The Confederate Fall

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Jan 14, 2002
Behind you!
Here goes yet another attempt at a story......
President Davis sweated the flames of revolution had long since passed and The day wan't warm but he was going out to make the biggest announcement of his reletively short career. he just prayed that his people would see things the way he did. The Confederate states had long since become confederate, the best government they had had yet he thought and his inaugrial adress had been tough but it was nothing compared to the worry over the coming war.... the war he was to announce now.
"The Americans to our west who were once happy to live alongside us in peace and harmony have declared a war on us," he began," due to this i must demand that all Confederate Cities immediately and henceforth push the slaves to the limit in order to produce as many millitary supplies as possible. i understand that this will cost lives,"he replied to the upset jabberings of the senate members, " But our way of life MUST be perserved"

the Bold pikemen marched towards the United states City of San Diego. he felt assured that with his powerful pike and with the assistance of the Catapault Accompanying him he could win against any American force. When they first saw the american Warriors they laughed heartily and began bombarding them with the catapault.... it failed.
"Forward Men"yelled the leader," for the Confederacy!"
Pikemen ran forward only to be slaughtered by mere Warriors.

The Americans were closing in on Richmond, jefferson knew this but could do nothing about it. The last brave soldiers who remained were scared but filled with such patriotism as to stand up against superior forces and to die in their beloved city.

Author's Notes:
1) if you're intrested in the Confederate Mod go to
2) This Story and or Mod is IN NO WAY an endorsement of slavery and or the Confederate Way of life I understand that they were rascist. Please don't get all excited over it. I just felt compelled to write the Mod and later the story being a Turtledove fan, i wouldn't have written the story except i thought it was odd that America and the confederates ended up next to each other and later engaging in war.
3)Here's a screenshot *wink to Warlord Sam* of the world a bit before my demise.


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The Confederates were as bad as the Nazis?!?!?! I guess you mean the 6 million blacks they gassed...oh no, they didn't do that. Well, I guess you mean their unprovoked invasion..oh, wait, they didn't do that either. Comparing the Confederates to the Nazis is pure idiocy. The Confederate States of America was a decentralized republic, relying on the acceptance and support of its' member states to even exist. Nazi Germany was a totalitarian fascist state where one man's word was law. Two more dissimilar government forms couldn't be found. I'm from South Carolina, the first state to secede, and I'm damned proud of it. In the future, please check your facts before making incorrect blanket statements meant to appease the PC masses.
While I'll be among the first to agree that political correctness is overdone, the founding of a new nation based solely on the right to keep others as slaves ranks the Confederates, although not as bad as the nazis, up there with 'em. The idea of a pure republic depending entirely on the consent of its members is not in itself an evil idea, but the things that the Confederacy stood for and did to their slaves was.
Were that true, you'd be right. The Confederacy wasn't founded to preserve slavery, though that did factor importantly into the decision. The main reason the southern states left the Union was because they feared that the rights of the individual state would become subordinated to a central federal government ruling from far away and unaware of the specific concerns affecting its' populace. This is what has come to pass since the end of the War Between the States. Even the fact that we say "the United States is", instead of "the United States are" shows how the power of the states has been largely stripped away. That is what the Confederacy was fighting for, the right to decide their own affairs as they saw fit.
The slavery DIDN'T matter really in Civil War! Tell me, did the Spanish Throne REALLY was the target of Franko-Prussian War? No it wasn't!! And the same goes for slavery in ACW! The slavery was just a FAKE cause!

The real cause for the ACW was, just like the American Revolution - the Independence!
I'm not saying that slavery was the real reason America went to war, because at the time most Americans believed it was okay to keep slaves any ways. The North's drive to end slavery was instigated to gain support against the South from abolitionists and blacks.

However, while it may be true that the generalized purpose of the South was to secede in order to preserve the rights they feared might be taken away, the only right I am aware of that they were worried about at the time was that their right to use blacks as slaves would be taken away if the abolitionist movement got just a little stronger, and their economy was too dependent on the use of slaves.

When the cotton gin was invented, cotton became a more viable cash crop since one slave sitting down and turning a wheel could clean the seeds and burrs out of cotton approximately 50 times faster than before by hand. Thanks to the industrial revolution, new machines became available that could convert the cleaned out cotton into usable fabrics much faster than it was being turned out by the cotton plantations. A short time later, a new type of cotton plant that produced much more cotton per plant was discovered and put into use.

All of these factors combined to make a single slave equal in value to a tractor of today. Many farmers would use the cotton gin so that the slaves who didn't have to work at picking seeds out of cotton could farm more of it, increasing their profit so that they could purchase more slaves and cotton gins. Along with this, clothing manufacturers were able to use the cotton as fast it was sent to them with the new machines, so most Southern plantations became not only exceedingly wealthy, but also came to depend so much on the use of slaves that they felt it was worth seceding to save their wealth.

Preceding the war the Senate was deadlocked on the issue, so it would stay legal so long as no more states joined the Union in favor of the North. Then, America started expanding west, and both sides tried to rush as many supporters to colonize the new frontier as they could so that they could claim new votes in the Senate and Congress. During the incident known as Bleeding Kansas, the supporters of each side came to blows and had their own mini-Civil War over which side Kansas would declare support for. The North, already holding the edge in population, soon started pulling ahead of the South through faster colonization, and the Civil War occurred because it was the only way the South could prevent being outvoted in the Senate - seceding from it.

Have you heard otherwise with regards to any of this?
i must agree kendrick, i understand the history of the time to be the same my author's note was (as was so well put by EmprorCoopinius)
blanket statements meant to appease the PC masses
i meant by it not to start an arguement... it backfired
Actually, the institution of slavery probably wouldn't have lasted very long even if the Confederates would have won. The main export of the South was cotton, which the industrialized European nations bought and wove into cloth. A huge portion of the Southern economy was tied up in cotton. With the introduction of new cotton sources in India and Egypt, the world supply of cotton went way up, and the price, consequently, way down. This would in turn mean a huge loss of profits for the plantation owners in 1870's CSA. At the same time profits are falling, the cost of quartering, feeding, and taking care of slaves is staying the same, or increasing. There's no longer any economic incentive to keep the slavery institution intact. Not only that, but world opinion was sharply anti-slavery by this point. Only the Empire of Brazil kept slavery into the late 19'th century. The Confederates surely wouldn't have kept economically useless slaves just to make themselves international paraihs. Another thing that is of interest is that officials in the Confederate government during the war actually comtemplated arming black troops for their cause, with freedom coming at the end of their service. This plan was of course never realized, but the fact that it was even proposed shows that forward thinking minds knew slavery would not last long in the industrialized world.

Skilord, no offense man, didn't mean to jump down your throat.
I don't think the Confederacy would have kept slavery to this day for many of the reasons you mentioned, but I thought the dispute was whether or not they started the war mainly because of it. In any case, let's stop clogging up Skilord's thread with this argument and just agree to disagree.
Great story Skilord, I really enjoyed this one, and loved the screenshot :)



Leave it alone...

Do you guys think that every single story here that includes a real historical civilization writes it exactly how it was? Or is it *possible* that some authors embellish a little, to make a good story? Gee wiz, guys, this is supposed to be a fun, relaxing story. Take that chip off your shoulder.
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