The Egyptians get spanked


Jan 9, 2002
Colorado Springs
It was the year 1944. The world was at peace.

The Egyptians had grown increasingly antagonistic toward the Republic of Greece ever since they had begun falling behind in the technology race.
Cleopatra kept making unreasonable demands for free technology and gold, only to be rebuffed by the Great Lord Jim of Greece again and again.

Lord Jim commanded the most advanced nation in the world. The Great continent was home to 5 civilizations: The Greeks, the Romans to the west, the Americans to the South, the Aztecs to the Southwest, and the Egyptians holding on to the southern coast south of America.
The lesser continent to the east was split between the Iroqouis and several colonies founded by the other powers.
Lord Jim knew he more or less dominated the rest of the world. The Egyptians sought revenge for their humiliating defeat in the Greek-Egyptian war of the 1400s, in which the Greeks pushed the then mighty Egyptian empire from the Northlands to the southern coast (The egyptians occupied an area between Greece and America).

Now, a Greek fleet sat off the coast of Egypt, facing the Egyptian fleet in a tense standoff.

On a clear morning in the spring of 1944, the Egyptians sent an emissary to Athens, with an ultimatum for Lord Jim.

"Jim, Cleopatra grows tired of your arrogance, if you do not wish to be destroyed, you will teach us the secrets of Replacable parts."

Lord Jim replied "Egypt has mocked us for the last time, your great queen Cleopatra will be my slave."

The Greek fleet crossed the border into Egyptian territory, slamming into the Egyptian navy. The guns of the Greek Battleships and Destroyers ripped the primitive wooden ships of the Egyptians asunder, killing thousands of Egyptian sailors.

The fleet then parked off the coast near Thebes and the Grecian navy began mercillesly shelling the city. A transport moved in, delivering marines into the city, where they made short work of the Egyptian Riflemen.
One by one, Egypt's great cities fell. The last outpost (a small island off the coast of the lesser continent) fell in 1956, and Cleopatra was captured attempting to escape the burning city.

Lord Jim kept the only two Egyptian cities that were worth anything (one contained Magellan's Expedition, the other gave him control of an Aluminium deposit) and burned the rest to the ground. He allowed his good friends the Americans to expand into the now vacated Egyptian homeland.

As for Cleopatra, Lord Jim keeps her locked up in his palace, shackled to the wall ;)
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