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Testers needed for new mod - Culture and religion


Apr 9, 2008

In this mod governments have been replacement by state religions. Other things that have been modded are the civs, buildings and wonders, techs, and so on. Many more buildings generate culture now, and buildings that already added culture in the standard game now add even more.

This scenario is like 99% finished, so I'd like as many people as possible to test it. The reason for the testing is to find out how well-balanced the game is, and for finding errors. So I won't be changing things like which civs, religions or improvements/wonders will be in the game. There are a number of biq files, each limiting which civ the human player can choose. Besides this, they're all identical. So for example in CaR - Arabia-Carthage-Israel.biq, the player can choose to be either Carthage, Arabia or Israel, while in CaR - Inca.biq the player can only choose Inca. I created a map for this scenario, but it's probably a little too crowded, so I also made biqs where one can have a random map. So for example CaR - Inca.biq has this special map, while in CaR - Inca - Random map.biq the map is random.

The folder that contains everything but the biqs is downloadable here: Culture and religion (85,5 MB zip file)
The biqs are found here: CaR biqs (1,14 MB zip file)

Civ           Tester           Map
Vikings       WildWeazel? 
Israel        Zefyrinus        Random
Sápmi         Huayna Capac357?

There are a few things I would like to ask you to do as testers. (Uh, upon closer inspection, this looks like a lot. Well okay, just do as much you feel like; I just need as many testers as possible. Allthough you must do step 1 on this list.)

  1. For the civ that you're gonna play as, please choose one that hasn't already been taken from the list above. Tell me in this thread which civ you have chosen, and if you're gonna play the custom map or a random map.
  2. When you have finished testing, please fill in this enquiry and post it in this thread, or PM it to me.
    1. What difficulty level did you play on?
      [*]If you played on a random map, what world size did you choose?
      [*]Which religions did you try during your play? And for how long did you use them? (Rough estimates like "just a few turns" or "for a very long time" are okay.)
      [*]What was the corruption/waste like, if you take into account the whole play time? Rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 equals "there was too much corruption, I couldn't get anything done!", 5 equals "it was just the right amount to make the game challenging", and 10 equals "there was too little corruption, making the game too easy":
      [*]How easy was it to keep the citizens happy, if you take into account the whole play time? Rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 equals "too difficult, they were constantly rioting", 5 equals "it was neither too difficult nor too easy", and 10 means "it was easy, I had lots and lots of happy faces":
      [*]How easy was it to deal with the finances, if you take into account the whole play time? Rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 equals "too hard, I was constantly on a deficit", 5 equals "it was neither too hard nor too easy", and 10 equals "it was too easy, I had lots and lots of cash":
      [*]How easy was it to keep up in science, if you take into account the whole play time? Rate it on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 equals "it was too hard, I was constantly behind all the other civs", 5 equals "I had an average technological developement, compared to the other civs", and 10 means "I was the most developed civ since quite early on":
      [*]Which year did you reach the second era (middle ages), if you ever reached it?
      [*]Which year did you reach the third era (industrial ages), if you ever reached it?
      [*]Which year did you reach the fourth era (post-industrial times), if you ever reached it?
      [*]Did you win or lose the game?
      [*]Which victory condition ended the game?
      [*]Which year did the game end?
      [*]Rate how difficult the game was, on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 equals "it was way too hard", 5 equals "it was just the right amount of challenge", and 10 equals "it was way too easy":
      [*]Rate how fun the game was, on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 equals "I didn't like the game at all", 5 equals "it was so-so", and 10 equals "the game was really fun":
      If you have any other comments, please write them here.
  3. When playing, please keep pen and paper ready so that you can write down errors you saw, dates asked for by the enquiry, and any other comments you had on the game.
  4. Please try to read as much of the text you encounter in the game as possible, and report to me if you see any typos or grammatical errors.

Known errors
  • In the civilopedia article on Hurry Production, the link to Zoroastrianism doesn't work. I've tried everything, but it seems unsolvable. There was another article where I had a lot of links, so when I clicked that entry on the civilopedia, I got a lot of error messages saying that the maximum link number had been exceeded. Maybe there's some similar problems with this entry, except that I don't get any error messages on it.
  • I've forgotten to add scenario description texts.
  • In those biq files that have Assyria, Egypt, Han Empire, Inca, Mali, Mongols or Yamato in it's name, the player is supposed to only be able to choose that particular civ, because I set Player 1 to a specific civ in the scenario properties' players tab. But the player can in fact choose another civ. There doesn't seem to be any good solution to this.
  • The sounds for the Poison Archer unit don't seem to be working.
  • The Shopping Mall building's increased tax revenue seems to be cumulative with the Marketplace, but the civpedia says otherwise.
  • It used to be that there could be way too many of certain luxuries on random maps. I've now changed this but haven't tested it yet.
The link doesn't work.
Oh sh*t, I haven't checked in on this thread for a long while. I'll upload again as soon as I get home.

I'll test Vikings once the downloads links are fixed. I'm curious though, why you chose to split up the playable civs the way you did if you're including random maps.
It's because every civ starts out with a different religion, which you can only set to a player number and not to a particular civilization.
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