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The "balancer" scenario?

Sir Lawrence

Oct 26, 2003
Jacksonville, Fla.
Has anyone played this scenario with any success? It certainly looks like a great addition to Civ, but doesn't seem to be working right for me. I built the "Pyramids" early on and noticed that I got a power plant on the city view and no other of my cities recieved a granary. There were several other issues that I noted but can't recall at the moment. I really liked the new ideas on this, even with the Civilopedia incomplete. Any ideas? Thanks.
I haven't played the Balancer Mod, but I do know from playing DyP that if you add buildings or change things around some (and DyP changes things a lot) that it wacks the City View out of order. I'm not sure if this is going to be addressed in a later patch or not. Of course, since 1.29f and 1.27f was the final patches for Civ3 and PTW respectively, I would guess not.

Anyways, did they add a lot of stuff? Just from what little you've said, it sounds that way to me.
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