The Contrast Photojournals I: Austria (pt. II) - new players welcome!

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    Oct 25, 2017
    My play towards the end was very clunky. Citizen placement in Vienna and Graz badly needs optimizing, I could cure a lot of unhappiness by finally building a Lighthouse in Vienna, I just plain forgot. Similarly, I uh... never converted Karakorum. My build order has been a bit shonky, and Vienna should have been working more growth tiles, I got greedy. Basically, the moment I got Karakorum I was sort of just skipping through turns a bit.
  2. CrabHelmet

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    Oct 25, 2017
    @void_genesis Wow, that's an impressive military, I thought for sure I'd have the best army at this point. You've done well with other City-States, too.

    That said... Protestant Austria? Absolutely disgusting. :p
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    I know who's save I'm voting for. The one where Mongolia is no longer in the picture. I don't do war well and it clearly shows.

    If there is a tip to keep everyone all happy up until the point that we win, let me know. And by everyone, I mean the AI players.
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    Oct 25, 2017
    Don't vote for mine just because I took out Mongolia. I'm not actually even sure it was that useful, I will get Policies a fair bit slower than @tu_79, those cities are mostly deadweight. It's not like we're going for Domination, and Genghis had no Wonders. The only advantage of taking him out is he is not a diplomatic nuisance now. What really matters is our culture and science output, and which Wonders we achieved or are in a good position to achieve. I'm looking at @tu_79's save very closely, I think it might be in a better position than mine in a fair few ways. Not sure which I'd definitely go with, I think they're both in a good position to win. His infrastructure is a fraction better than mine, for sure.
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    Feb 11, 2016
    Malaga (Spain)
    Yep, and the war against Gengis is not over, but now I have caravels against dromons, so it should be easy. It should be easier now that we know where the last civ is.
    I can't believe I didn't built that canal north of Linz! Seriously, it's the first thing I'm going to do once we retake the game.
    About optimizing city workers, I find that having the city manager to focus on great people and manually selecting specialists works wonders with Tradition cities.
  6. CrabHelmet

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    Oct 25, 2017
    Comparing ours, I think:

    Culture is basically a wash, we're dead even.
    Our Religious choices are pretty even. I'm not experienced enough to be able to say which I think will play out better from here.

    You're teching slightly ahead of me at the moment.
    You're in a better position to get Pisa.
    Vienna has better infrastructure.
    Vienna has more Citizens - three is actually pretty noticeable (did you get a Food City-State Quest?).
    You've used less Great People since your secondary Cities have not been working Specialists, I have been using mine already.
    Your navy is slightly better.

    My Science output is actually a lot higher than yours, I just took a while to get there. I think I'll catch back up to you in Science in 10-15 turns.
    My army is much better.
    I am in a better defensive position geographically.
    I am in a better position to get Porcelain Tower.
    I have a Research Agreement brewing.
    I am closer to new City-State Allies.
    I have hit World Congress earlier.
    I have eliminated Genghis with much less Diplo penalties.

    I think I have mild preference for my own, but that might just be bias, we'll see what everyone else has to say.
  7. CrabHelmet

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    Oct 25, 2017
    Looking at everyone else's... @void_genesis, I'm not sure that building Terracotta in Salzburg made much sense. It meant the Heroic Epic couldn't give many of your units Morale, denying them a valuable promotion. Aside from morale, though, your military is top-notch - I think you could have been a lot more aggressive with it. If you build a great military and then don't use it much, that's a waste of production - and it reflects in the fact your infrastructure is lagging.

    Your Religion is what has held you back the most - I don't think Vienna has gained much from the WLTKD. Without specific buildings like Halicarnassus, WLTKD only really hits growth. @tu_79's religion has given him a lot of growth and happiness through Clericalism for Golden Ages and infrastructure, and mine is giving me enormous yields from Great People, playing to Austria's UA. Yours has fallen a bit flat, and you've lagged behind on account of that. I also think you over-stacked on Gold - either Tithes or Thrift is good, but I'm not sure you needed both. Honestly, with Thrift alone I'm running out of things to buy! Knowledge Through Devotion is a good choice, though - you will get so much Science from it and you have the best Faith of any of us, perfect for dropping Great Prophets.

    I don't think you needed to bribe the Dutch, you can definitely take out Mongolia solo. A lot of people have seriously underrated the Dutch as a threat here. If you check City-State culture quests, you can work out the Netherlands are culture monsters right now. I'm dropping Great Person after Great Person with Sainthood and can barely keep apace with them. I'd be very wary of trading them stuff, I don't want to exacerbate that.

    I like how well you've done with City-States, the rest of us definitely slacked off.

    @Tzar Sasha - I think you might still have that problem where you're not quite sure what Wonders you want to be chasing? Austria is in a great defensive position, building the Great Wall did not really help you achieve much in my view, just wasting time and production. You've also not explored much, so you've been missing vital City-State Quests and potential Allies.

