +.1 Naval power baseline, +Trade) (less effective)
    Other: Primitive Siege Engines

    Varna, Empire of/NPC
    Religion: Exnotist Takarzite Kitabalism
    Age: Early Bronze (47/75)-3
    Economy: 14/3 (3/9/2)-3
    Military: 6 Archers (3), 6 Spearmen (3), 5 Curraghs (2), 40 Curraghs (1.5)

    Doussa, Exaltation of/NPC
    Religion: Traditionalist Kitabalism (Exnotist Kitabalism, ETK)
    Age: Bronze
    Economy: 12/2 (1/6/5)-1
    Military: 1 Highlander (8), 2 Axemen (5), 1 Archer (4), 10 Alytrians (4.5), 15 Altyrians (3)

    Keepers of the Codex/TerrisH
    Purpose: Safeguarding the Codex of Altyria and Exnotism
    Economy: 10/0 (4/3/3)-0
    Organization: Enclaves
    Assets: Hall of the Codex (Kosa), Missionary Center (Cyrus, Doussa, Ugarit, Epirus, Barica)
    Personnel: 1 Solarian (4), 3 Knight of the Codex (?), 5 Missionay Groups
    Project: Codex Restoration (DONE +Culture+Religion) Pilgrim’s Path (14/18: +Secure Pilgrims, +Knight Officers in each Exnot State+Spread+Roads)

    Spoiler Grand Cradle :

    Spoiler Nile :

    United Egyptian Empire/Erez
    Religion: Egyptian Pantheon
    Age: Bronze
    Economy: 32/4 (8/20/4)-6
    Military: 4 Spearmen (6), 6 Archer (4), 6 Archers (2), 1 Egyptian Chariot (7.5), 6 Chariots (3), 5 Monoremes (4.5), 15 Monoremes (3) 10 Monoremes (1.5), 12 Barges (4), 25 Curraghs (1.5)
    Projects: Advanced Shipbuilding Techniques and Equipment (25/50, Cheapens cost of Naval Units, 25 Ships per EP upkeep),

    Kush, Republic under Egypt/NPC
    Economy: 5/3 (1/3/1)-1
    Military: 5 Spearmen (2), 4 Archers (2), 3 Axemen (2)

    Religion: Animism
    Age: Early Bronze (31/75)
    Economy: 17/0 (3/10/4)-4
    Military: 8 Archers (3), 5 Archers (1.5), 3 Spearmen (3), 4 Spearmen (1.5), 1 Ethiopian Elephants (?), 2 Warriors (1), 25 Curraghs (1), 4 Monoremes (1.5)
    Projects: Nile Trade Forts (DONE +Trade), Great Drydocks (DONE, -2 Upkeep:Ships), Monoremes

    Religion: Animism
    Age: Early Bronze (42/75)
    Economy: 14/0 (2/8/4)-1
    Military: 2 Spearmen (4.5), 4 Spearmen (3), 1 Archer (3), 19 Curraghs (1),
    Projects: Recruiting Barracks (DONE +1 Free Warrior.turn) Ports of Paradise (DONE +Trade)

    Bekke Kingdom/NPC
    Religion: Pentadjinnism
    Age: Early Bronze (31/75)
    Economy: 9/0 (1/7/2)-2
    Military: 8 Egyptian Chariots (2.5), 3 Ox Chariots (3), 3 Archers (3)

    Spoiler Levea" :

    Hyak, High-Kingdom of/Lord_Iggy
    Religion: Takarzite Kitabalism
    Age: Bronze
    Economy: 44/19 (11/26/8)-7
    Military: 2 Ox Chariots (6), 8 Spearmen (6) 6 Spearmen (4), 2 Archers (6), 2 Archers (4), 8 Archers (2),2 Qurabu Klabanatu (6), 6 Qurabu Klabanatu (4), 3 Qurabu Kalbanatu (2.0), 3 Curraghs (2), 2 Curraghs (1), 12 Curraghs (0.5), 2 Monoremes (1.5), 2 Egyptian Barges (1.5)
    Projects: Phoenician Port (Completed: 12 Curragh/Ep +Trade) Naval Drydocks (DONE, -2 Upkeep: Ships)

    Hormun, Exaltation of/Azale
    Religion: Kitabalist Pantheon
    Age: Early Bronze (59/75)
    Economy: 9/4 (2/5/2)-2
    Military: 3 Spearmen (4.5), 1 Spearmen (3), 2 Archers (4.5), 7 Curragh (1.8), 22 Curragh (1.2)
    Projects: Grand Harbor of Hormun (DONE +Trade +2 Curraghs/EP +.1 Base Ship STR)

