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The End of day's, A tale of Lord Monty-The barbaric

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Stories & Tales' started by IPEX-731BA5DD06, Jun 24, 2009.

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    From the Histories of Aztecia, 3rd edition, 2050 AD Civilization Publications and games inc.

    The tale of the war between the Japanese confederation and Aztecia

    Great was the force that Dark Lord, Tokugawa, fielded against the Aztecia empire. For all others have fallen before his ravaging horde, and as such he felt supreme confidence upon the battlefield.
    • 11 Air craft Carriers,
    • 9 missile cruisers,
    • Numerous other vessels were assigned the task of invasion of Aztecia.
    Spoiler :

    Initially the war went well, the cities of Delhi, Cempoala and Eretria fell to the horde, the Dark Lord Tokugawa's land forces advanced on the great industrialized Aztecia city of Uzbek, who's great work shops, mines and fields had been assaulted, by his Kamikaze Air forces, and Cruise missiles.

    Spoiler :

    For the Dark Lord Tokugawa's arrogance knows no bounds, he ordered his forces abandon the naval transports, who had carried them so far over the eastern seas and proceeded out of the newly captured cities of Eretria and Cempoala, and proceeded over land to assault that great Southern city of Uzbek.

    Troops, armed with confident arrogance, attained from previous victories in wars upon the dark continent, advanced over land. Boldly the strode through the foreign lands of Aztecia, for no one came forward to challenge them. Onwards they marched, over land, parachuting in by air, all converging on the great southern industrialized city of Uzbek.

    Uzbek, who's people toiled mightily, and with great pride, upon one of the great engines that would propel their sons and daughters to the stars. Never did they cower in fear or deviate from their own singular task. For though the Minions of the Dark Lord Tokugawa were descending upon them, they had supreme faith in the armed forces of Aztecia, and the shield they provided to them.

    For now, the sleeping wrath of Aztecia had been awoken, with the blow to its back, the Dark Lord Tokugawa had awoken a giant. A MODERN, FULLY INDUSTRIALIZED GIANT, Swiftly were the armed forces of Aztecia assigned their tasks.

    The great force assembled in Moai statues, the rock against which the foreign continents aggression was to be broken. These defenders of the nation of Aztecia, were quickly embarked upon transports and moved to Chakoti at the head of the Southern 2/3's of the continent. There they now joined up with the local militia, ready to do battle with the invaders.

    Spoiler :

    In the open fields of Uzbek, they descended upon the forces of the Dark Lord. Modern weaponry, newly produced from the great industries of Aztecia. Fresh tactics recently drilled into the corps, and with the burning vengeance of spurned lover, they fell upon the over confident troops of the Dark Lord Tokugawa.

    Modern Armour, raced over the floodplains of Uzbek, driving the enemy beneath their tracks. Marines, enraged at the surprise attack upon their home land, destroyed the paratroopers to a man. Mechanized infantry, ever the defenders, shielded both the Cities, and the wounded troops from counter attacks.

    The Dark Lord Tokugawa's Army may have been a Juggernaut, crushing all opposition before them on the dark continent, but here, they were mere chaff, blown away by the righteous winds of the armed land forces of Aztecia.

    Initially the Air force, seen as the 'darlings' of the armed forces, were retreated to the frozen north away from their Caribbean sunny resorts.... err bases. Once the Japanese war plan had been stolen by the spies of Aztecia, they were then quickly restored to their bases.

    The skies were darkened by the mighty Aztecia air forces, for they proved their worth, in this time, the end of day's. The skies of Aztecia had turned into fields of battle, time and time again, they assailed the Japanese invaders, ignorant of their losses sustained, they launched sortie after sortie, never again would their worth be questioned.

    With the attainment of Air dominance, they proceeded to rain the vengeance of Aztecia upon the assembled naval flotilla of the Dark Lord Tokugawa. Now it was the navy's time to prove its worth, long had they guarded the westward sea approaches, but the Dark Lord Tokugawa, had assaulted Aztecia from the East.

    Once they reached the seas of the Caribbean, they rejoiced at the sun and sea, pristine beaches, beautiful tanned people, and GLORY.

    For the naval forces of the Dark Lord Tokugawa, damaged from the air assaults of the glorious air forces of Aztecia, were easy targets for the modern, well equipped and HUNGRY, naval forces of Aztecia. Swiftly were they dispatched. The sea drowned out both their cries of despair and the brave sailors who had embarked upon the foolhardy invasion.

