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The Boring Thread


it’s too hot here to think
Aug 30, 2001
Civilization II
Every time I see the Boeing thread, I read it as The Boring Thread.

And that makes me wonder . . . what would happen if we had a Boring thread?
This is it.

I’m doing my laundry in the morning before work because during the daytime the machines are sometimes in use.

I have about 20 minutes left before I have to pull everything out of the dryer.

Pretty boring.
After having slept for like nine hours I have woken up too soon, so I am bored waiting half a hour to get up and go to work.

Anyway most of the time people post in forums because they have nothing else to do and they are bored. So this thread is redundant.
I'm eating oatmeal.
I don’t remember the last time I had a good banana. They’ve all been okay to subpar. I like banana flavor, but actual bananas, I can’t seem to find a hit.
Weather turning cooler and rainier so got my laundry tumble dried at the laundromat for the first time this year. Inferior to drying in the sun but it does save the hassle of having to put them up on the line with pegs and taking them down, especially with small items like socks.
Putting stuff on the line is a no-go for me: everything gets wrinkled up, and I like the smell of my clothes after I put in a dryer sheet.
For my work I have to log in remotely to my computer. Well today there was some sort of error. I called the help desk, they couldn't resolve it but they opened a ticket for another team.

So I'm just sitting here.

Just waiting :undecide:
My finger nails could stand to be clipped, really.
Windy up there for sleepy bird.

I'm getting dressed to go drive in straight lines for the rest of the day. Or, as my son put it yesterday, "How do you do this all day?"
I'm getting dressed to go drive in straight lines for the rest of the day.
If it's plural, then there are turns in there somewhere.
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It' s 35 F in Latvia today. We got snow. We usually get snow before summer hits. It is called Lark snow, because larks are already chirping, but it is snowing at the same time.

I know it, Latvians know it, yet there is outrage "OMG SNOW in 2nd half of April" almost every year. People want to believe spring is 45 F all April when it is not.

Outrage is boring.
Hey, y'all, I've got news.

I clipped my finger nails.

You may remember me saying that I should. Well, I did.
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