    Medea, Shahara of/NPC
    Religion: Kitabalist-Pyrotheism
    Age: Nomadic Bronze
    Economy: 16/0 (3/11/3)-5
    Military: 5 Xiong Chariots (6), 4 Ox Chariots (6), 4 Spearmen (3), 3 Archers (4.5), 6 Archers (3)

    Mazderah/North King
    Religion: Arezdeh Kitabalism
    Age: Middle (Nomadic?) Bronze
    Economy: 6/5 (1/4/2)
    Military: 1 Xiong Chariot (4), 2 Xiong Chariots (2), 1 Spearmen (2), 1 Archer (4), 1 Axemen (5)
    Other: Rubboda of Hyak (Military/Political) Possible Domestic Influence, Free Domestic, Economic, Religious, Other

    Spoiler Khand :
    Dakinsa Raj/Southern King
    Religion: Hinduism
    Age: Bronze
    Size: MODZILLA
    Economy: 33/0 (8/16/9)-6
    Military: 2 Gujarati Macemen (6), 12 Gujarati Macemen (3), 1 Spearmen (4), 24 Spearmen (2), 18 Chariots (3), 19 Archers (2), 2 Longboats (1.5), 34 Longboats (0.75)
    Confidence: Tolerating
    Culture: Outstanding
    Projects: Temple of Kali (COMPLETE +RC+Culture)

    Aryan Empire/NOC[/B
    Age: Nomadic Bronze
    Size: medium
    Economy: 11/0 (3/8/0)-6
    Military: 13 Xiong Chariots (2), 25 Spearmen (1.5), 17 Archers (1.5)
    Confidence: Simmering
    Culture: None
    Projects: The Final Solution
    Spoiler Khand :

    Gujarati Confederacy /NPC
    Religion: Hinduism (Holy City)
    Age: Early Bronze (74/75)
    Economy: 10/0 (2/5/3)-0
    Military: 12 Gujarati Macemen (6), 10 Archers (1.5), 13 Curraghs (1), 2 Curraghs (.5)
    Projects: Temple to Shiva (DONE +Culture), Krishna’s Oracle (DONE +RC +Religion), Vishnu’s Wall (DONE+culture)

    Hyperabad, Kingdom of /NPC
    Religion: Gnatism
    Age: Early Bronze (61/75)
    Economy: 9/0 (1/4/4)-0
    Military: 4 Archers (6), 2 Archers (3), 5 Spearmen (3)
    Projects: Mountain Markets (DONE +EC+Culture)

    Spoiler Xilan :

    Spoiler Mainland :

    Religion: Shining Confucianism
    Age: Bronze Age:
    Economy: 11/13 (2/5/4)-2
    Military: 3 Silent Guards (4.5), 2 Axemen (5), 4 Spearmen (4), 4 Archers (4), 5 Ocean Striders (1.5), 10 Curraghs (0.5)
    Projects: (+2 Tribute/Turn)

    Xiong Khanate/NPC
    Religion: Shining Confucianism
    Age: Bronze
    Economy: 4/8 (0/4/0)-1
    Military: 1 Xiong Chariot (2.5), 3 Xiong Chariots (5), 2 Archers (4), 2 Archers (2)
    Projects (+2 Tribute/Turn)

    Yang Republic/Bonefang
    Religion: Confuciani$m
    Age: Bronze
    Economy: 15/1 (2/6/7)-5
    Military: 2 Archer (4), 2 Archers (2), 3 Axemen (2.5), 7 Ocean Striders (1.5), 21 Ocean Striders (.75), 16 Curraghs (1), 54 Curraghs (0.5)

    Louyang Community
    Religion: Silent Confucianism
    Age: Bronze
    Economy: 8/8 (2/4/2)
    Military. 1 Archer (4) 1 Axemen (5), 2 Spearmen (4), 12 Curraghs (0.5)
    Projects: (-1 Tribute/turn to Xiong)

    Xi’an Community
    Religion: Traditional Daosim
    Age: Bronze
    Economy:6/4 (1/3/2)-1
    Military: 2 Axemen (5), 2 Spearmen (4), 5 Spearmen (2), 8 Curraghs (0.5)
    Projects (-1 Tribute/Turn to Xiong)

    Guo Duchy
    Religion: Shining Confucianism
    Age: Bronze
    Economy 10/9 (1/6/3)
    Military: 2 Spearmen (4), 1 Archer (2)
    Projects (-2 Tribute/Turn to Shangyi)

