The busiest people in the world


Mar 5, 2012
Every so often a screen pops up with a list of the "busiest people in the world". The same list pops up for several other things too. I understand how all these other things are calculated, but not the busiest people.

How does the game calculate how busy a civ is? Is it the number of improvments wokers build, number of deals with other civs, etc? Sometimes I feel that I have been doing a lot of things and I am near the bottom of the list. But other times I feel that I have not done much and I am near the top of the list. The "busiest people" list seems kind of random to me, but I know its not, the game must use some sort of formula to calculate how busy each civ is.


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Mar 1, 2010
It has to do with production. Is it the average for your cities?

IIRC it's total production from all cities. It says it right at the top, but I never really look at it since I don't find it too important (compared to # of wonders, techs, and policies, which are a bit more meaningful and easier to understand the impact of).
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