    Your Religious choices are good - Clericalism is top-notch, Inspiration is always a very strong belief, Mandirs are certainly helpful for Austria what with the whole Great Person thing. The weakest choice was probably the Founder - it's not bad, but it won't fire half as much as Ceremonial Burial. You've been nice and aggressive in spreading your Faith.

    You need a bigger army, I think. I'm actually pretty impressed you have done as well against Mongolia as you have given how few troops you have, so your military unit movement is clearly strong, but you don't have the numbers to back it.

    Your Citizen Management needs doing. I've had a quick look at Vienna and it is working all the wrong tiles. IMO Citizen Management is a pretty tedious part of the game, but it is the difference between a great session and an amazing one.
  8. tu_79

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    Feb 11, 2016
    Malaga (Spain)
    A few counters:
    I doubt it. I'm building libraries yet. Guess what happens when I arrive to Universities. I'm pushing science through scholasticism (1 science every 2 pops).
    Me too. With Netherlands.
    I agree Netherlands is a problem. In fact, I see it as the main threat to diplo victory, that's why I prefer going science.
  9. CrabHelmet

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    Oct 25, 2017
    Yep, the Netherlands is going to be a massive pain. In fact, one of the reasons I like mine more is because I am 90% sure the Netherlands is going to declare war on you in the next 10-15 turns. :p You both have Statecraft, are competing for the same City-states, share a border, and your military power is waaay too low. He's about to pick up two City-state Allies from Culture races in 12 turns and 14 turns, both of which will embolden him. I think there's a good chance (60%) he declares war on me in my version, but my army is in slightly better nick.
  10. Tzar Sasha

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    Dec 10, 2003
    The Frozen Tundra
    It doesn't matter if it is the base game or VP. I have no clue what tiles to work. Apparently, neither does the city manager. There should be a guide on which tiles are preferable to work and why.
    I've tweaked stuff in the short tern. Like just after founding a city, if the AI wants to work a 3 food tile and there is a 2 food & 1 hammer tile, I'll switch to the 2 food & 1 hammer to shorten the build time. But I suppose that could be wrong too.
  11. CrabHelmet

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    Oct 25, 2017
    Hopefully some of the Deity players will voice their opinions on which position they prefer, I do think it is a very competitive choice. If they don't say anything, I think I'll pick @tu_79's just so we're not going with mine again - although who knows, someone might submit a new entry and surprise us all!
  12. tu_79

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    Feb 11, 2016
    Malaga (Spain)
    Basic stuff.
    When you are building a wonder switch to production, when you are in a WLTKD and you are happy, switch to growth.
    Usually standard focus is fine for most cities. For capitals and tradition big cities you are better with great people focus.
    Lock manually the tiles you want to be working any time.
    Use manually the specialists, work only so many specialists that allow your city to keep growing nicely. Focus your specialists on a type until you get the great person, then switch to another, if you follow a gp strategy.
  13. void_genesis

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    Apr 12, 2011
    Thanks for the feedback. I thought shifting military focus to military in Salzburg would free up Vienna to focus on great people for the rest of the game. I think my military would have been a lot more effective if I had got a navy sooner, but beelining for colossus put that way behind. I wasn't keen to kill off Mongolia completely since I figure whenever he captures a city state through intimidation I get to train my army and liberate it. I also see the dutch as a resource once they get their poldas built they can be conquered for some nice extra territory. There isn't much more space for expanding and a diplomatic game needs lots of cities to generate the paper needed late game.
    Agreed on the WLTKD focus for religion being a mistake and glad to learn. Agreed on the double gold beliefs- I am starting to learn that VP is a game where you want to win in each aspect but only by just enough to be ahead of the competition, while vanilla is all about min/maxing to over do one aspect of the game for each victory.
  14. tu_79

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    Feb 11, 2016
    Malaga (Spain)
    Damn, you were right. I've been playing a little further, and William declared war on turn 206 (26 turns). But William isn't a serious threat. Persia is much more trouble.
  15. Tzar Sasha

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    Dec 10, 2003
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    So... Its past the deadline. Have we decided which save file we are continuing with? I know mine is out of the question.
  16. CrabHelmet

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    Oct 25, 2017
    I think we shall continue with @tu_79's so we are not using mine again. Do you want me to upload it again, or can everyone find it?
  17. Tzar Sasha

    Tzar Sasha Tzar of Nowheresville

    Dec 10, 2003
    The Frozen Tundra
    I'm sure I can find it. But it might also be a good idea to have an "official" statement explaining any target goals as well as what turn to stop. Re-uploading the save file with that post would be good too. It may help anyone new, who wishes to join in, find all the necessary information.
  18. tu_79

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    Feb 11, 2016
    Malaga (Spain)
    Wonderful. I was already continuing the game. Spoiler (or not so much): beware of Persia. I plan to stop on choosing ideology or turn 270, whatever happens first.
  19. tu_79

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    Feb 11, 2016
    Malaga (Spain)
    Here comes!