    Kingdom of Man/NPC
    Religion: Revised Daoism
    Age: Early Bronze (17/75)
    Economy: 7/0 (1/5/1)-0
    Military: 4 Archers (3)
    Projects: United Man (DONE +Confidence+Culture)

    Religion: Empress-Cult Daoism
    Age: Early Bronze (57/75)
    Economy: 16/16 (3/9/4)-1
    Military: 1 Longspear (6), 2 Longspears (4), 2 Longspears (2), 1 Archers (3), 1 Archers (1.5)
    Projects: Record of The Way (DONE +culture+religion), Unified Yueh (13/15 +Confidence+culture)

    Spoiler Korea and Japan :

    Empire of Holy Japan /Chrisos
    Religion: Imperial Sun-Worship
    Age: Early Bronze (27/75)
    Size: Large
    Economy: 19/6 (2/13/4)-2
    Military: 2 Warrior of the Sun (7.5), 9 Warriors of the Sun (5), 2 Curraghs (1.5), 17 Curraghs (1),
    Confidence: Tolerating
    Culture: Mediocre
    Projects: Japanese Reconstruction Project (27/30 +Confidence++Urban+++Domestic)

    Seoul, Kingdom of/Mayor
    Religion: Revised Daoism
    Age: Early Bronze (35/75)
    Economy:18/4 (4/6/8)-1
    Military: 1 Chul-Gungsu (7.5), 1 Chul-Gungsu (5), 2 Archer (4.5), 1 Spearmen (3), 1 Spearmen (1.5), 7 Curraghs (0.5), 9 Curraghs (1), 3 Oceanstrider (.75)
    Projects: Garden of the Sages (COMPLETE ++Culture) Road Network (1/12 +Domestic)

    Pusan Confederacy/NPC
    Religion: Sun-Worship
    Age: Early Bronze (30/75)
    Economy: 6/0 (1/2/3)-1
    Military: 1 Spearmen (4.5), 1 Archer (4.5), 3 Curraghs (1.5), 23 Curraghs (1)

    Silla Confederacy/<Nuke>
    Religion: Traditional Daoism
    Age: Early Bronze (29/75)
    Economy: 8/2(1/4/3)
    Military: 2 Spearmen (3), 2 Archer (3)
    Projects: Mining Roads (DONE! +confidence+domestic)

    Dongye Kingdom: NPC
    Religion: Pyrotheism
    Age: Early (Nomadic) Bronze
    Economy: 7/0 (1/4/2)
    Military: 1 Xiong Chariot (2), 2 Spearmen (3)

    Spoiler Central Asia :

    Religion: Aynarism
    Age: Bronze
    Economy: 7/0 (1/5/2)
    Military: 1 Silent Guard (5), 1 Silent Guard (2.5), 1 Xiong Chariot (2), 1 Archer (2)

    Suguda/J.K. Stockholme
    Religion: Sabhaism
    Age: Bronze
    Economy: 5/2 (1/3/1)-0
    Military: 2 Chariots (2.5), 1 Spearmen (4), 1 Spearmen (2), 1 Archer (2)
    Project: Initial Irrigation (2/7 +Domestic)

    Kazute Shahula/NPC
    Ally of Suguda
    Economy: 2/1 (1/1/0)
    Army: 1 xiong Chariot (4), 3 Xiong Chariots (2)

    Spoiler Keltia :
    Armorica/Gem Hound
    Religion: Druidic Pantheon
    Age: Early Bronze (43/75)
    Economy: 19/0 (5/10/4)-4
    Military: 1 Spearmen (6), 1 Unsullied (12), 3 Curraghs (1.5), 5 Curraghs (1), 55 Curraghs (0.5), 3 Bretaghs (.55)
    Projects: The Wall: Completed; Golden Taranis (Completed: +Culture +Armorican Confidence) Temple Hill (DONE: +Culture+Confidence+RC) Druidic Roads (DONE +Trade+Domestic+Confidence)
    Other: Patron of Brygantia (Dumonos)

    Dumonos, Kingdom of/NPC
    Religion: Druidic Pantheon
    Age: Early Bronze (38/75)
    Economy: 11/2 (2/5/4)-2
    Military: 2 Unsullied (6), 2 Spearmen (4.5), 2 Spearmen (3), 1 Archer (6), 22 Curraghs (1), 7 Bretaghs (1.1)

    Beurtgang Empire /Lord of Elves
    Religion: Faith
    Age: BRONZE
    Economy: 18/7 (4/10/4)-2
    Military: 1 Spearmen (6), 2 Spearmen (4), 3 Spearmen (2), 1 Archers (6), 2 Chariots (6), 1 Axemen (7.5), 1 Curraghs (2)
    Projects: Imperial Fort Network (7/18), Imperial Road Network (5/15)
    Other: Lord of Danyaria, Patron of Brygantia (Kentus)

