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Texture pack is complete but missing textures?


Apr 7, 2012
US, Florida
I've been putting together a compilation of textures for my personal mod but I've become stuck. For some reason my "LMdesert" terrain is throwing textures also found in my "Desert" terrain. I believe I did all the files for the LMdessert but cant understand why this is happening. If it's an issue with the game itself I can fix this by just doing the same with the dessert tiles then. It will just limit planet variety a little. I've managed to combine multiple textures in a way that would make it possible to create planetoid continents each with their own flora and land type. I'm attempting to make earth's moon here but textures have failed.


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Wow I guess I'm gonna have to take a different approach. I just realized that it doesnt work as I thought. LM terrain gets blended with regular terrain. I could have an entire island made of the same terrain type but the regular non-LM textures get thrown in there as well. Whats the point of LM textures then if you cant even control them?
Have a look here, it could be of help.
Thank you I could definitely use that too. In the mean time I've made progress with my LM terrain. Turns out both LM and non-LM are linked if you want to use just LM terrain. I started changing some of my reg desert textures and it seems to be doing the trick.


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