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Test of Time

Simon Darkshade

Mysterious City of Gold
Apr 8, 2001
Daisy Hill Puppy Farm
What are the different features between this and classic Civ2?
Mainly it has three other game types. These are an etended game where you continue playing after you land on alpha centauri (there is an alien race there). Then there are two others, a magic type one and a futuristic one. Both seem to just be different graphics on the same tech tree but the two new worlds have four different layers that you can play on and move between.

Also the graphics are slightly better.
ToT may use more units
ToT have more and interesting event options
ToT may give 1 attack sound to each unit
ToT may have unpassable terrain
ToT may use 1-4 maps each with different graphics
ToT may use random events.txt (events1.txt, events2.txt)
ToT units are bigger
ToT may have animated units and terrains bonus
ToT have more rules units and techs options

ToT haven't any mapeditor
(but u can found a Civ2 mapeditor for ToT)
ToT do not accept CiC, FW, MGE scenarios
(but u can found a scenario converter for ToT)
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