    Danyaria, Duchy under Buertgang/NPC
    Religion: Faith (Iron)
    Age: Early Bronze (38/75)
    Economy: 11/0 (2/6/3)-0
    Troops: 4 Spearmen (4.5)
    Other: Vassal of Buertgang: Military, Politically, Religiously

    Religion: Faith
    Age: Early Bronze (62/75)
    Economy: 18/9 (4/9/5)-1
    Military: 2 Royal Guard (6), 2 Royal Guards (4), 25 Curraghs (0.5)
    Other: OverLord of Pommerania, OverLord of the Red March, Home of the Forsworn, Co-lord of Draxonis.

    Alfrenks, Kingdom of /Eltain
    Religion: Druidic Pantheon
    Age: Early Bronze (70/75)
    Economy: 20/0 (4/10/6)-1
    Military: 1 Spearmen (6), 1 Spearmen (1.5), 1 Unsullied (4), 1 Warrior (2), 3 Warrior (1), 1 Archer (1.5) 10 Curraghs (.5)
    Projects: Temple to Taranis (DONE+Confidence), Frenkstrum (DONE +Confidence+Culture)

    Daughters of the Trinity/NPC
    Purpose: Spreading and defending Druidism
    Economy: 6/1 (4/0/2)
    Organization: Forts
    Assets: Head Quarters (Anda, Armorica), Fortresses (Armorica (2), Lundien, Corona, Alfrenks (2))
    Personnel: 1 Trinitarian (7.5), 1 Trinitarian (5), 2 Trinitarian (2.5)

    Kentus, Kingdom of /NPC
    Religion: Faith
    Age: Early Bronze (42/75)
    Economy: 6/0 (1/3/2)
    Military: 4 Spearmen (6)
    Other: Union of Brygantia

    Xilexis, Shahara of/NPC
    Religion: Faith (Iron)
    Age: Early Bronze (21/75)
    Economy: 12/6 (2/7/3)-1
    Military: 8 Xiong Chariot (6)

    The Iron Lances/NPC
    Purpose: Spreading and defending The Faith
    Economy: 10/0 (3/0/7)-0
    Organization: Lances
    Assets: Head Quarters (Nessos, Nesfrenks), Temples (loads of places in spoilers)
    Personnel: 3 Iron Lancers (5), 1 Iron Lancer (12.5)

    Pommerania, Duchy of/NPC
    Religion: Faith
    Age: Early Bronze (29/75)
    Economy: 8/1 (1/3/4)-0
    Military: 2 Archer (4.5), 17 Curraghs (1.5)

    Draxonis /NPC
    Economy: 4/0 (1/2/1)-1
    Military: 1 Xiong Chariot (6)

    Religion: ?
    Age: Early Bronze (24/75)
    Economy: 5/13 (1/3/1)
    Troops: 3 Archers (1.5), 1 Spearmen (3), 7 Curraghs

    Union of Brygantia/NPC
    Purpose: Enforce Treaty of Ostava on Brygantia: Religiously Nuetral
    Economy: 5/-1 (2/1/2)
    Organization: Consultates
    Assets: Tower of Peace (Lundien), Isca Consultate, Kent Consultate
    Personnel: 1 Consoler missions, 1 Iron Lancers (2.5), 1 Trinitarian (5)

    Purpose: Protect and Defend the Faith: Specifically for Vahshallah and Specifically the elimination of the Iron lancers
    Economy: 4/2 (2/2/0)
    Organization: Cults
    Assets: The Grand Temple of Spire
    Personnel: ?

    Hibernia, High Kingdom of/NPC
    Economy: 10/0 (3/5/2)-2
    Military: 12 Troops (1/2/9) 3 Squadrons

    Mun, Confederacy of/Bestshot9
    Economy: 5/0 (1/3/1)-0
    Military: 5 Troops (0/2/3) 1 Squadron

    Spoiler Western Africa :

    Amir Empire/Arrow Gamer
    Religion: Derectiny
    Age: Early Bronze
    Size: Small
    Economy: 13/1 (2/8/3)-2
    Military: 3 Spearmen (3), 2 Spearmen (1.5), 1 Camel Archers (4), 5 Camel Archers (2), 3 Archers (1.5)
    Confidence: Admiring
    Culture: Mediocre

    Arin, Duchy of Amir/NPC
    Religion Derectiny
    Economy: 7/2 (1/4/2)
    Military: 3 Spearmen (4.5)
    Cohesion: Tolerating
    Loyalty: Respectful