    Spoiler My notes :

    Round 3!
    Turn 180. Ending war with Mongolia by taking Hsia, completing a quest.
    Turn 182. Siam found at last!
    Turn 183. World Congress founded by Austria. Now it's time to ripe Global Commandments by taking easy to pass proposals. Since Mongolia and Netherlands have my religion, and I have already 12 delegates, I'm confident on passing world religion. Global Commandments is giving 45 gold, science and culture per turn to Vienna, after bonuses. My goal is growing all my cities to 20 pop, the cap of the follower bonuses and then work on great people. The other goal is getting at least friendly status with most city states. Alliances will come alone.
    Turn 184. In Vienna they want Tea. Only the Huns have Tea, but they are not willing to sell it. I have also a quest for three circuses, so time to build a circus in Vienna.
    Turn 186. I accept a joint war from Netherland vs Arabia. Surprisingly, I'm at war with Mongols again. I guess I could finish this off.
    Turn 188. I have two quests for Constabularies, 2 and 5. The only way I can build 5 constabularies is by acquaring more cities, so I guess Karakorum shall not be a puppet. Research agreement with William.
    Turn 190. I'm going to receive production from a quest in next turn, so I'll try to build porcelan tower without investing. I'm producing units for gifting to city states that are fighting Arabia.
    Turn 195. Porcelain Tower in 5 turns just working on it. Karakorum annexed. There's a small problem. La Venta was captured by the Huns. Sidon was captured by Assyria. Arabia had 4 allied CS, so being at war means that I can't get quests from them in a while. I have to stop this nonsense. After I'm done with Gengis. William is moving units through my puppet kingdom. Guess he thinks I'm too slow fighting Mongols.
    Turn 197. Mongolia capitulated. I don't want to conquer too many cities, and it looks like Gengis is not a threat anymore.
    Turn 198. My embassador in Amsterdam got upgraded to level 3. I use him now in city states. Persia recently captured a city state. Now there are 3 civilizations that conquered 1 city state each one. If I were to liberate them all, I'd need to fight everyone. I guess I need a navy now. Purchased Great Diplomat. After Scientific Theory, beeline Acoustics for the Summer Palace.
    Turn 200. Ife married.
    Turn 201. Ramkhamhaeng wants a defensive pact. He's under the radar of Arabia. I concede.
    Turn 203. Time to think again. I received production from a quest and can use it for these wonders: Sistine Chapel and Summer Palace. One gives lots of culture to civs with good culture. The other gives a minor boost to chanceries, which I have everywhere, and a nice promotion to diplomatic units, which I don't really use too much, since Austria is befriending just by doing quests. The only reason for me to take Summer Palace is for negating it to Netherlands or Arabia. Sistine Chapel is more useful overall.
    In the World Congress, I'm not interested in the other proposals, Peace Accord and Sanction Persia, so I put all I have to world religion.
    Most critical decision now: Rationalism or Industrialism. For Rationalism going, I have lots of extra scientist production, lots of happiness (72) for growing, many villages, and bonuses for great people. For Industrialism, the extra trade routes are potentially high yields, my base culture and science is already high, and my cities are missing many buildings, on the bad side I don't have many mines, quarries or lumbermills, and I might have a better use for the gold than expending it on building investment. I think Rationalism has more synergy with my current game.
    As for research path, Netherlands already has its unique ship sailing, so maybe I should not delay ships for longer. Steam Power is also good for tall civs, with Slater Mill, coal (that are extra good thanks to rationalism), and Seaports. Archaeology is starting to be a bit late for it, but denying artifacts might be important to delay cultural victory. Well, William and I are best buddies so far, so I'd risk going Steam Power first. Thus, I'm delaying Hussars.
    Turn 204. Passing a proposal, +600 of every yield but food and production. Not bad. And 3 extra delegates for world religion. Let's see if I can maintain this advantage. Persia is sanctioned too.
    For next proposal, I consider banning crabs, as this is the only luxury Arabia has that I don't. Banning luxuries also weakens slowly Netherlands. Persia's main luxury is Furs, but I'm benefitting from it. Cultural Heritage (culture on world wonders) will please Arabia and Persia. Natural Heritage (+2 to all yields in natural wonders) is easy to pass, I have 2 worked world wonders and Mongolia has another. This may be more helpful to Austria, but it's not assured. I decide to ban Crabs.
    I make peace with Harun. At last I'll have a chance with his allied city states. Meanwhile there's an akward ducth army in my territory. It come for Mongolia, but since I vassalized Gengis, has not returned to dutch territory. Is he preparing an attack?
    Turn 206. Netherlands declares war on Mongolia. I didn't know you can declare war on a vassal. He will make peace on next turn. WTF?
    Turn 210. William is no longer best buddy. He has denounced us. Apparently he didn't like that all the city states around prefer to be allied with Austria. Upgraded some Caravels to Corvettes, just in case. I should build a canal north of Beshbalik too.
    Turn 214. Used a Great Merchant for Trade Mission. Picked Enlightment for the bonus on WLTKD.
    Turn 215. Rushed Slater Mill.
    Turn 218. William finally decided to declare war on Austria.
    Turn 220. Attila also declares war on us. He said I'm winning. I'd say that Persia is winning more, Darius has taken most of Siam and now he's getting into Arabia.
    Turn 227. Lost world religion, but at least passed my proposal of banning crabs. I propose Sphere of Influence on Samarkand (422 more influence of Netherlands).
    Turn 237. After a long war with Netherlands and his Beggars, I've captured Utrech. Still cannot be connected due to tiles from Amsterdam blocking the way. Meanwhile, I manage a marriage with Quebec City. A few turns ago, I rushed Palace of Westminster with a Great Engineer.
    Turn 243. Sphere of influece passes. The others don't. I propose Sphere of Influence on Lhasa (Netherland 605 more influence).
    Turn 248. Darius has been mocking at my scientific efforts (competing in science, I guess). I let Eiffel pass. More interested in Corporation. I have 3 choices: Firaxite, Hexxon and TwoKay. Firaxite gives science and faster building production (my science is already nice, and I've built almost everything). Hexxon gives oil and coal, and production (mostly for waging war). TwoKay gives just food. Lots of, and boosts coffee and olives (still 59 happiness, so they can still grow for working on even more specialists). So, let's have food. Panama City wants a spy action against Arabia. Hmm. I send a spy to Medina.
    Turn 251. Annexed Amsterdam. Accept William capitulation. Without his capital, Netherland is no longer a threat. Sadly, most quests are for building Hotels.
    Turn 252. Married Samarkand (Sphere of Influence).
    Turn 256. Empire State Building rushed with 2 Great Engineers. Free person, another Great Engineer.
    Turn 259. Sphere of Influence on Lhasa. I prevent a sanction from Netherlands, and the Arabian attempt of declaring his world religion fails. Focusing on TwoKay delegations. This will give tons of food, so I can work better things in all my cities.
    Darius is a serious threat. He has captured already three city states, vassalized Arabia, Siam, and Assyria won't last. I have 1 more policy and 4 more techs, but this could change. What he surely has is a much bigger army. So time for Global Peace Accords.
    Turn 261. Not wanting to push for Cultural Victory, since now, I'll expend my GWAM people in direct yields. Siam says the Huns are plotting against us. Finished Rationalism. Time to expend all those faith points.
    Turn 262. Ideology available. End of this round!

