The Duchy of Milan (VP)

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    Based on the original mod:

    Civilization: The Duchy of Milan
    Gian Galeazzo

    UA: House of Visconti

    Receive a free :c5greatperson: Great Merchant when you discover :c5science: Trade. All :greatwork: Great Works produce +2 :c5gold: Gold. +1 :c5gold: Gold from Villages.

    UU: Ribault (Gatling Gun Replacement)
    Unlocked at Economics
    The Ribault is a Renaissance-era replacement for the Gatling Gun, avaliable only to Milan. Unlike the Gatling Gun, the Ribault may attack twice in one turn and has a combat bonus against other Siege Units. However, it is also slightly weaker and slightly more expensive to produce.

    UB: Palazzo (Bank Replacement)
    +2 :c5gold: Gold, +4 :c5strength: City Defense Strength

    1 :greatwork: Great Work of Art or Artifact slot. 3 Merchant Specialist slots (instead of 1). Generates :c5greatperson: Great Merchant points equal to 10% of this city's :c5gold: Gold output. Merchants in this City generate +1 :c5gold: Gold and +1 :c5culture: Culture.

    When you spend :c5gold: Gold to purchase Units or invest in Buildings in this City, 15% of the cost is converted into :c5science: Science. Caravansaries and Customs Houses in the City gain +3 :c5gold: Gold.

    Nearby Gold: +3 :c5gold: Gold.
    Nearby Silver: +1 :c5gold: Gold, +1 :c5production: Production, +1 :c5culture: Culture.
    Nearby Gems: +2 :c5culture: Culture, +1 :c5gold: Gold.

    • JFD: Author
    • Sukritact: Artwork (Leaderscene, Map, Palazzo)
    • Janboruta: Artwork (Leader Icon, Ribault)
    • Wolfdog: Graphics
    • Andreas Waldeloft: Florence (Peace Theme), (War Theme)

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