    Spoiler Mesoamerica :

    K&#8217;i&#8217;ik, Kingdom of/Kinich-Ahau
    Religion: Mayan Polytheism
    Age: Early Bronze
    Size: City-State
    Economy: 5/7 (1/1/3)-0
    Military: 1 Spearmen (1.5), 7 Curraghs (0.5)
    Confidence: Tolerating
    Culture: Mediocre


    Spoiler Andes :


    Runapihatunpunaqhishwa &#8220;Runa&#8221;/ork75
    Economy: 5/8 (1/3/1) &#8211;0
    Military: 7 (0/2/5)
    -Description: Unit Mixture
    -Doctrine: General Strategy/Tactics
    -Technology: Age, Special Tech Advantages, Unique Units
    Domestic: Local Rivalries
    -Description: Government, Culture, Economic Structure
    -Culture: Somewhat Influential (Mostly Runa, Little Llaqtapiyunkaorq'o)
    -Religion: [Official Religions] *Largest Religion* (Major Sects) Other Religions

    Economy: 6/5 (1/3/2) &#8211;0
    Military: 9 (0/0/9)
    -Description: Unit Mixture
    -Doctrine: General Strategy/Tactics
    -Technology: Age, Special Tech Advantages, Unique Units
    Domestic: Local Rivalries
    -Description: Government, Culture, Economic Structure
    -Culture: Little Influential (Predominant Runa, Significant Llaqtapiyunkaorq'o), Scarce Yunka
    -Religion: [Official Religions] *Largest Religion* (Major Sects) Other Religions

    Fort Pisac/NPC
    Economy: 4/6 (1/2/1) &#8211;1
    Military: 12 (0/4/8)
    -Description: Unit Mixture
    -Doctrine: General Strategy/Tactics
    -Technology: Age, Special Tech Advantages, Unique Units
    Domestic: Local Rivalries, Rise of Aymara
    -Description: Government, Culture, Economic Structure
    -Culture: Not Influential (Mostly Runa, Scarce Llaqtapiyunkaorq'o)
    -Religion: [Official Religions] *Largest Religion* (Major Sects) Other Religions

    Aymara Empire/NPC
    Economy: 9/3 (2/5/2) &#8211;1
    Military: 19 (1/4/14)

    Chachapoyas Empire/NPC
    Economy: 11/4 (3/6/1) &#8211;2
    Military: 27 (2/5/20)

    Llaqtapiyunkaorq'o Republic/NPC
    Economy: 10/5 (2/5/3) &#8211;2
    Military: 23 (3/6/14)

    Yunkasipascha /Patchy
    Economy: 7/0 (1/4/2) &#8211;1
    Military: 12 (0/2/10)
    -Description: Unit Mixture
    -Doctrine: General Strategy/Tactics
    -Technology: Age, Special Tech Advantages, Unique Units
    Domestic: Bandits Threatening Trade Routes, Traditionalists
    -Description: Government, Culture, Economic Structure
    -Culture: Quite Influential (Mostly Yunka, Scarce Llaqtaqiyunkaorq&#8217;o)
    -Religion: [Creation by Pachamama] *Largest Religion* (Major Sects) Other Religions

  7. Terrance888

    Terrance888 Discord Reigns

    Jul 22, 2007
    Workwork Workshop
    Early Bronze Age UUs
    Spoiler :
    Spoiler 1EP= 50 Egyptian Chariots (2.5)-Regional+Nile+Novaricum+Levant :

    Terrance888 Description: Early Chariots are first used to devastating effect in Anor. At first they were just carts pulled by oxen, but the Egyptians perfected the use of mules to this effect, creating a fast, terrifying weapon. It is perfect in the flat flood-plains and sands of Egypt for charging weakened lines and chasing retreating enemies.
    By the time of the Neo-Egyptian Empire, these chariots are mostly staffed with archers, with lances held in reserve.
    These are generally faster and more manuverable than Ox Chariots, sacrificing survival power.

    Spoiler 1EP= 750 Longspears (2)-Regional+Xilan-Japan-Silla :

    A modified spear potentially has further reach than any other weapon in existence. Increasing the shaft to a length of 2.3 metres means Longspear regiments in the Xilan forces can, especially in defense, stab at enemies with impunity. While still vulnerable at range, a group of Longspears can charge a path through enemies or defend a choke against enemies who outnumber them.

    Spoiler 2EP= 500 Gujarati Macemen-(3)-Unique-Dakinsa Raj-Gujarat :

    Terrance888 Description: Dakinsa's policies now concludes that their military men to be found on their less civilized Rajpayens, with the first province for the honor as Gujarat. The Macemen are ferocious on the attack, able to shatter many formations with their charge. They are lacking in discipline, but that is made up by their intense loyalty to their Raj.