    Spoiler A couple of screenshots :

    Austria turn 204.jpg Austria turn 262.jpg

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  20. Tzar Sasha

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    Dec 10, 2003
    The Frozen Tundra
    First off, I totally forgot screenshots. Oh well, not like we don't know what the map looks like by now. I'm not sure if this is better or not. It may be at a good point in one regard but bad in others. I'll let you decide for yourselves.
    Spoiler Where we stand starting off :

    The starting status:
    Vienna is ready for new production
    Salzburg has one turn left on an Envoy
    Graz has three turns left on a University
    Linz is ready for new production
    Old Sarai is a puppet
    Beshbalik is a puppet
    Researching Banking
    Two turns to next policy
    Eleven turns to Great Diplomat

    Persia has 29 techs, 11 cities, 8 wonders
    Austria has 34 techs, 6 cities, 8 wonders
    Arabia has 33 techs,5 cities, 5 wonders
    The Huns have 26 techs, 9 cities, 2 wonders
    Assyria has 34 techs, 9 cities, 0 wonders
    The Netherlands have 31 techs, 4 cities, 1 wonder
    Mongolia has 26 techs, 6 cities, 0 wonders AT WAR
    There is one unmet player whose capital is held by Persia

    Austria is allied and married to 5 city states.

    Antananarivo wants Hsia captured.
    Mombasa has improved influence for diplomatic missions
    Byblos wants 3 Circus built as well as Machu Pichu.
    Panama City wants Machu Pichu as well as barbarians dealt with, both camp and on borders
    Milan looking for the leader in new faith followers (in current lead)
    Quebec City looking for culture leader (currently 3000 some short of the lead)
    Geneva looking for culture leader (currently 5000 some short of the lead)
    No quests of any type from any other CS

    Spoiler Thoughts as I progressed through the turns :

    Here we go:
    Turn 180
    Captured and made puppet Hsia
    Circus in Vienna 1 turn
    Circus in Linz 4 turn

