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The Day I decided to be God (or The Devil)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Stories & Tales' started by DrewBledsoe, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. DrewBledsoe

    DrewBledsoe Veteran QB

    Nov 6, 2005
    Cheering For Mr Sanchez
    I was having a really lousy day irl yesterday, but my Civ game started off well.

    I played marathon / huge / continents / monarch / continents / random Civ, and got the Egyptians in a pretty decent coastal location on a river, but decided to follow the river inland instead of settling there. I found a fiine location for Thebes (Wheat / Bananas / Gold) and settled there instead.

    Things went well , I popped a scout from a hut, then another , followed by 3 bunches of gold. I uncovered a whole bunch of great sites for cities all fitting a great grid pattern out of Thebes, in fact I had my next 6 cities all planned.

    But then things took a slight turn for the worse, both scouts were suddenly virtually surrounded by beasts and perished on succesive turns, so that was my exploration finished dead in its tracks for a long while.

    But no real worries ..I founded Memphis very soon after on a whole bunch on sugar and hills on the same river. Then followed 3 more cities , all in great locations still on the same river (it was huge , I still hadnt found the source and had 5 cities on it , making the Amazon seem like a big stream.

    I was amazingly barbarian free all this time, and took advantage of it to get a lot of land worked, and still hadn't met any other Civs (was all this land really going to be mine?)

    Of course not..first I met the Greeks, then the Aztecs (damn) then the Indians (double damn). After exploring properly , the Greeks were only about 10 squares south of my capitol, and the Aztecs 15 squares north. Pure fluke that we hadn't met , I'd just followed the huge river east.

    But overall ok still very ok. Then things started to get annoying. The barbs started arriving in literall waves (it reached the stage where I had no troops in cities.. all were out attempting to intercept those en route to destroy my improvements) Cottages were pillaged, mines ransacked , roads destroyed , and then the greeks decide to build a city 3 squares from mine (no idea why , as there were loads of better sites nearer to his land ..it was almost like a MP out of spite tactic).

    But then the final straw..I had one sole archer left in Memphis , but he had garrison 2 promotion, and he was fortifed in the city square founded on a hill.
    One sole barb Archer was approaching the city, but what the hell he's no chance ..no chance at all.

    And my guys lost.

    At utterlly ridiculous odds.

    So I decided to do something I havent ever done before and reloaded the autosave from 4 turns before. But every possible thing I tried, ended up with the destruction of Memphis.

    So there I then , I decided to be God , entered the world builder and deleted the barbarian. Struck down from above by a mighty bolt of lightning (or something along those lines).

    And just carried on as if nothing had ever happened.

    But its a strange feeling suddenly becoming omnipotent, (power corrupts as they say), and not long after, that Greek city was beginning to annoy me. It was ruining my Grand Plan, so I decided an Earthquake was in order.

    So it was wiped from the map.

    And things got worse from there on, Aztecs jaguars and settlers mysteriously vanished on their journies south.

    Another fledling greek City suffered a flood of biblical proportions , due to its proximity to a vast and yet unnamed river, and passed into legend.

    The peaceful Indians suddenly declared War on their Aztecs neighbours for no apparent reason.

    Christianity was founded it Elephantine, and in what can only be described as a miraculous occurance, every Greek city adapated the new religion and converted overnight.

    Then the Japanese, Romans and Arabs were met, all of the hindhu faith, yet spontaneously decided to attack each other all at the same time.

    At about this point , I left this self created madness, and returned to the comfort of my living room.

    The message is :- don't ever be tempted to cheat, in however small a way, because you might not be able to stop :)
  2. potatokiosk

    potatokiosk Chieftain

    Dec 22, 2005
    Not only that, it takes away the fun after awhile. Like in civ2.
  3. Gemini1706

    Gemini1706 Chieftain

    Dec 7, 2005
    Nice story :)
  4. goldenflame53

    goldenflame53 Chieftain

    Jan 4, 2006
    Silicon Valley
    I agree... I think allowing that Worldbuilder to be so accessible is kinda silly. It can be very tempting at times.
  5. Lord_Iggy

    Lord_Iggy Tsesk'ihe

    Jun 7, 2005
    Heheh, I can relate to that definitely. But the most I've ever done is add one axeman to my garrison. That was just crazy. :crazyeye:
  6. STDIO

    STDIO Chieftain

    Dec 27, 2005
    Bleh, I once played a custom game, and I was sure I put it on "1 Continent Per Side", until I found it I had a neighbour on my continent.
    I just went to the world-builder to see how the map came out, how could it be that I had a neighbour on my continent?
    I must have been wrong, because there were only 3 continents (for 9 players).
    I spent the next five minutes trying to figure out how the hell to exit the world builder.
    Damn tiny icon!
  7. DrewBledsoe

    DrewBledsoe Veteran QB

    Nov 6, 2005
    Cheering For Mr Sanchez
    I will be using the "no cheating" option in custom games menu from now on , but unfortunately this also turns off "Blue Marble Terrain" mode which I use...nevermind I've mailed its creator to fix this , hopefully he can.
  8. Screw Flanders

    Screw Flanders Chieftain

    Jan 3, 2006
    lol i feel your pain.
    Did it once when I had a great city established several hundred years before contact with anyone, and the **** persians felt it was in their best interest to build 3 cities right next to the border, 3 squares from my second city and my only holy city. Opened up WB and put 2 great artists in it. 15 turns later I had 15 new cities, and Cyrus was scratching his head wondering what the hell they were doing over there his cities found so cool. Wasn't behind, was just sick of that crap. However, it was on prince, and by 1000 ad (marathon) I was so far ahead due to the extra cities (and subsequent destruction of the persians by everyone's favorite, monty) that I got bored and quit. That pretty much ends the worldbuilder fun.

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