    Spoiler 2EP=750 Solarian (2)-Unique-Katan :
    Early broadblade axes. They are expensive to make, but they work well against disorganized formations. They go berzerk in battle, and think the heat of the midday sun powers them (like Lunatics with full moons.) Solarians are the vanguard of any Katanic force.

    Spoiler 2EP=750 Royal Guardsmen (2)-Regional-All Faith nations :
    Wielding board-blade spears and large shields, the Royal Guardsmen excel both in extreme close combat as well as with long range arrows. They fare worse in disorganzied combat where they cannot form their formations. Their greatest asset is their loyalty to their King.

    Spoiler 2EP=Rumen General (10 Bodyguards)-Obsolete :

    A Rumen General is unique in the responsibilities and training from many other cultures, and good generals are expensive to maintain.

    Spoiler 3EP=300 Spartan Vanguard-(3)-Obsolete? :
    Epitome of spearmen combat and tactical manuverability, Spartan Vanguardsmen are as unmovable as the mountains itself. Although Sparta is destroyed, Toras-Noth and Thloryn can still scrounge up Spartan Slaves with enough training to form admittedly not completely loyal units.

    Spoiler 2EP=Ox Chariots=(3)=Regional=Levea+Hormun+Bekke :
    Similar to the Egyptian Chariots, Ox Chariots use their weight and their momentum to force a decision in the melee. Its signature weapon are sharpened horns on the oxen, javelins, and a multitude of lances and specially trained soldiers ridding along in the chariot. Ox Chariots are generally hardier than Egyptian Chariots.

    Spoiler 1EP=Xiong Chariots=(2)=Regional=Barbarians and Nomads :
    Their technique is lost among the civilized states, but these swift terrors are pulled by two horses, each carrying an archer. Xiyi maintains a single Xiong regiment form the old times, although it doesn't seem as effective as it used to be.

    Spoiler 2EP=100 Unsullied=(2)=Unique=Armorica+Alfrenks+Dumonos Exiles :
    Trained from youth through a destructive process, the survivors are considered unsullied from the taint of normal life, proving to be perfect for both covert coperations as well as minute but strong shocktroops. They are skilled with nearly all weapons of Keltia and are very versatile, their only weakness is the high cost, producing only several handful at the end.

    Spoiler 1EP=5 Ocean Striders (.75)=Regional+Shangyii+Yang+Seoul :
    Tubby barge-like ships with reinforced hulls, bunk heads, and stiff sails, they are the earliest ships able to sail through open seas without too much fear.

    Spoiler 1EP=2 Moneremes (1.5)=Unique+Neo-Egypt+Axum (1EP for 1 Monoreme) :
    Gigantic ships which foretold future Triremes, these are seemingly inefficient to make, crew, and defend; however, their shock value in a charge is immense and can destroy entire rows of curraghs on its own before being threatened by swarming.

    Spoiler 1EP=6 "Raiders" (.65)=Regional-Central Seas Pirates+Novaricum :
    These are low-slung ships designed specifically for boarding and capturing other ships, sacrificing ramming power for maneuverability and carrying capacity. Each Raider can crew two captured Curraghs easily, even if they had to replace all the rowers. They are also very seaworthy.

    Spoiler 1EP=8 Brettagh (.55)=Regional+All Druid Keltia+Corona :
    Fast boats with reinforced bulkheads and designed for surviving the open seas, these ships are best for raiding and landing small units, although they are much more survivable than curraghs in battle and in the open seas, they are still quite primitive. The best crews can even venture out to the open seas.

    Spoiler 1EP=100 Skalds (1)=Unique=Suiones :
    Singers, bards, and much more, Skalds can bring confidence to the troops as well as many benefits otherwise.

    Spoiler 1EP=250 Chul-Gunsu (2.5)=Unique=Seoul :
    Archers given special training in melee combat, allowing them to effectively skirmish and break enemy lines.

    Bronze Age UUs
    Spoiler :
    Spoiler 2EP=500 Silent Guard (2.5)-Unique+Shangyi+Jin Horde+Xiong Khanate+Louyang :

    The newest generation of Longspears dedicated to the Silent Emperor, the Silent Guards train with long-bladed heavy spears and heavy armor with thick padding, letting them maneuver almost as if they are in a silent movie. Swift, strong, and silent, they are a terror of the battlefield but are rather expensive to train and to produce.