    Turn 181
    Massive XP boost for units from capturing Hsia
    Expended Envoy in Mombsa building another in Salzburg, might as well continue to take advantage of the extra influence. Especially since The Netherlands are also sending envoys to them.
    Since most good land tiles are being worked in Vienna, building a lighthouse.
    Killed a couple Mongolian units.
    Continuing to explore with my caravels
    Consulates policy

    Turn 182
    Mongolia wanted to make peace, I said no. Gearing to attack their capital.
    Building Garden in Vienna
    The Netherlands moved their envoy to Byblos and took it as ally, no matter I can use the envoy under construction to get them back.
    Great Prophet born, will plant it. This continent is under my religious sway and I cannot get to Panama City to convert due to Mongolian navy. Did capture a Mongolian missionary of our religion and am sending it through The Netherlands to try to reach a city state on the continent to the east.
    Chichen Itza has been available. Not sure if I should go for it. Longer golden ages sounds good to me, but Vienna has a little catching up to do. Maybe if it is still there? Cannot build Machu Pichu without annexing Old Sarai and that is not worth it in my opinion even tho there are quests for it.

    Turn 183
    Siam discovered, should get world congress going soon.
    Building Circus in Salzburg, 4 turns and in Graz 3 turns

    Turn 184
    Vienna, Stable for 1 turn
    Linz, Library for 2 turns
    proposed World Relgion: Taoism (talk about being confused...)

    Turn 185
    In golden age for 11 more turns, attempting Chichen Itza in Vienna for 7 turns

    Turn 186
    The Netherlands wanted to declare mutual war against Arabia. Arabia is at war with 3 other players. Having a common foe should put me on somewhat nicer terms. I agree. I do not plan to attack them, but will defend myself if necessary.
    Salzburg, Library 2 turns
    Graz, Amphitheater 1 turn
    Linz, University 3 turns
    2 turns left on Mombasa's influence boost. purchased an envoy in Salzburg to get one last boost in.

    Turn 187
    Mongolia wants peace. I almost have Karakorum. I may make peace when all they have left are islands cities and make them be my vassal to boot.
    Graz, Harbor 4 turns

    Turn 188
    Salzburg, University 4 turns

    Turn 190
    Captured Karakorum
    The Netherlands built Chichen Itza when I had just one turn left.
    Grabbed last Statecraft policy
    Researching Scientific Theory
    While both Uffizi and Porcelain Tower are available for 7 turns each, I will build Windmill in Vienna instead. I may try for Uffizi just to deny it from others but we will see. I have a GE in 5 turns.
    Linz, Harbor 3 turns
    Belgrade gifted a unit earlier and now due to tech exceeding population, I am above supply. Will need to remedy that soon.
    I am forgetting so many things... Built an embassy earlier in Mombasa. This gives me 15 votes. Even if The Netherlands and Mongolia vote on other proposals and everyone else votes against world religion, I currently have enough votes to win world religion. But Scientific Theory will be complete before the world congress convenes. That may change things. Might have to delay the research by a couple turns to ensure I get the vote through.

    Turn 191
    Graz, Armory 2 turns (supply 18/16) I need it.

    Turn 192
    Mongolia seeks peace this time with capitulation on the table. I agree. While I did not get Turfan it would have taken too many turns to move enough ranged units to take it down. At least they cannot declare war on me again for some time and they shouldn't (as far as I know) mess with any of my current CS allies.
    Cargo Ship in Vienna, 1 turn
    Windmill in Salzburg, 7 turn
    Switching research to Gunpowder, the wonder was already built that means that at least one other civ has more powerful units. I cannot lag too far behind on military. It will take 5 turns then I can jump right back to Scientific Theory. This will also allow the World Congress to convene and hopefully secure the world religion proposal

    Turn 193
    Uffizi in Vienna, 7 turns (GE in 1)
    Artist Guild in Graz, 3 turns
    Temple in Linz, 2 turns
    Sent cargo ship route to Melbourne on the other side of The Netherlands.
    I won't get the culture quest for Geneva but they are asking for a Great Merchant. I need to see if I can obtain that relatively soon. I feel I should spam envoys to secure alliances with CS. With the war against Arabia several of the CS are unavailable to work with. I need to get the remaining others if possible but barely any are providing quests.

    Turn 194
    So much for doing the GM quest for Geneva. Arabia got them as ally with the culture quest. They are now at war. I wonder if I shouldn't try to at least disrupt their shipping with some caravels.

    Turn 195
    Caravel in Linz, 2 turns
    It appears that The Netherlands are envoy spamming. I should do the same. At the very list slip one in in between each building.

