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the 30,000,000,000 population empire, modded ETW

Discussion in 'Total War' started by Hamilton321, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Hamilton321

    Hamilton321 Chieftain

    Jul 15, 2016
    Population, one of the most important features of Rome, Medieval II and Empire, is quite fun to mess around with. In my most recent game of Empire Total War I play a long campaign as Britain and for fun I saw how high I could make the population of the British Empire. I have a mod installed which gives Calcutta (the most populous city of India at the start of the game) to the British and allows all ships to collect trade goods from nodes rather than just indiamen. These to factors will be important. At the beginning of the game I build big armies in London and Calcutta. Using these armies, I acquire Paris and Akharabad by turn four. Now I have the three highest population provinces in the world, more than 60,000,000 people and three research buildings.

    This is an impressive turn IV population, but I think that 18th century Britain can do better. To facilitate growth first I focus my research on upgrading my research buildings and on agriculture techs to upgrade farms and increase their efficacy towards population growth. Second, I exempt Akharabad, Calcutta and Paris from taxes. Third, I upgrade farms as rapidly as possible and demolish all of my trading ports except one so I can replace them with fishing ports and fourth, I continue to expand my empire, acquire Admenagar and the Iberian peninsula by turn XV boosting my population above 90,000,000. Admenagar is exempted from taxation. Fifth, I monopolize the ivory trade, securing the wealth needed to lower middle class tax rates for the remaining regions to the lowest rate by turn XVII.

    I finish my agricultural research and upgrades by turn XXIV, the population gets ridiculous from here. My population doubles about every XXV turns. The rest of the campaign is kind of boring since I already conquered all my major rivals. I complete my conquest of India by turn XXXIII. My game crashed shortly after I surpassed 2,000,000,000, and I couldn't play on beyond that point, I'm guessing that the game could not handle such a high number? The 30,000,000,000 number is a calculation of what I would have had if the population kept climbing at the same rate. Before I end I will just give you an idea of my population growth by sharing my population numbers at my save dates.

    Early 1703: 64,782,357
    Early 1706: 70,659,092
    Late 1709: 97,982,729
    Late 1714: 147,523,874
    Early 1723: 242,781,920
    Early 1733: 439,156,780
    Late 1745: 953,734,933
    Early 1756: 2,083,589,209
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