    Spoiler 2EP=10 Knights of the Codex (and Company)-Unique+Keepers of the Codex :
    Unit size: 1 Knight, 1-2 squires, 3-4 attendants, 6-8 Grand Hounds.
    Grand Hound: Descended from the Hounds of the "Terror Hounds", they are built and bread for battle. Nearly the size of a horse and as intelligent as a young child, they are fearcly loyal to their knights. The Alpha of each pack serves as the knights mount, with the squire ridding whatever member of the pack that will let them. the reaming pack members flank these hounds.
    Each hound wears simple leather armor, designed to deflect any glancing blows they may take.
    The Knight: Knights are born of a noble house, but who are to low on the list to inherit anything. They live to fight and defend the faith, training themselves and their squires daily. both to fight, how to ride, and how to direct the full lethal potential of the hounds.
    This make them extremely deadly, both on and off their mounts, and able to greatly multiply the lethality of their mounts. they are often charismatic and extremely well versed in battle lore, greatly raising the moral of any army they fight with.
    Like the hounds, they wear leather armor, though theirs is a bit thicker and has bronze strips weaved into strategic locations. Their weapons are always of the finest quality, be it their swords or bows.
    Squires: the squires are the most loyal human followers of the knights, there to learn how to be knights themselves. the better trained ones even ride into battle with the knights.
    Attendants: Pious individually there to serve the nights and assist them when they are not in battle. strictly non-combat.

    Cost: multiple units for 1EP. 10-20? they are highly trained individuals, often operating alone. they are recruited individually, from across several Exnot nations. (list their recruited nations)

    Duties: They assist their respective home nations in their battles if they happen to be in the area. most of the time they travel around hunting bandits and escorting merchants and pilgrims.

    Spoiler 1EP=3 Egyptian Barges (2/1)=Egypt :
    Massive counterparts to the Monoreme, the Egyptian Barges are gigantic warships filled with troops, supplies and bowmen. Built by making merchant barges war-worthy with the newest techniques, the Egyptian Barges are nearly impossible to take down in a straight on fight by curraghs either from boarding or ramming. Meanwhile, the sheer weight of theri arrows can sink these lesser ships. Not to mention merely running them over. Egyptian barges suffer from unwieldiness as well as threatened by fire, storms, and shallow seas.
  8. Terrance888

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    Jul 22, 2007
    Workwork Workshop
  9. Terrance888

    Terrance888 Discord Reigns

    Jul 22, 2007
    Workwork Workshop
    Religion Post

    Most Influential Religions As of Update 16

    Druidism-Northern Iberia, Gaul, Southern Britain
    The Faith-Italy, Rhineland, Germany
    Exnot-Kitabalism-Anatolia, Greece, Levant
    Daoism-Korea, Southern China
    Zirilism-Sicily Area, Southern Greece
    Woadism-Britain, Hibernian Sect
    Solarianism-Japan, Eastern Korea
  10. Terrance888

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    Jul 22, 2007
    Workwork Workshop
    You may now post.

    I am always available for questions.
  11. Tycho

    Tycho AFK Forum Warrior

    Jul 31, 2011
    Color: Black
    Location: Halfway down Italian peninsula, about where Rome would be.
    Background: A relatively peaceful group of people that settled the peninsula quite some time ago, the Vallarians are more of traders and farmers than anything else, and fish often. They are rather good at the forging of tools and fine artifacts, often making a variety of creations for the offerings that they give to the spirits. The central city/ capital of the Vallarvale is the city of Sarkov, with close to a tenth of the nation's population contained within it's walls, with a hereditary rule by a king and a system of chiefs for small villages and settlements to collect taxes.

    With the rise of the Vallarvalian military and the mandate of conquest passed down by King Sarklov I, Vallarvale has poured huge amounts of money into it's military to overrun it's nearby tribal/barbarian neighbors, including but not limited to the Samnites. The cold war that had for almost a hundred years existed between Ctyria and Vallarvale has been halted by King Sarklov the Second, and cities for freed Samnite slaves set up to foster peace and prosperity for the nation... for in times of peace you must prepare for war.

    It finally happened... peace at last between much of the nations on Italy. Samnia had been brought into the Vallarvale fold, with Pyrrhus soon on the way; trade relations were hopefully opening up with other nations as well; more troops were available and it looks like an alliance may be in the works with Sarkov and Ctyria, though the future is still unclear.

