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Le CivRêve
Dec 3, 2008
I don't know how much clearer I can say this without being rude. What is a good strategy to you, may be not so good to someone else. What you find useless, another player may thoroughly enjoy trying. Useful is a term that is relative to every single person that plays this game. And a player doesn't have to read through hundreds of strategies if the title gives a decent idea of what the strategy is about. You come across with a lot of ego in your posts and by assuming that somehow you are the best qualified to determine what is or isn't a strategy worth posting.

Honestly, it's not even about you. If this site is going to have a specific folder called "Strategy Archives," it should be run and monitored by a moderator of this site, not a special playground for one forum poster. That's all some of us want to see.

What makes Morte qualified to choose strategies? As if he's rejecting a lot of strategies left and right? Come on man! Issues with authority, even when there really is none present?

Morte has written more strategies for this game than any 3 or 4 players combined. He was writting strategies when this game was released and has helped hundreds if not thousands of players expand their knowledge of this game.

Also, he took the time to build this thread, and write more strategies, and has never really turned down anyone who has asked to have their strategies placed here. I appriciate all he does, because it's a very useful tool for players, maybe you don't see that here on civfanatics, but on 2kforums, the strategy archive is larger and has invalueble material you just won't find anywhere else.

If a mod would've offered to set this kind of thing up, and it was asked about a while back on other forums, then that would've been ok. But that would require a Mod to update it frequently, and I don't know any mods that are frequent posters on the CivRev strategy forums that would do that, and it's reallly not needed.

Why criticize someone who is doing something FOR FREE to help other gamers, and only doing it because he loves the game, loves talking strategy, and likes to help others? Check out morte's profile on Xbox and you'll see that he offers to answer any questions anyone has about the game. He's always here and on other boards answering any questions asked of him.

And English is not his first language, so maybe you're misinterpreting the connotation of his statements sometimes, maybe the tone seems a little off because it's not his native tounge, as someone who is fluent in french, but still comes off the wrong way at times, I can see where ppl might have problems with that.

But having English as a second language should make you more appriciative of the work he has put in, because he's writting up a whole freakin archive in a foreign language, FOR FREE!

Morte's strategies were very helpful to me when I first started playing, and now I have written several strats and have been in the top 10 on both systems at the same time, and that would've been a lot harder without this archive.

Please think before you speak, we're all just here to talk about the game we love, and those who are kind enough to share knowledge and give a venue to compile that knowledge, do not warrent criticism of this type.



Jul 18, 2008
What makes Morte qualified...

...who are kind enough to share knowledge and give a venue to compile that knowledge, do not warrent criticism of this type.


Well said. Yes we are many who have reacted negatively to Morte´s language now and then, but with that said let us all stop arguing and support each other. Unfortunately the Civ Rev forum here and on 2K forums have more ranting and negative attitude against people than any other Civ forums. I wonder why, but will stop being negative myself from now on. Let us all be more appreciative of what we all do! :)

Sorry for off topic, but I think it is valuable with these discussions now and then.


Nov 3, 2012
Just since there is nothing on Mongols, the key is to use the 2x mountain production advantage and free communism tech (increased production) and head for mountain ranges by traveling to the mountains and out producing everyone and using the fact that barbarians join your villages as a way to grow early. That combined with a small handful of cities in the right mountain range can make things pretty easy. If you can't win early by producing a ton of early troops and rushing, then using factories and iron mines and such to further increase production will help.
Best bet is using beta centuri scenario where you start with all technology and just avoid contact and keep producing as they won't be able to keep up with factory+iron mines+communism+mountain x2 production bonus.

I am trying regular random map battle on deity with Monguls I will have more details on what works.
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