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The Cold War: Playtest Thread

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Scenario League' started by JPetroski, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. tootall_2012

    tootall_2012 King

    Feb 11, 2012
    Except for Greece and Istanbul and the occasional ground clashes in Manchuria and near Urumchi, the primary form of Soviet attacks were carried out by their attack and bomber aircraft, with a few naval attacks for good measure (until I dispatched many of these latter units to the bottom of the sea).

    I won’t say they were an easy mark; it took me 46 turns to finally subdue the CCP altogether, but after the initial onslaught which lasted maybe 10 turns, their attacks were never as sustained afterwards and I was finally able to grind them down with superior numbers and admittedly some pretty significant arms purchases in the form of Early Jets, M-26 Pershing’s and Artillery units.

    Unfortunately, I can’t at this time give any useful opinion on the Pro-Eastern factions. I would have to play a similar game from their side to be able to ascertain what weaknesses, if any, they possessed.

    I recommend you spend some time reviewing the casualties list. Case in point you’ll notice that though the Soviets didn’t build any fighter types, they did build quite a few of the following:

    Il-2 Soviet Att Aircraft 138
    Su-7 Soviet Att Aircraft 104

    which would equal 242 Soviet fighters built through the event file!

    By comparison, the combined Pro-West fighter force of produced, gifted and purchased units only accounted for 85:

    Early Jet Fighter 38
    Spitfire Fighter 29
    F-86 Sabre Fighter 18

    Yes, that’s correct. The Europeans performance was rather lacklustre throughout the game. The only real threat they posed was with their fleet at the beginning of the game, and as I mentioned in one of my initial posts was the cause of my losing Greece. But otherwise, they proved to be relative push over’s in the rest of my regional conflicts.

    This is significant, in the sense, that many of the games objective cities are controlled by the European power. As the Pro-Western powers mainly control the seas, it's much easier for them to acquire these cities then it is for the East.
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  2. JPetroski

    JPetroski Deity

    Jan 24, 2011
    What would I need to write to ensure that only naval units can be abandoned, but nothing else? I've been playing around for a bit and am not getting anywhere with this.
  3. Prof. Garfield

    Prof. Garfield Deity Supporter

    Mar 6, 2004
    This should work to do exactly what you've asked. (Not tested, so could be typos, etc.)
    local function canGiveTileFn(tile,giver)
        for unit in tile.units do
            if unit.type.domain ~= 2 then
                return false
        return tile.owner == giver
    However, you may want something more flexible,

    local forbiddenTileGiftUnits = {}
    forbiddenTileGiftUnits[object.uForbiddenGiftUnit.id] = true
    local function canGiveTileFn(tile,giver)
        for unit in tile.units do
            if forbiddenTileGiftUnits[unit.type.id] then
                return false
        return tile.owner == giver
  4. JPetroski

    JPetroski Deity

    Jan 24, 2011
    OK... I have made a ton of changes and believe I've worked out the kinks on any bugs this morning. I think this one is ready for another round of playtests. Note, since I have far too many projects on my plate, I really only invested time in bug squashing but didn't have a playthrough on my own. I took the advice of @techumseh , @tootall_2012 , @Prof. Garfield et al and made considerable changes, which is going to affect the balance, but hopefully speeds things up a bit. I'll be having a playthrough now, but didn't want to delay getting it out to everyone, as, frankly, balance is subjective and I need your help.

    Aside from bug fixing, I don't intend to make major changes while anyone is taking a go at this. I remain hopeful that we can get a MP game going "soonish" but don't want to have five people have their empires thrown into chaos by bugs or clear imabalances.

    I've spent some time addressing many issues, chiefly trying to balance the U.S. vs. the Soviets. Ideally, the two should be a fairly even match, perhaps with the Soviets getting a slight edge, thus requiring Europe and the U.S. to team up to stop them.

    Please let me know if you take the time to playtest this. I appreciate it!

