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Thanksgiving Resources


The folly of Man
Apr 22, 2002
Monster Island black-sand beaches
Another collaboration with PinkMothra07.

I'm not real pleased with the Sweet Potato, but I was told I must keep it as is :D

- Cornucopia ('that pumpkin-corn basket-thing')
- Cranberries
- Sweet Potato
- Turkey
- Native American Boy
- Native American Girl
- Pilgrim Boy
- Pilgrim Girl


  • ThanksgivingResources.pcx
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Thanks Folks!

Balthasar - The agreement I made with PinkMothra07 (I had to sign a paper in pink marker) was that she chose the resources, the base image, contributed something to artwork, and had the final say on whether I needed to do more or less cleanup on the file. She said that Sweet Potato is perfect, I don't think anyone else here agrees, but an agreement with her I am bound to. Not to worry, there is a Sweet Potato resource in the OC Mod (I haven't made it yet but it is on the list) that will hopefully be more to the general public's taste.
When I look at the pcx I created 6 years ago they seem embarrassingly inadequate to me now. Certainly by the time she's 11 or 12 she'll be making beautiful things on her own with a lot more developed skills and confidence. Over and over again artists - especially those new to our little community - have been encouraged to create what makes them happy & suits their needs. Sounds like you're doing the same with her. :thumbsup:
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