    Turn 196
    Ashurbanipal (Assyria) wants open borders. I'll agree but only if they'll vote to sanction Persia (means less votes against world religion). So we agree on 6 GPT, coffee and 4 iron along with the open borders from me and open borders and voting to sanction Persia from them.
    Envoy in Graz
    Gunpowder complete, continued researching Scientific Theory, 9 turns (world congress convenes in 8 turns)

    Turn 196
    The Netherlands wanted me to vote yes on Global Peace Accords. Instead I flipped the tables to my advantage. A guaranteed vote for World Religion from them in exchange for the same from me. Oh they loved that one!
    Uffizi completed in Vienna, building Envoy, 1 turn. Caravel completed in Linz, building Envoy, 3 turns. My plan is to sen them all to the same CS and influence bomb them. Which seems to be what The Netherlands are doing. I feel like they are trying to get all the CS on this continent and I cannot have that. They have also parked one of their units on a salt tile which is also one tile wide between the north and south coasts. I wanted to put a GG there and be able to sail through. I suppose I can still but then they'd be on top of my citadel and I do not want that. I do have a GG heading up to that hill above Linz to put a Citadel there like CrabHelmet showed us. I really don't like how they have troops in that area. I'm spending the built up cash for marriages on unit upgrades. If they declare, it will need to be a defensive war. My fear is that they want to convert one or more CS by me before they do.

    Turn 198
    Graz, Temple 2 turns
    Vienna, Artist Guild 1 turn.
    Mombasa wants the Hermitage built. But I do not have it available yet. Guess I know where I need to tech to. Scientific Theory will now be done when the world congress convenes. Too close for comfort. I'll switch so I can do Hermitage.
    Acoustics in 8 turns, Summer Palace will be helpful too if I can get it.

    Turn 199
    Sending Envoys to Melbourne
    East India Company in Vienna, 1 turn
    Windmill in Linz, 8 turns
    Envoy in Salzburg, 2 turns
    5 turns out from world congress

    Turn 200
    It appears that The Netherlands is simply running troops through to get to Arabia. I'll keep an eye on them.
    Vienna is growing well, starting to bulb additional specialists starting with GEs. Should have a GE in 20 turns
    Vienna, Harbor 2 turns
    Graz, Enovy 1 turn
    Trying to send missionaries to a CS near Persia. They want our religion. Also need to send troops down to clear out some barbarians that are pestering Panama City.

    Turn 201
    Now ally of Melbourne. Just need to maintain that for 10 turns and then can marry them. They already have an embassy, not sure by whom. Continuing the envoy spam, then switch to Riga and take them away as allies from Mongolia.

    Turn 202
    The Netherlands snagged Mobasa from me. I'll get it back. Envoy in Vienna for one turn.
    15 turns till next great diplomat. I think Panama City still has room for an embassy. If I get the barbarians dealt with by then (I should) I'll send it there.

    Turn 203
    Policy choice OMG! I do not know what to do here. While there are older policy trees still available, we just gained access to Rationalism, Imperialism and Industry. Industry benefits gold and production meaning that we should have the cash needed for marriages when we can do marriages. It also provides additional production to specialists once completed. There are some good things here that can benefit us. But I should look at the others anyway. Imperialism is a direct benefit of the military. About the only thing I really like in this tree for this game is the reduction of unit upgrade costs. Probably not worth it in the long run. Rationalism boosts science and reduces unhappiness which is great. Completing it even boosts city growth. There are some things here that would be useful for sure. However, I feel that Industry may be the best course of action.
    Vienna, Summer Palace 8 turns
    Salzburg, Coffee House 4 turns
    Graz, Envoy 2 turns
    Linz, Windmill 4 turns left
    The puppets are doing whatever they want
    One turn till World Congress, reacquired Mombasa as ally.
    Byblos wants some units. I do not have any that are low on the promotion scale. I may build a few to gift.
    I have the gold needed for marriage to Melbourne. I have the gold needed to reduce build time of the Summer Palace. I do so and reduce it to 6 turns. Maybe I should have waited till it was 3 turns left, I do not know.
    To properly theme Uffizi, I need one more great work of art from the era we are currently in. Soonest GA is in 14 turns, this is going to be a close one. I may have to shift some specialists around. Shifting some GE specialist in Vienna to GA specialists changed the GA time to 9 turns without affecting the build time for Summer Palace. With two techs left in this era, I can pull it off.

    Turn 204
    First congress, because I made that trade with The Netherlands to vote yes to World Religion: Taoism, I have only 10 votes left. I put them all in World Religion: Taoism
    I abstain from Global Peace Accords (proposed by The Netherlands)
    I abstain from Sanction Persia (proposed by Arabia)
    Before the vote, Arabia requested peace. I agreed. I need access to those city states.

    Turn 205
    Let us see the voting results:
    Sanction Persia - failed
    Global Peace Accords - failed
    World Religion: Taoism - Passes
    Graz is not so happy, Customs House in 3 turns to help combat poverty
    I will be safe and propose Natural Heritage sites. We have 2 in our control and are working both. It would be nice but it is not necessary. I'd rather see what the other proposals are and decide whether I will push one through or deny a specific one.