    -59,29 and 37,47 had swamp removed.
    -Western Infantry has no sound because Euroinf.wav is missing. FIXED
    -I will take away the "missile" trait from the hydrogen bomb munition and SLBM because I think making these air units will get the AI to use them more. I'm still not sure if the AI will use any 99 attack unit if one hasn't been used against them though.
    -Closed off some undersea waterways
    -Pro-West should be monarchy. Pro-East has it tough enough already so I might let them stay fundamentalist.
    -Bump up cash that Soviets get for Pro-East cities since they start with so few (75 from 25)
    -SSKs allowed on main map only.
    -Subs now have sub flag. I removed missile classification from nukes since they're destroyed after attack by default given 99 attack
    -This should more or less solve this as subs can't carry air units and I can restrict what air units a carrier can carry
    -Freight now moves 6 spaces instead of 2
    -I added a Trans-Siberian highway/railway from the start, as well as the Autobahn. Trans-Siberian RR allows tanks from Vladivostok to reach Moscow in 3 turns. While not "realistic" it should balance better in MP than allowing them to get there in 1 or 2.
    -Tweaked western production costs so that often (but not always) Europe will be able to provide a better deal on aircraft. F-14 and F-16 are cheaper than European counterparts, however.
    -AI fighter fix. All non-human players have a 20% chance of getting fighters each turn. China and India get less so they don't overpower (the other civs get more as they'll be more geographically diverse).
    -Move Hanoi to 84,94
    -Pro-West Cities unhappy
    -Pakistani Army = None
    -Reduce tech rate to 200.
    -Soviet unit costs slightly reduced
    -Gun truck now passes impassable terrain as it was spawning in jungles and stuck
    -China now spawns neutral rebels via rebel spawn mechanism, but can only do this once they research the tech "international power."
    -China now has potential to grow extremely rich because once they research "international power" they get 25 gold per Neutral city as well as 25 gold per Chinese city. This plus freight ought to make them a very powerful nation.
    -Added in help tab for individual units
    -Metropolis added to Washington
    -Ganges should no longer stack up AI units
    -Fixed Civil Rights bug @tootall_2012 pointed out. I changed the prereqs to two that the U.S. can't acquire, but which exist in the game, so it should prevent the U.S. player from researching this before the event gives it to them.
    -Added diplomacy help screen (F3)
    -Disabled ability to "abandon" most units. Exception: ships. Ships need to be moved to a location and then transferred to a new civ.
    -Confirmed I'm OK with USA/USSR giving certain techs to their proxies
    -Changed "Beijing" name to "Peking" but an event changes it back in 1979
    -Saigon becomes "Ho Chi Minh City" once the Pro-East take it. It will become Saigon again if the west restores it.
    -Renamed "Harare" to "Salisbury" but now it becomes "Harare" once Europe no longer controls the city. It won't restore.
    -Fixed issue with probability rolls that caused them not to work as intended.
    -Added ability to acquire peace treaties in the single player game. Press '3' to call up menu. You can secure peace treaties with any nation you're at war with, for a cost (currently set at $2500). There is a 60% probability it will succeed and 40% chance it will fail. You have to pay the same amount regardless of the outcome. At some point, I might add other modifiers that increase or decrease the probability, but for now, this will do. Note: it is impossible to make peace with the proxies.
    -Added text for formation of the FRG and GDR
    -Added formation text for Hungary and Czechoslovakia as they technically formed after the scenario's start
    -Deleted terrorist unit and references to same. Added generic IFV vehicle for China and India (used art for Chinese YW531). Enabled techs to allow China and India to build IFV and APC units.
    -Added pirate creation events (1/10 chance per turn) to Somalia and the South China Sea. Fires on turn in SP, after production in MP. Pirates given to Pro-East to cause trouble and stretch enemy navies.
    -Pirates now grant a bonus when they kill a freighter ($1000). This should make them worth building.
    -Most infantry MP increased with exception of airborne as they are dropped from planes and thus can move very fast already indeed.
    -Added batch file option to switch in different unit art and event suggesting same


    -I decided against increasing movement speed of roads. I don't think it would be fun to carefully plan an amphibious invasion of one end of a continent and have your enemy bring all of their forces to bear against it in one turn simply because there are 3 month turn increments. There will always be an element of the abstract in any scenario, and balancing gameplay is my main priority. However, as seen above, I did grant the Soviets the Trans-Siberian RR (in this case, a highway) from the start, which enables them to move from Vladivostok to Western Europe in 3 turns, which I think is reasonable. A strategic reserve could always be kept in the center.
    -I have not fixed the issue of units not disappearing at sea. That'll need to be fixed for a later release. I took a quick stab at it but have so many projects, this will have to wait. Consider the floating troops target practice in the meanwhile.
    -I did not mess with unit costs via events, hoping instead that the rules file can address this by reducing cost. Also, the Soviets get much more money per city controlled by the Pro-East now, so things should rebalance. If they aren't contained, they could create real problems.

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  5. JPetroski

    JPetroski Deity

    Jan 24, 2011
    I've decided to play myself in a grand multiplayer game with all 7 civs, to try and see if things are balanced, and also to spot bugs. I've fixed a few things:

    -I need to put "Vet swap" from OTR in the game
    -All civs should probably start with an engineer

    -Fixed issue where Glasgow wasn't a British home city
    -Fixed issue where text box of nothing showed up turn 4
    -Fixed 3 more swamp (2x in Russia and 1x in Turkey)
    -Changed some home cities of Vietnam European units to France at start
    -Fixed Quetta so that it doesn't lose 2x units on first turn
    -Gave Pro West the Goverment tech so they can build police stations.
    -Fixed spelling error with Hungary event text
    -Increased aircraft cost by 2 shield rows, decreased tank cost by 2 shield rows

    Anyway, I've played 12 turns so far, and feel like the game is much better balanced with the implementations that you playtesters recommended. Granted I'm playing against myself, but I'm trying to play as various parties might. So far:

    -The Soviets / Pro-East have made a strong push in Southeast Asia, overrunning almost the entire region. The west did not respond quickly enough. However, European freighters and American aid have managed to turn Singapore into a major fortress. Europe keeps dumping resources into Singapore each turn and American industry is happy to help. It should allow Britain to maintain a stronghold in the region and perhaps push the Pro-East back.

    -The Soviets have meddled extensively with Middle Eastern governments and Turkey, Iraq, parts of Syria and Iran as well as the UAE have fallen. Saudi Arabia is also in trouble. Europe is trying to bolster Kuwait, but it's tough to build up two places at once.

    -The United States and Europe have both sent fleets to bombard Turkey and other targets near the Aegean. This allows Greece to turn Pro-West. However, turning Pro-West also allows Soviet tank formations to start moving through Romania and Bulgaria towards the Dardanelles. However, this is not without cost, as many ships (very expensive units most difficult to replace) have been badly damaged and a few sunk. Further, what air power is available is running up against the Soviet MiG-15 which has been widely exported.

    -The United States has been busy securing friendly neighbors in Central America. Much of Mexico has gone Pro-West, as have Nicaragua and Honduras.

    -Both the United States and Soviet Union have developed the Hydrogen Bomb and can now drop nukes from aircraft.

    -The Soviets have built up a massive army in Europe. Right now, it's just for deterrence, but I'll bet it could cause some serious issues. The Europeans are investing in a bigger army and infrastructure, bolstered by the Marshall Plan.

    -China is mostly unified as well and is starting to build trade units.
    -India is struggling a bit but is making gains in Pakistan.
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