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The Cruzan Colony

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Scenario League' started by Nicheal, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Nicheal

    Nicheal Chieftain

    May 30, 2009
    near Munich
    Nicheal proudly presents:

    Spoiler Title.gif :

    I have to thank Curt Sibling for his Title.gif Conversion,
    BeBro for some excellent Graphics, and Reno for his excellent Dune Units.

    And a very special Thanks to Curt Sibling and his not yet released new Bitterfrost Scenario,
    to Hans99 and his not yet released Yugoslav Breakup Scenario, and
    to McMonkey and his not yet released Spanish Civil War Scenario (i am not sure).
    Without your Laziness i would never have created THE CRUZAN COLONY.

    I waited for so long, to play the new Bitterfrost or the Yugoslav Breakup, that i began
    to get angry and bored :))). And on 8th of March i had an Idea out of the holy Nothing.
    What if i could create a SciFi Scenario, made 1Map, smallMap, 2Players, lessColonies,
    only a few Units and "only" a 60kb Events.txt, a small Scenario, less Effort, much Fun?

    The Cruzan Colony was born. A small Colony on a small but hostile Moon.
    A small Colony which fights versus the native Tribes, and which will be destroyed finally.
    A huge War of defeating or being defeated, a huge War Invaders versus Natives.
    A huge SciFi War with only one Target: To play as the Cruzan Colony, and to lose.

    Started creating on 8th of March, and thought: Wow! All these lazy Modders like
    Curt Sibling or Hans99, muuuhawhaw! On 18th of March i had quite finished the Project,
    except the Events.txt, except a Test Game, except Polishing Events.txt, Game.txt and all of that Stuff.
    Without any Job, thats no Wonder you think? No, no, no! That IS quite well done...

    Then i had to work a bit, and i lost the Project, until 26th of March... made the Events.txt Basics.
    Then i lost totally the Project, until 15th of April, and from 15th until 17th -today- of April
    i finished the Events.txt up. Now there will be a few Test Games, and Polishing.
    Planned are two playable Empires: The Cruzan Colony itself and the Native Tribes.

    Planned are three Events.txts for every of the two playable Empires: Easy, Middle, Hard.
    The Events.txt CRUZANS EASY, i finished up right today, with 86kb.
    Used all Technology Slots, all Improvements, all Wonders, all Units. O yes. And i thought,
    that perhaps a second Map would be very nice... and yes. It is.

    Now i finished up a playable TCC 1.0 Version.

    Spoiler Title.poem :
    On Archezep where the wild Archans live
    the native Tribes of the Land,
    there was the grand Killdown of Archut,
    which Dying is Legend and grand.

    On Archezep where mighty Cruzans built
    up the Colony Archut, the Pride,
    and Glory of Empire, there fought the War
    General Merchat and his Men, and

    all died.

    Spoiler Cruzans.Readme :

    The Cruzans are a modern Tribe of Space Exploration and Colonization.
    And on many Planets, there were founded Cruzan Colonies in the far Space.
    The Cruzan Empire of the free Cruzan Planets and Moons.

    But some Colonizations ended tragically, and one of these Colonizations
    is the legendary "Killdown of Archut", the legendary Fall of the once
    young and growing Colony of Archut on the Moon of Archezep.

    You are the Governor and General Merchat Zur, who lead the great Efforts
    versus the Native Tribes of Archezep, who lead the last Defenses,
    and who failed -and died- in the last Battle called "Killdown of Archut".

    I will create a Civilization 2 Test of Time Scenario with low Efforts and
    maximum Fun. It will be nearly impossible to change the History, and to
    rescue Archut, Cruzan Colony on Archezep, and to lead it into golden Future.

    Three Difficulties for the Cruzans, three Difficulties for the Archans.
    You HAVE TO CHOOSE the Cruzan Empire or the Native Tribes of Archezep,
    double-click TCC Batch and choose your Difficulty and Empire and

    Have Fun

    Once again i created no Victory Conditions. It is a Total War Game...


    Attached Files:

  2. Ingvar VII

    Ingvar VII Chieftain

    Jul 11, 2010
    Interesting. Were is the download?
  3. Nicheal

    Nicheal Chieftain

    May 30, 2009
    near Munich
    No Download yet. Tomorrow.
  4. McMonkey

    McMonkey ----Evertonian---- SLeague Staff

    May 9, 2005
    Great, this is what I like to see, finished projects. BTW the Spanish Civil War scenario is almost finished. Jerec and I are playing a test game at Civ Webring and as soon as I have fixed any bugs I will be releasing it.

    I look forward to playing this one.
  5. Nicheal

    Nicheal Chieftain

    May 30, 2009
    near Munich

    Yeah, i saw your Testgaming. Saw a Screeney with "Gatefe" as Suburb of Madrid.
    I think thats a Failure, in Germany we call "Gatefe" "Getafe", in England perhaps too.

    Told yesterday i would release today, sry Folks. Decided to testplay a while longer.
    My first Thought was, that i would release a playable Alpha, like i always did.

