The Curse of the Great Lighthouse


Apr 10, 2001
Massachusetts, USA
15 civs started on a mega-continent (standard map) only the Babylonians were left on their own across a wide ocean. I was playing the Iroquois. Well my neighbor the Zulu declared war on me, and enlisted the aid of several other civs to destroy me, one of them happened to be the Japanese. I decided to buy some allies of my own, so an ancient World War began. The Indians bordered the Japanese so I convinced them to war with them, During the war, the Indians finished building their Wonder, the Great Lighthouse, and they set sail to find distant lands. Eventually, they sighted Babylon, and founded a city on an island nearby, Babylon, being alone was very unadvanced and did not even have Mapmaking, although they had covered their home 'continent' completely with cities.

Well Japan began to take all of India's continental cities, culminating in Delhi, which had the Great Lighthouse in it. The Indians were then left stranded with only Calcutta, off the coast of Babylon as their only city. the Japanese, now with super galleys, set sail to find the remnants of India but instead of destroying the last vestige of Indian civilization, they simply built a city next to Calcutta, and they named it Satsuma - and there was peace between the Indians and the Japanese.

Well, back on the big continent the remaining 14 civs still felt very crowded, and as the Big War was coming to a close, only stubborn war-hungry Aztecs refused to make peace with the Iroquois, so a great coalition was formed by Hiawatha to destroy the Aztecs once and for all! Well the Aztecs were able to secure a precious few allies of their own, and one of these was the Japanese! Well the Japanese did not fare well in this war (obviously due to the CURSE) and steadily lost cities to Rome, Persia and China, and the last mainland city of Japan's was Delhi - home of the Great Lighthouse!!! Well China knew of the curse, so when they took Delhi, ending Japan's presence on the continent in the process - THEY RAZED IT! thus ending the curse for good. As a footnote, the Chinese eventually ended up crossing the ocean when Navigation was discovered and finished of the Japanese by taking Satsuma.


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