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The Atlantic's State of the Union issue


Expect Irony.
Sep 24, 2002
Seattle, WA, USA
Just popping in to post a link to The Atlantic's annual state of the Union issue:


Lots of topics to choose from... if you read one issue of the Atlantic this year, it should be this one...

Part I: The Economy
America's Fortunes by the Editors
Are We Still a Middle-Class Nation? by Michael Lind
America's "Suez Moment" by Sherle R. Schwenninger

Part II: Society
The Angry American by Paul Starobin
The Other Gender Gap by Marshall Poe
The Tuition Crunch by Jennifer Washburn
Putting a Value on Health by Don Peck
Insurance Required by Laurie Rubiner
Information, Please by Shannon Brownlee

Part III: Governance
The $45 Trillion Problem by Nathan Littlefield
Radical Tax Reform by Maya MacGuineas
The Chieftains and the Church by Ted Halstead
Nation-Building 101 by Francis Fukuyama
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