    Turn 206
    Aack! I hate this, The Netherlands built The Summer Palace! I may have to go to war against them just to stop their diplomacy aggression. So frustrating.

    Turn 208
    The Netherlands requested I join them in a joint war against Persia. I said "sorry, maybe some other time" Our friendship also ended.

    Turn 211
    Scientific Theory complete
    Spy placed in Mecca as diplomat
    Married Melbourne
    Researching Steam Power
    I want to build Slater Mill and see if I have any coal sources.
    I noticed that in Vienna after remembering to reassign specialists from GA to GE that I could add two more specialists without changing the number of turns till next growth. At first I was going to do one of each culture great people, however I decided to see what would happen if I filled all three great scientist bulbs. The number of turns to next policy did not change which is a good thing. The number of turns to finishing tech reduced by one and a great scientist will be born in three turns. Smart play I think. I can plant the GS and work that tile, giving a boost to the amount of science points future GS can apply to tech research.

    Turn 215
    Division of Labor policy.
    The CS that wanted to be converted to Taoism have been. Any missionaries currently out switched to auto.

    Turn 225
    Mercantilism policy
    I've been having to deal with barbarian hordes around both Antananarivo and Belgrade. Not enough units, had to build more military. Supply 27/29 currently
    The Netherlands keep snagging Mombasa from me almost always just before a world congress vote. Bought 3 envoys and got them back on the next turn. I've allied a couple other city states due to quests or what not but they never lasted long, at least not long enough to marry.

    Turn 227
    World Congress session
    Natural Heritage sites
    Open door: Quebec City
    Repeal World Religion Taoism

    I split my votes up among the three with enough on the latter to cover every vote if all civs not following Taoism were to vote for it. Lets hope no one convinced the other two to vote against their own religion.

    Turn 228
    World Congress results are in:
    Repeal World Religion Taoism - Fails
    Open Door Quebec City - Fails
    Natural Heritage Sites - Fails
    Proposing Sphere of Influence for Samarkand. They are not an ally. Hopefully, I can snag them, then marry them before the next session.

    Turn 236
    Didn't want to miss out on Palace of Westminster. As soon as the tech was complete, I expended a GE and paid down. Took it from 6 turns to 1. Got it!
    I have made a mistake, however. I let open borders with The Netherlands be renewed. They grabbed Archeology and have snagged at least one artifact near Beshbalik. They keep spamming envoys and trying to convert Mombasa. Persia is spamming their faith as much as possible. They have also taken the capitals of Siam and Arabia. Don't think I have to worry about Arabia any more. However, I fear that Persia will be a problem. The Netherlands are the immediate threat, however. I hate to backstab but that might be necessary. We will see.
    I am spamming my own envoys now. Vienna is doing well on growth. I continue to bulb specialists every so often in Vienna. Right now, I'm making sure that I work the GS, Byblos has a quest for a GS.
    Barbarian hordes are wrapping up in both Antananarivo and Belgrade. Too bad those barbarians didn't capture any of the envoys from The Netherlands.

    Turn 237
    The Netherlands declared war!

    Turn 239
    Free Trade policy, two more to finish Industry tree. Then should get to pick policy

    Turn 242
    The Netherlands captured Hsia with their ships. Recaptured it. Their navy is not to be liked.
    Ironclads can put a hurt on them when attacking but don't fair so well on the defending. Building navy to clear the oceans while my troops slowly trudge through the narrow pass towards Utrecht and Amsterdam. But if I can clear enough ships I may try to cross the channel and go straight for Rotterdam. Amsterdam and Utrecht combined create too much of a crossfire situation.
    World Congress meeting next turn. This will be interesting.

    Turn 243
    I dump all 33 votes into Austrian Sphere of Influence: Samarkand
    I let the others decide about Casus Belli and Sanction: Persia
    The tactics of war... this is why I don't like it, so tedious. 28/33 on supply and I feel that I need more military in order to make a dent. So far, only unit lost was the lancer that was stationed in Hsia when it was captured, but there have been some close calls.

    Turn 244
    Results, everything passed.
    Proposed Sphere of Influence for Riga. They are allied with The Netherlands. They are already mad at me, can't get any worse. Right?

    Turn 252
    I've had to pull back and play defense. I'm ahead on warscore but they keep coming with those ships. I'm building a frigate a turn in Vienna just about. Its barely enough to keep them from attacking a city. Had the ships cleared around Rotterdam for a moment but they must have had a fleet hiding somewhere. Ugh, I hate wars.

    Turn 253
    Married Samarkand. A few turns ago I had sent a Great Diplomat to Lhasa. I used it to gain influence, It was enough to ally and just in time too. The Netherlands had a Great Diplomat just off the coast. Instead they used it on one of their existing allied city states.
    I currently have 36 votes.
    Just noticed that Siam was wiped off the map by Persia. This will be bad if they eventually choose to go after us.