    Samnia, they struck us in the back when we were most weak, as did Toras-North and Apulia and Liguria, even peaceful Sardinia. No peace they shall have from us until the blood from the corpses that we slash into fills the oceans of the world and pours off the sides.
  12. Abaddon

    Abaddon Deity

    Apr 20, 2002
    NES/FG/SF Activity:Arguing the toss
    I will play as an Indian American tribe is this is allowed.
  13. SouthernKing

    SouthernKing crickety cricket

    Dec 29, 2010
    Deva Loka
    Daksina Raj/SouthernKing
    Color: Depends on what style map you are using: If Symphonic use bright orange, if on anything else use royal blue
    Location: Indus Valley, the capital is on the coast
    Background: For years the people of the Indus Valley had farmed, fished, etc. But by 3000 BC, they had started building magnificent towns along the shores of the rivers, such as Varldaphair, Santirast, Mahakavyada, Parinamagalu, and Yud'dhabhumi. The grandest was the coastal town of Daksina, which soon rose to prominence to rule them all. The nation was divided into districts, each named after that district's major city. The Raj (the supreme ruler) in Daksina would choose a governor (rajyapala) for each district, and at the raj's death, the rajyapalas would meet and elect a new raj.
  14. DarthNader

    DarthNader Destroyer of Worlds

    Feb 7, 2008
    Guido Island
    Color: Dark Red
    Location: Inner Niger Delta, near Timbuktu
    Background: The Manden'ka have long lived on the fertile banks of the Niger River. Encroachment from northern peoples caused many tribal wars, which led to the cooperation of the Manden'ka (then several separate tribes) in order to drive the northern peoples from their home. The wars raged for ages, and the Manden'ka soon found themselves consolidated into one kingdom, Manden, in which to better fight the enemy. Soon the northerners fled back to the deserts whom whence they came, and Manden stood as the most powerful people in the region. Using their newfound power and military experience, Manden looks to grow and protect their homeland from any new or returning marauders.
  15. erez87

    erez87 Lord of Random

    May 16, 2002
    Lod, Israel
    Pharaohsa /erez87
    Color: Yellow
    Location: Lower (northern) Egypt, right bellow the beginning of the delta.
    Background: For two thousand years the Nile has already been farmed. The many small Egyptian city states fought and allied all this time. Yet now things are changing, in the north of Egypt, around the powerful city of Anok a powerful Pharaoh have risen to power and his plan is simple, to unite lower Egypt beneath him and than go south to unite upper Egypt. His dynasty and legacy will be remembered for ever.
  16. Optical

    Optical The Fall of the Eleventh

    Sep 16, 2010
    Help me. I don't know where I am.
    Xilaroi/General Olaf
    Color: (stark) White if it's allowed, pale green if not
    Location: northern China, see spoiler
    Spoiler :

    Background: Warring clans have long occupied the lands that now belong to the Xilaroi. To rule all of them, one needs either great strength or bucketloads of money. The Xilaroi have both, and so in recent years have asserted their dominance over the area. Their thoughts now lie towards making their nation strong, and defending against those who wish to take its riches. The benevolent Emperor who rules them has put in place policies of free citizens, free religion, free market and free speech. Oh... and if you say anything he dislikes, there's his spies, as well.
  17. ZeletDude

    ZeletDude The Lion

    Aug 16, 2009
    Boise, ID
    Color: Cyan
    Location: Athens

    Will be edited in
  18. Eltain

    Eltain Emperor

    Jul 30, 2009
    ROC, NY, US
    Po River Valley (northern italy)
    After long-forgotten wars in the east, the Ctyrian people emigrated to this rich, fertile land in search of a new beginning. They found just that- after countless clashes with the Vallarvian peoples of the south, they settled the great city of Ctesiphod somewhere along the Rtas (Po) river. (so named for the Ctyrian word for the Vallarians.)

    @Terrance, looks fun. Just like to say 1, I do not have steady access to a computer, and thus will participate sporadically, and I hope that's not a problem? And 2, make this last bud :D

    @Tycho, hope my story is not a problem? You're peaceful but clashes do happen, and we're strangers migrate-invading your neighbors.
  19. KaiserElectric

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    Dec 2, 2007
    Amber/Dark Yellow
    Western Turkey
    Gyrid began as nothing more than a collection of feuding trade posts and small farming villages scattered along the coastline. After a battle between three of largest villages crushed whatever power they had, the reclusive but sturdy village of Lyr began to slowly assimilate neighboring villages. Eventually, by diplomacy, trading, or downright bullying, Lyr held a claim to much of the Gyrid lands. Uniting under a single monarch, the scattered villages began to intermingle and morph into a single culture, with the booming city of Lyr as the heart.
  20. Tycho

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    Jul 31, 2011
    Don't worry it shouldn't be a problem as long as we don't declare war with each other. Maybe we could be similar to the Roman Empire?

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