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Thai Cities


Dec 28, 2004
Heidelberg, Germany
Thai Cities

This is the first Civ-stuff I've done: a complete Thai city set. I guess it should do fine for Burma, too.

Here's a preview:


  • preview.jpg
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And here's the DL:

EDIT: Updated version 1.01
The original version contained a transparency error.
If you have downloaded it already, please download the updated version.


  • Thai cities 1.01.zip
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Aion said:
@all: Thank you!
@El Justo: Of course! It would be an honour for me, if you use them for your scenario.
:blush: why, thank you!

i like the colorings. i will of course give you credit when it's released. :goodjob:
Al lyou need to do, El justo, is coppy the row of industrial over the modern. Its not rocket surgery.
Here's the URL : GIMP
El Justo said:
one last thing...is there any way for you to have the industrial era cities appear during the modern era?

i am absolutely pathetic w/ gfx...is there any way you could arrange that?

Okay, I've done that. It's just a matter of 30 seconds, if you have the software.

But Goldflash is right, you should get some kind of graphic editing software. Btw, at least older Paint Shop versions use the system date, to find out if the trial period is expired. ;)


  • Thai 2.pcx
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Doh! I should have done in-game testing before posting this... :blush:
The original version contained a nasty transparency error. I've fixed it and uploaded the new version in post #2. If you have already downloaded this, please download the fixed version.
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