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The Americas mod (anyone interested?)


Architeuthidae puericomedentis
Dec 29, 2001
Chumash Land
I have been thinking about doing an America mod w/ theese civs:

1. USA
2. France
3. Britan
4. Spain
5. Texas
6. Canada
7. Iriquois
8. California
9. Russia
10. Vinland
11. Hawaii
12. Aztecs
13. Mayans
14. Cuba
15. Incans
16. Brazil

Good idea? Tell me what you think.
Sounds good, but i dont see how the Incas and Aztecs will fit in with the Cubans. If you do an americas mod you should try to keep all the nations in the same relative time frame (in my opinion)
I kinda wanted to do it like the original Civ iii game, countries that were from all time frames.
I reckon you should replace Hawaii with Argentina. Any way you do it, it should be good.

Also post what you want the leaders to be so we have some idea of what kind of UUs and CSAs you want.
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