    Turn 254
    Dynamite researched, starting Fertilizer
    Expended a Great Engineer on Eiffel Tower, adjusted specialists and worked tiles, got it down to 4 turns to completion. Lets hope that doesn't cause a major loss in the war.
    Entrepreneurship policy
    5 turns out from world congress

    Turn ??? (I forgot to write it down, it was 256 or 257)
    The Netherlands wish to make peace, it is a lucrative deal with 267 gold up front and 25 GPT. But, I have city state quests to capture almost all of their cities. I really want to keep going. I don't want to peace out just for them to steal my CS allies. I'm telling them no.

    Turn 258
    Eiffel Tower secured.

    Turn 259
    World Congress, proposals are:
    Austrian Sphere of Influence
    Historical Landmarks
    Repeal World Religion Taoism
    I have 37 votes. There are 28 votes with other civs. I know that Mongolia will contribute 2 votes towards the sphere of influence. I also surmise that even if we are at war, The Netherlands will not want to lose their extra vote by voting for the repeal. Nor would Mongolia for that matter. That leaves 15 votes at max that would wish to repeal Taoism. At the same time, at least 25 votes that might want to prevent the sphere of influence. I am going to put 21 votes against the repeal, in case everyone not of the religion dumps all their votes on that one. I will put the remaining 16 votes on the sphere of influence. Lets hope this does not go sideways some how. I can live without the sphere of influence but i don't want to lose the extra votes from the religion.

    Turn 260
    World Congress results
    Repeal Taoism - failed
    Historial Landmarks - passed
    Sphere of Influence: Riga - passed
    I propose sphere of influence on Milan
    Researching Electricity to enter the Modern era and to build Empire State building and get gold from the specialists. I do not think I have to fear losing the host seat if there is a vote when it comes up.

    Turn 262
    I just noticed that my supply dropped to 23/23. Lost 10 in like one turn. I think it was when researching Dynamite just before starting Electricity. I don't have anything like the Great Wall that adds supply and then may be removed on error when Dynamite is researched. I hate it when the supply drops like that. If I hadn't lost a few units, I would have been over the limt.
    Oh, war weariness... I see. I'll have to peace out then. but going to get archeologists on my ruins before anyone else.

    Turn 265
    Made peace with The Netherlands. 25 GPT and a small amount of gold (around 40 some)
    Selected last Industry policy. Should get offered Ideology soon.

    Turn 166
    Offered to select Ideology. I am stopping here without making any moves. This will be a fresh turn start.
    Spoiler Concluding thoughts :

    Things to note:
    Great Engineer sitting in Vienna, my plan was to use it on the Empire State Building
    Quebec City needs to be married, it is available. I forgot to check the past couple of turns.
    Riga is 3 turns out from being eligible to marry.
    Only two city states left to ally and marry. Both are allies of The Netherlands. Milan is currently up for Sphere of Influence. World Congress convenes in 9 turns.
    I do not know how to win a diplomatic victory with VP. So while I believe I am securing the votes needed, I do not know when the elections for it start. Or if there is some special thing to do first.
    Most trade routes are leaving Linz due to the recent war, just got two more due to the policy and one needs to be replaced due to having lost it earlier (or did I forget to build it in the first place?)
    I had to make peace due to the war weariness. But that allows The Netherlands to send out their envoys. And with just 9 turns left and a huge stockpile of them apparently. It might be necessary to buy / build some just to keep allied status with the various CS.

    I am really not good at all the fighting. I understand some of the basics but it only seems to work out for me when I can actually build a whole freaking lot of units. If it weren't for their ships constantly bombarding the troops trying to cross the land bridge, I might have been able to do the necessary meat shield with ranged unit behind approach. Instead, I encountered an absolute killing field. They had way too many ships sailing around preventing me from getting any land units out on to other parts to try and take down anything. Even if I could have just gotten a horse unit or two to run in pillage some and take cover in an allied CS's land would have been helpful. I couldn't get around their navy. And when I finally could, I no longer had the supply to keep the army going.

    And now, because of all that Hsia, tho it is on the coast, might as well be land locked. I cannot get any ships back in to protect its coastal attack zone. The passage made by the great general, is also fairly useless too. The Netherlands have made sure that they have a coastal tile on either side of Hisa. Yes, I can sail through and make it to the one city, I just cannot get to Hisa from either direction. Almost might be worth annexing just to be able to build the couple navy units as protection in case The Netherlands attack again. If I had another great general, might be worth placing it on the luxury tile right on the corner of the coast. It would claim the one coastal tile and thus allow ships from the south to access Hisa at least.

    Too bad barbarian GG/GA points were not turned on. I fought so many freaking barbarians in those two barbarian hordes that I'm sure I would have gotten a GG from them.

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