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The Civilisation makeover game!

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by IvoryPavane, May 17, 2020.

  1. IvoryPavane

    IvoryPavane Prince

    Jan 29, 2019
    I thought of a fun little game that I play to pass the time on long train journeys. I wasn't sure if to post here
    or in the suggestions section, but I opted for here because it's more about having some fun, and not about making development suggestions.

    The aim of the game is to give a Civ you love a little bit of a makeover! Something that you think they could
    really use, something you think is thematically relevant or something that would enhance the way you play.

    It's just a game, but do try and keep balance where possible! Giving the Seowon +9 science per turn is lovely but quite against the spirit of the game haha :)

    How to play

    You have TWELVE points to spend on your Civilisation tune up. You can do any combination of the below, as long as you spend twelve points or less.

    THREE points will allow you tweak the numbers on an ability that already exists (e.g. Grand Tour: giving 50% to wonders as opposed to 20%)

    SIX points will allow you to add a small bonus to an existing ability (e.g. Four Faces of Peace: +10% production
    bonus while participating in an emergency)

    NINE points will allow you to completely remove an ability and replace it with one of your own. Get creative! :)

    TWELVE points will allow to completely change the leader and give a new leader ability (Disclaimer: I suspect this would be the most popular option, but think about doing it because you think a new leader could give the Civ a new interesting take, and not just because you don't like Catherine De Medici et al)

    Formatting advice

    CIV NAME and Leader

    Leader unique ability:
    Civ ability:
    Unique infrastructure:
    Unique Unit:


    Phoenicia and Dido
    LUA: Founder of Carthage (Production cost lowered to avg district, doubles with each successive move) (-3 points)
    (-100% production cost to Government buildings instead of 50% district reduction) (-3 points)
    Civ ability: Remove eureka for writing, replace with Tyrian purple, a unique luxury resource, of which Dido gets
    2 copies (-6 points)
    UI: Cothon, unchanged
    UU: Bireme, unchanged

    Have a go and hopefully it gets the creative juices flowing! And apologies if I've made the wrong call about where to post. Moderators, keep me right!
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  2. Alexander's Hetaroi

    Alexander's Hetaroi Deity

    Oct 17, 2017
    Probably should go in the Ideas and Suggestions forums but I like this idea.
    Here is what I think Persia should be with GS:

    LUA: Fall of Babylon-Bring back the loyalty with a garrisoned unit that was removed from R&F but make it add +10 when playing with Cyrus. (-6 points)
    Civ ability: Satrapies- Domestic trade routes provide an additional gold and culture if the origin city has a governor. (I think it is -6 points)
    UU: Immortal- unchanged
    UI: Pairidaeza- unchanged
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  3. IvoryPavane

    IvoryPavane Prince

    Jan 29, 2019
    Love these!

    I did go back and forth but ultimately I didn’t because these may not be specific ideas that people would want Firaxis to consider, and I didn’t want to obfuscate any of people’s suggestions!

    But mods please do keep me right! :)
  4. Sostratus

    Sostratus Deity

    Jul 31, 2017
    Minnesota, USA
    People of the Steppe: Additional Light cavalry upon completion of light cavalry changed to double Horses accumulation rate (I think this would be 6 points or so)

    Treasure Fleet: Additional yields to intercontinental domestic routes replaced with "Trade route efficiency affects all yields [not just gold] on intercontinental routes" (6 pointaloons)

    Glorious Britannia:
    Sea Dog deleted and replaced with Dreadnought, a unique ironclad that has a ranged attack. 60:c5rangedstrength:/65:c5strength:. (similar to the persian immortal.) Uses 20 iron to build instead of coal maintenance. (9 points and a shilling)

    -Peter the Great:
    Grand Embassy effect replaced with "Trade Routes to more advanced civilizations grant Russia +20%:c5science: to techs they have but you do not, and +20%:c5culture: to civics they have but you do not." (9 rubles)
  5. Aurelesk

    Aurelesk Prince

    Oct 26, 2017

    Grand Tour: +20% Production towards Wonders from the medieval and later era. For each Wonder it has, a city receives +5% Culture and +10% Tourism.
    (-6 or -9 points, depends who you ask)

    Château: Unlocked at 'Castle' technology instead of the 'Humanism' civic.
    • +1 Culture, +1 Housing, and +1 Appeal.
      • +1 Amenity if next to a luxury ressource.*
    • +1 Culture (with the 'Humanism' civic)
    • +1 Culture (with the 'Cultural Heritage' civic).
    Cannot be adjacent to another Château.
    * : A single Château can not get multiple Amenities if adjacent to multiple Luxury Ressources. A single Luxury Ressource can not gives more than 1 Amenity if adjacent to multiple Château.
    (-3 or -6 points, depends who ask)

    At first, I was going to make it the Culture version of the Mekewap. Something like this:
    Spoiler :
    Château: Unlocked at Castle technology. It must be built adjacent to a river or a Luxury Ressource, and not adjacent to another Château.
    • 1 Culture, 1 Housing, and +1 Appeal
    ○ 1 Gold if on a river tile.
    ○ 1 Food for every two adjacent Luxury ressources.​
    • 1 Culture (→ 2) and 1 Amenity (with the 'Humanism' civic)
    ○ 1 Culture (→ 3) if on a river tile (with the 'Cultural Heritage' civic)
    ○ 1 Food for every adjacent Luxury ressource (with the 'Natural History')​
    But this will be kind of too cheated. Imagine a 3 Culture, 1 Housing, 1 Amenity, X Food and 1 Gold tile improvement. But maybe it is because the Mekewap is also really powerful: 2 Production, 2 Housing, 3+ Gold, X Food tile improvement.

