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The AI seems possibly worse now?

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by Hukuma, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. c4c6

    c4c6 Prince

    Aug 28, 2016
    Once upon a time I had a question concerning civ2 and posted it in the appropriate newsgroup. I got a short, but quite informative answer from Brian Reynolds.
    Back then there was A LOT less traffic, but also less bad wording and yelling. Less childlike (kindlich, nicht kindisch) behaviour, more a cooperative, friendly atmosphere.

    I am sad to say, I believe 'simply ignoring' IS the best option "they" have with hooligans running wild all over the place.

    I better stop, because I have problems expressing myself well in English (compared to what I'm able to say in german).
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  2. @Rob76

    @Rob76 Chieftain

    Jan 25, 2010
    This thread got me to thinking. Civ 5 never did get very good AI; 1 upt was the straw that broke the AI camel's back vs previous civs. And that certainly verifies your main point. By implication, it seems unlikely the developer will ever do much to improve Civ 6. So what is the solution? Well, I think the only way forward is a rescue by modders. Siesta Guru has already produced the AI+ mod, and he's ratcheted it up to version eight, w/ plans for version nine. He's already improved AI performance from helpless to merely poor: a noticeable boost. I wouldn't think of playing the game w/o it. And there's at least one other modder I know of who's working on this issue. And w/ time..maybe we'll get competitive play.
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  3. wiggawuu

    wiggawuu Warlord

    May 25, 2016
    it pisses me off how we rely on modders so heavily. Its such a cop out on the developers. They made the damn game, so make it work.
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  4. JosEPh_II

    JosEPh_II TBS WarLord

    Jun 20, 2007
    Western IL. cornfields
    I'm so very glad to have not bought this game.

    Civ IV Caveman2Cosmos has just released v37. Can be downloaded at ModDb.

    Have a Great Day and Merry Christmas. :D

  5. Dale H

    Dale H Chieftain

    Nov 5, 2005
    Post patch and up again for a spin.

    Cleo potty-mouthed me from the get-go - incessantly. She declared war on Geneva so, Gilgamesh and I girded our loins and had at her. She sued for peace and long story, short a bit later wanted to cozy up to me. We became fast friends and the next turn she potty-mouthed me again! Should have put the wench out of business but, as usual, I took pity.

    Plus, I found myself in the middle of a territory filled with mercury. Mercury to the right of me; mercury to the left; mercury straight ahead. I am awash in mercury.

    Wasted a whole day on this puppy and pulling the plug again. Sad 'cuz Xmas and Civ kind'a go together for me. So close but so far. Is it possible to love and hate a game so much?

    Hard to go back to Civ V and BE because there really are some real cool, new features in Civ VI which make it painful to go back.

    I want to play soooooo bad...

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