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The Best Victories in FFH2

Discussion in 'Fall from Heaven Strategy & Tips' started by Zechnophobe, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Zechnophobe

    Zechnophobe Strategy Lich

    Sep 1, 2006
    Goleta, California

    Cultural: Get all three (or 4 ) cities fairly early, pop legends to give full radius. Get horseback riding if you need to fight significant barbarians.

    Tech FoL for health/happiness boost (we won't be getting any other religious techs, so order, rok, etc don't make a lot of sense.)
    Tech up to mercantilism but get: Feudalism and drama on the way.
    Wonders: Theatre of Dreams, Syliven's Perfect Lute, Hall of Kings, if possible Pillar of Chains.

    Civics: Liberty, Godking until Republic, Guardian of Nature, caste System, sometimes pacifism.

    Each bard produces about 20 culture, once you get Mercantilism, put all possible commerce into culture, and turn as many citizens as possible to bards. Use great bards to round out slower culture producing cities so they get legendary on same turn.

    Conquest: Godking, centaur archers to Armored Cavalry for horsey hero. Build warriors, upgrade to centaur archers for a quick army.

    You could also go for Empyrean + Chalid instead of Armored Cavalry. Not a whole lot to say here.


    Domination: Fishing, FoL + GoN, rapid expansion + currency for Guild of Nine, God King + Heron Throne in capital for as long as possible. Switch to Empyrean if you need Blind, or at Religious Law, turn all commerce to money, get large insta-army of Mercs + Chalid to conquer world.

    Tower of Master: Similar to domination, but instead of getting empryean, simply tech to arcane lore. Get knowledge of the Ether fairly early so you can start getting xp for mages. Build metamagic node, and secure 2 or 3 others. Found any religions you can AFTER arcane lore to get extra mana sources. Otherwise once you get 2 or 3 mages with metamagic two, build all towers. Tower of Divination researches Strength of will for you. Use Heron+Godking city + all gold after arcane lore to buy/build final wonders. Tower of Mastery should finish in 2 or 3 turns if you have been correctly generating cash while building the other towers, so apocalyptic DoW doesn't kill you.


    Conquest: Reserach Animal Husbandry + Horseback riding. Win? I don't know if this really needs complex description. You either grow and build army with Rhoanna, or build really GOOD army with Tasunke, Either way should be an easy victory. Bust early neighbors with basic horsemen, use rally on second or third to ensure dominance. Upgrade to horse archers when given the opportunity. Tech wise always look for ways to keep your economy and military affloat (Military state is gooooood).

    Clan of Embers

    Conquest: Build goblins, send toward tundra to find wolves. Use wolf riders to win game. Similar to Hippus this isn't horribly complicated. Use RoK as religion to help keep up with costs. Military state + Warrens will allow for huge army. Warrens = Priest of kilmorph keep your economy going while you conquer. Possibly faster than Hippus, but requires a little luck with wolf riders.


    Domination:Poison + FoL. Alazkan + Aeron's Chosen. Once done with poison, put a lot into gold to build scouts and upgrade to assassin's. Use mirror to weaken units, assassin's to kill for xp. Alazkan should get one or two combat, + shock or cover, and then go for blitz.


    Domination: Start mud golem, research masonry (maybe get agriculture first). Once two or three cities, pop world spell, settle all hammers in capital for big production bonus + great engineer points of doom. Settle first great engineer, maybe second. Use God King for a while. Choose religion (RoK or FoL), get construction + knowledge of ether for wood golems + adepts that can repair them. Then get Gargoyle tech + blasting work shops. Produce heck of out golems, fireball way to victory.


    Pyre Zombie: ... PYRE ZOMBIES.


    Domination: Similar to Lanun, get massive gold based economy, but use RoK. Once you have good income going, produce mad amounts of mercs to win. Harder than Lanun, but has some nice dwarvish goodness mixed in.


    Start as Chirp strategy above, but settle all hammers in NON capital. Use great engineer to quick build mercurian gate at fanaticism. Mercurians will take over, and use same settled engineers to get even more great engineers. Settle those as well to have roughly 3 or 4 engineers and 3 or 4 great engineers in city. Pick up Guild of hammers for lulz, conquer world with angels.


    Start as Lanun (conquest) above, but go directly for Ashenveil. Research a few extra techs for Hyborem before making the pact however so that he doesn't have zero tech. Raze all cities you get for Manes, conquer world with Devils + hyborem.

    I think there are other victories to be had, but that in general these are the ones that are quick and powerful.
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  2. Err0l

    Err0l Chieftain

    Oct 12, 2007


    Take Sabby. Tech Education -> Bronze -> Order -> Fanaticism -> Iron. Cottagespam your first few cities. Mine everything in all others. As soon as you get Fanaticism, go into Crusade with the nearest person and flood their lands with waves upon waves of Demagogs with some Flagbearers and Confessors mixed in. If first opponent is down, attack the next. Repeat ad nauseam.
  3. DirtyFinger

    DirtyFinger Prince

    Apr 20, 2008

    Altar Victory
    Set Civics to Agrarian/Aristocracy and spam floodland farms. Adaptive trait to Financial and shuffle in gold. Spam Lightbringers and upgrade them either along the disciple path or, with OO religion, drown ex-lightbringer disciples/priests and upgrade to stygian guard. priest&guards claim all coastal cities without problems.
    Churn out Great Priests and build up the Altar, which in turn give extra XP to Lightbringers, which in turn become experienced Priests or Stygians.
    Works with every Religion apart from Esus, depending on map and taste.

    Win by Altar or Domination.

    Tower of Mastery
    Like the divine road, but instead of promoting Lightbringers to Priests, promote them to adepts. With enough altar levels and other buildings, lightbringers bring enough xp to become instant high level mages - archmages even.
    Use mages to scorch land and summon Sand Lions (free Malakim Mage summon spell) and fireballs to conquer the land.
    Then go either for domination or tower victory.
  4. magzhi

    magzhi Warlord

    May 23, 2010

    Get Auric and preserve your priests and u will be unstoppable :D
  5. S.K. Ren

    S.K. Ren Prince

    Apr 29, 2010
    Gig Harbor, WA
    Altar Victory - Lanun is already a beast when it comes to research from a strong ocean/trade economy. Go Fishing, Mysticism (Put a pop in priest here), Message, Sailing, Trade/Cartography (Having both City States and Foreign Trade together works wonders. Unless cartography + exploration takes more than 10 turns to research, wait to switch to Foreign Trade until you have CS.
    At this point you should be able to tear through the Religion and Magic tech trees. Use Drowns and later Cultists/Stygian Guards (Upgraded from Acolytes) to supplement defenses.

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