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The CivGive2021 Extra Life charity event has been announced! $50,000 goal to Sick Kids Hospitals

Do you plan on attending TheCivGive 2021?

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Certainly! It's a worthy cause.

I'm also grabbing the schedule from your Twitter feed:

Also here: Thanks for the invite :hatsoff:. Not yet listed in the schedule, but CFC will also be present. Depending on time and availability it might be that I'll join at 16:45 to represent the forum, or potentially another one of the mods at a later time point :).
The $25 000 has been reached! With 2K matching up to 25 000, this means that the goal of 50 000 has been achieved!

35k have been raised.
Also Ed Beach should get on the live stream any minute.
EDIT: Nope, sorry, first Dennis Shirk, then Ed Beach.
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Catching the end of this: so far they have raised just over 42K
A lot more than I expected, TBH, and if you listened to one of their last podcasts, also a lot more than they expected.
Initially they wanted to do 10k or 12k, but then 2K offered to match 25k, so they kinda had to get up to 50k. So this is basically 30k more than anyone of them (and me) realistically expected. That's just great.
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