The Case of the One-.bic Save


Dec 14, 2001
Fort Smith AR USA
Loading and playing some saved games is impossible unless, when they’re reloaded, Civ3 is using the same .bic file that it was using when that saved game was created (or perhaps last saved under).

Who knows this: is the saved game dependent upon its parent .bic because of some setting or change made within that .bic, or because of some hidden factor that identifies when a .bic has changed?

For example, under 1.16 I would use a customized .bic called A. If I were to edit A until the point at which Civ3 recognized the .bic as B (a point not known to myself, since I made multiple changes between playtests), and then I tried to continue my game I had started under A, the game would always quickly crash. My question: is there a certain setting in the .bic that, once changed, makes it incompatible with old saved games, or does something else cause the incompatibility? For example, the raw number of changes, or another modification, active or passive?
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