    So that some Guys could help with Events.txt... we in Germany call that "FeinTuning",
    translated it would be... o yeah, "FineTuning"... was half English already...
    could help with Events.txt and Game.txt FineTuning and Polishing everything by
    Hints and Criticism. Cause i have some other Things to do. Got a new 27" LED Monitor,
    and wanted to put together the ordered PC Elements, found out by testing the
    Power Supply, that this damned old Thing is off its Service... and so on.

    But a little bit of Testgaming i should do. If some Guys of you cant wait a little longer,
    i could oversend by E-Mail and promote you to Testgamers... so wait, or mail, Folks, sry.

    My second Thought is, that these two Worlds i created, and all that Stuff,
    that all should overwhelm you in a first Game which should be serious and functional.

    The first Taste is the best, i think. And if, in well-done two SciFi exotic Worlds,
    with so much Tec, Terraform Options, SciFi Soldiers, a serious Game is killed by Bugs...

    as McMonkey said... and i think, the first Taste would have to beat you Folks down FOR REAL!


  6. McMonkey

    McMonkey ----Evertonian---- SLeague Staff

    May 9, 2005
  7. Nicheal

    Nicheal Chieftain

    May 30, 2009
    near Munich

    Hi Folks!

    Actually i dont want to play any Testgames/Games, so i will release a
    playable Alpha TCC 1.0 and i hope, that there will be enough Criticisms and Hints
    for me to make that Game perfect. At this Time there is only one Events.txt
    for playing Cruzans Easy only. Played no Testgame yet, and so i cannot say
    or modify anything, so i hope you will be able to enjoy this one.

    Please feel free to give me Feedbacks or Improvement Suggestions.

    TCC 1.0 removed. 18th of August.

  8. CurtSibling

    CurtSibling ENEMY ACE™ SLeague Staff

    Aug 31, 2001
    Looks like it could be a good one!
  9. Nicheal

    Nicheal Chieftain

    May 30, 2009
    near Munich

    Hi Folks!

    Nothing new, it seems...

    no Warhammer by Tanelorn?
    no Bitterfrost Revival by CurtSibling?
    no Spanish Civil War by McMonkey?

    ahem... played anybody my TCC Scenario (The Cruzan Colony)...
    originally i wanted to create a Fun Game, but with 3 Difficulty Levels each Faction of
    Cruzan Colony and Native Tribes, and another Story-Line for the Tribes.
    But without any Testgame i cannot balance the basic-done Events.txt for Cruzan Colony.

    Has anybody here played TCC?
    So he could help me balancing the basic-done Events.txt, to finish TCC up.

    Some smooth Informations:

    -Thought, CIV IV and GAL CIV II are bad Games... played GAL CIV II and now i love it.

    -Space Rangers HD will come soon!!!

    -Made a MOD for Ascendancy, if somebody here knows that 1995 released Sci-Fi Game.

    Could somebody tell me something about TCC?!?

    Have smooth Dayz!

  10. Tanelorn

    Tanelorn Warlord

    Oct 5, 2002
    Athens, Greece
    Dude, I 'm on the beach, c'mon...
  11. H Tower

    H Tower Chieftain

    Sep 4, 2001
    Scenario League
    screen cap?
  12. Nicheal

    Nicheal Chieftain

    May 30, 2009
    near Munich

    Hi Folks!

    Finally managed to get my lazy Ass up in the Air... to finish a playable TCC 1.1 Version

    TCC 1.1
    -Unit and Terrain Graphics polished
    -Game.txt for each of the two Empires
    -Rules.txt, the Achshi Whales work now
    -TCC.SAV and TCC.SCN Zerollor Civil War handled at the Beginning
    -The ToT.exe No-CD and Exceeder included to handle the Obsolete Format Error
    -All three Difficulty Levels Easy, Middle, Heavy for each of the two Empires finished
    -O yes. Forgot to handle the Batch in my 1.1!!! It searched for ArchansHard Events.txt,
    but i called it ArchansHeavy.txt...

    TCC 1.2
    -Very slight Changes in Game.txt, Rules.txt only a few Unit Values slightly, Describe one more Hint in Civilopedia

    TCC 1.3
    64bit Batchfile

    Spoiler TCC Screenshot :


    Hopefully the Download File in Civilization II Downloads Database works. Have Fun.


    +++It would be nice to hear about TCC!
    Has anyone played that Scenario to spend Criticisms and Hints?

    +++It would be nice to hear about The Silmarillion!
    Has anyone played that Scenario to spend Criticisms and Hints?

    I used the CIVUnlimited.exe. Does it/how long does it work?

    +++It would be very nice to being uploaded also, to the ScenarioLeague Wiki!
    I created four Scenarios for CIV2 Test of Time:
    Mordor, The Lord of the Silver Skull, The Silmarillion, and The Cruzan Colony.

    Link to SL Wiki Thread

    Link to SL Wiki Fictional

    I did an Ascendancy Mod for the 1995 released PC Game Ascendancy by the Logic Factory, and posted legal
    Modding Files and Explanation at Abandonia: ASCENDANCY THE SUPREMACY AND TOTALLY CRACY MOD

    If somebody likes that Game, my Mod is great done, and here are the two zip Files,
    just to go secure, these Files will be available at CivFanatics: Ascendancy Mod

    Have Fun.


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