    Garde Impériale: The Garde Impériale upgrades from the Musketman, upgrades to the Infantry, and become obsolete once the Mechanized Infantry is available.
    (This should be standard for all units out of the path: upgrades from N-0.5, being able to upgrade to N+.5 while still being able to produce them if you like to, and finally becomes obsolete once you reach the N+1.5)
    (-0 or -3 points, depends who you ask)

    Total point: between 9 and 18? Let's say it is 12 for good mesure!

    Some explications:
    The French civilization was supposed to be played as: build as many mid-game wonders you can and surround them with Châteaux for the Tourism while climbing the civic tree. Meanwhile, you can also secure the continent at the Industrial era with the Garde Impériale. But... it works kind of poorly:
    1. Wonders are a bad Tourism generator. They give 2 Tourism and increase by 1 for each era. A Great Writer with the 'Printing Press' technology gives 8 Tourism.
    2. Wonders are a Production trap. +20% Production towards ~50% of the wonders is okayish since it allows to build Kilwa Kisiwani, Great Zimbabwe (aka: the Spy trap), Forbidden City, Big Ben or the Rurh valley faster, but most of the the best one cannot enjoy the Production boost like Oracle, Pyramids, Colisseum, Temple of Artemis, Petra, Cristo Redentor, Eiffel Tower...
    3. Château needs to be adjacent to river, but not all cities can have one, making this infrastructure quite random to use. It is either spammable or not usable.
    4. The civilization ability and infrastructure rely 100% on wonders. If you do not manage to secure some of them, then you cannot enjoy most of the civilization bonus.
    5. The Garde Impériale is out of the melee path, meaning you need to hardbuild them to enjoy them, meaning that most of players didn't even use them.

    My focus was:
    1. To combine all the wonders related mechanics in a single ability. Grand Tour is extended to the wonders of the modern and atomic era: I always found funny that France do not have the Production bonus while building the Eiffel Tower. The "double Tourism from Wonders is now a "+10% Tourism in the city". Since Wonders are bad Tourism generators, I changed this to apply to all kind of Tourism the city may generate. Since I change the way the Château works (they do not generate Culture when next to a wonder), I recycled the idea and incorporate it in the ability with the "+5% Culture in the city". If the ability seems too powerful/weak, you can retweak the numbers or even tell me what ideas you have!
    2. To create a more interesting Château that synergise with the Civilization, while not rendered useless if you do not focus on wonders. I get ride of the "river" condition and replaced it more plain with the traditional "cannot be adjacent to an other Château". Also, it is now available earlier at the 'Castle' technology. After all, "Château" means litterally "Castle"! The new civilization ability will encourage player to have some key tall cities with a lot of wonders, that will generate a lot of Culture and Tourism, and the Château can help with that by giving Housing and Amenity to the city to grow bigger and happier. Even if you do not want to build wonders, well this infrastructure can still help you about Housing and Amenity problems while giving some Culture, while increasing the Appeal. Since the river requirement is gone, it will be easier to use it to set up Seaside Resort or National Park.
    3. To to highlight an injustice that affects all units out of the upgrade path.

    Frankly, I would love to play that version of France. You can have some tall-wonder cities where you will build your Culture and Tourism. Sure, it still an underwhelming civilization with no early bonuses, but is it really a problem? As long a civilization is not too powerful and his gameplay fun to play, it is a win for me!

    @Sostratus: Wow, Scythia goes from one extremely powerful ability to almost an garbage one! If the ability 'People of the Steppe' was worded differently but as powerful, it will be something like this: +100% Production towards Light cavalry units. Training a light cavalry unit requires half the strategic ressource.
    Now, I guess your intention is to make the ability less powerful. I understand: I also think the ability is too powerful. But, for me, deleting completely the Production bonus is harsh! I would go something like this :
    • Change half 'stategic ressource' to double 'Horses' gathering, so the bonus do not work for Helicopters, but it gives a economy boost (as you did).
    • Change the way the Production is given, maybe add a requirement. For example: +25% Production towards Light Cavalry units, +50% in cities with an Encampement. So there is some kind of delay before the Horseman spam. They either go straight to it and only have a +25% Production, or goes for Bronze Working and build an Encampment first for the +50% Production and later rewarded by a General, but the enemy have the time to build a wall or train some Spearman.

    In the end, I will do this with the ability:
    People of the Steppe: +25% Production towards Light Cavalry units, increasing to +50% if there's a Encampement in the city. Horses Pastures accumulate 2 more ressources per turn.
    Last edited: May 30, 2020

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