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The Babylon Story

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by Dearnen, Nov 11, 2001.

  1. Dearnen

    Dearnen Arrr!

    Nov 6, 2001
    Eugene, Oregon
    We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to broadcast this special address by President Hammurabi.

    <fade to President Hammurabi sitting behind his desk>

    My fellow Babylonians, today is perhaps the most momentous day in the history of our nation...and the world as a whole.

    Nearly six thousand years ago, our ancestors founded the great city of Babylon, fending off barbarians and scratching a living out of the dust. It was not long before they encountered another civilization, the Zulu. The Zulu were an aggressive people, seeking only the destruction of Babylon. But, Babylon had a destiny. Beyond the Zulu lay an unseen world, inhabit by the English, the Russians, the Persians, the Germans..and others beyond.

    For centuries, the Zulu raged against our ancestors, forcing them to press further on, seizing Zulu territory in order to secure Babylon. The brave Bowmen of ancient Babylon finally swept the Zulu threat from history, bringing the innocent Zulu people under the benevolent rule of Babylon.

    Peace reigned true for our people for many years. Early on, our ancestors took to a republican form of goverment, recognizing the rights of all people to be represented in their own government. But, there were those that sought only to crush our way of life under the heel of tyranny. In a day still remembered every year, Persia commited an act of brutal aggression. Only the night before, our people had celebrated with the Persian envoy a new peace and trade agreement. Yet, Persia marched on our cities, slaughtering the innocent and destroying what had taken years to build.

    But, we were not alone! A great alliance was forged. The Russians, though weakened by centuries of warfare, joined with the English and our dear friends in Germany to come to Babylon's aid in its darkest hour. Swiftly, the alliance taught the Persian rulers a dear lesson. So that this kind of evil could never again be perpetrated upon the earth, Persia was divided amongst the allies, and the Persian rulers brought to justice.

    Once again, peace and prosperity was restored to the land. In this great age of exploration and advancement, Babylon established trade routs with civilizations across the sea, China and Japan. Meanwhile, our parents took their goverment a step forward, establishing that the right of the government to rule directly flows from those it governs. The great Babylonian Democracy was born.

    Yet, the winds of war never cease. Our friend Russia, ever beset by enemies of justice, called upon our pact of mutual protection. England, seeing the vulnerabilities of the Russian people, sought to grow fat off the work of others. Rising up like a mighty giant, Babylon rushed to aid those in need. This righteous campaign was joined by the ever noble Germans and it swift order, justice was delivered on the heads of the barbarous English. With the English tyrants swept from the land, order was restored to the world.

    Ours is a blessed land and a blessed people. We have not known war since those days. Yet, ever vigilant, we have maintained a military that surpasses any other. Despite another war that saw the vanquishing of the Chinese, our people have remained safe.

    Our society has come far in the last six thousand years. Man has learned to fly and the atom has been split. But this morning, I have the unique pleasure to unveil the greatest event in world history. My fellow Babylonians, citizens of the German, Russian and Japanese nations, on this day, November 10, 1965, mankind left his lowly world and reached for the stars...

    <fade to view of huge rocket as countdown nears for launch to Alpha Centauri>
  2. SpacemasterDK

    SpacemasterDK Chieftain

    Nov 10, 2001
    Great tale! almost like being there my self. :goodjob:

    Did you notice any pattern in the nations that attacked you; was it for resources or anything else? Nice to see a game where the alliance system really works, and backstabbing still occurs.

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