Testing needed govt type Any thoughts?


Feb 15, 2002
Ok Ive been using this govt. in recent games that took like 1 min to add in the editor govt. screen and it seems to play out well. the name is Imperial and the rulers tital is Emperor of course. Ok the bad mods on it first are CORRUPTION:pROBLEMATIC to reflect the difficulting running far away outposts by these large empires. UNIT COST IS 2 to reflect the highly paid military that has all the money and land more or less. DOES require maintenance and the Prerequisite is WRITING since you need that to correspond with generals. On the plus side and these are good NO WAR WEARINESS to reflect the desire of the people to spread their culture and lands plus they act. kinda expect war. Standard trade bonus (yes) to reflect the high tributes from captured foes and overall well run org. DIPLOMATS are veteran to reflect war exp. FREE UNITS are standard at 2 4 and 8 because they have no recruiting problems.UP TO 4 military police per city because they know how to please the people with conquests but they are also quick to crack down on unruly citizens. Other stats such as draft rate same as monarchy it closest relative. Overall this is the govt. of choice for the romans ...egyptians...greeks....other large early empire builders.:egypt:
I like the idea of a government with a Viking type view that has it's main motive being war, but I think that it's too powerful. I can see this government being available later in the game, but having it's prerequisite Writing makes me think that it's too powerful too early in the game. Also, Despotism is much like the government you made but just more powerful. But hey, this is a game that is supposed to be modifed and you can do whatever you think is fun.
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