    Of the other Minions of the Dark Lord Tokugawa;
    • Mighty Charlemagne, who once bestrode that foreign continent, as a colossus, but now bowed to Tokugawa's will, was forced to sent his forces abroad in WOODEN SHIPS, for never relenting, was the Dark Lord Tokugawa, in gifting oil to his chaffing vassal in Charlemagne. Much to the Chagrin of the Naval forces assigned the task of guarding the westward invasion routes, was this flotilla of wooden shipping, for they saw themselves as the mighty arm of Aztecia. Strong, noble and feared, but still they sunk them to a ship. Chasing down the cowards who would seek to flee the battle, ramming their ships, all the while cursing them.
      Spoiler :
      An oil based naval force may have swung the balance of the battle, but it was not to be, for naval supremacy had been achieved by the mighty forces of Aztecia.
    • The mighty war general Saladin, who for one century in the 1800's had valiantly stood alone with assistance from Aztecia, against the Dark Lord Tokugawa's demon spawn, sent a force worthy of engagement, and dispatch. Two destroyers, were all he could assign, and lose.
    • The PITIFUL GREEKS did launch an attack. Come to seek the sacking of Mythical Troy have they, Poseidon's lair is all they shall find. Wooden ships in an age of Steel, for courage may be steel of spirit, but not of substance.
      Spoiler :
      The Greek navy, stout of heart, landed the troops, brave to a man, though they weren't the troops of Sitting Bull, still they died a death of fear and agony. Bombed from the air, assailed from the sea, harassed and destroyed on land. Cut off with no hope of retreat, they died to a man, no quarter given, who really cares if they asked.
    • Nothing was heard of the others.
    The only other losses experienced were the pillaging of the fishing boats, used to feed the populace, with the great Aztecia institution of Sids Sushi. Except for an antiquated Trireme which was sunk. This was used, as a display and training vessel by the Admiralty, but no trace of these COWARDS could be found.

    The Dark Lord Tokugawa, seeing the steel hardened wrath of Lord Monty the Barbaric, was descending upon his forlorn attacking group, decided to make his last stand at the stolen Aztecia city of Delhi. Though his navy, was cowering in port, not wishing to give battle and his army, was being besieged from; the skies, seas and ground, was laying in tatters.

    Spoiler :

    Mighty were the forces assigned against Aztecia, but mightier still was the peoples resolve to fight this war. For not one tear was shed for the fallen, but great rejoicing was held, for they had obtained that most cherished of fates, to DIE in the over lordship of LORD MONTY THE BARBARIC.

    All through this adversity, the loyal, and righteous people of Aztecia, toiled long and hard on the space ship, for with its launch, their sons and daughters would have a future in new lands, far away from the despots of this planet.

    Much was the damage that the demon spawn of the Dark Lord Tokugawa had done to the 2 cities taken by such cowardice. But the ever noble working class of Aztecia, buoyed by the nearing completion of the space ship to colonize far worlds, rose to the occasion and quickly healed the ravaged lands.

    Lord Monty the Barbaric; as he was called by those who seek to enslave our peoples, despoil our lands and deny our right of leadership, calling US BARBARIANS. Had been awoken from his afternoon nap, by his grinning General staff.

    "Lord Monty, the Dark Lord Tokugawa, who has sought to steal your lands, people and wealth by stealth attack, has been soundly beaten. His invading armies destroyed, their bodies sown into the fields of Uzbek, his Air forces purged from the Azure Blue skies of Aztecia and his Naval forces sent to the bottom of the crystal blue seas of the Caribbean."

    Lord Monty, still sleepy, was only too glad to put forth the hand of friendship, and offer peace to those who would seek to destroy his world. For his efforts, Lord Monty the Barbaric, received this;

    Spoiler :

    So, spit in the face of peace; destruction of your armed forces, would be all the crop ye shall reap, from this sowing of the rejection of my peace offer.

    Reckless were the naval forces of the Dark Lord Tokugawa, for they sailed into the cauldron of death, as the Caribbean became known. For previously, it was renowned, for its sun, crystal blue sea and surf, but all the Dark Lord Tokugawa's navy found was the vengeful forces of Aztecia. Time and Time again, new fleets would sail forth. Always they were bombed from the air, then sunk by the Hungry wolf packs of Submarines, or doomed to face the Missile carriers of Aztecia.

    The Air forces renown was greatly earned, in this, the end of day's. Flying over the lonely oceans of the east, they assailed every enemy force they came across. Bomber command had once more been called to the frozen north, not for safety or punishment, but to aid in the retaking of the Aztecia city of ZURICH. Stolen by the cowardly forces of the Dark Lord Tokugawa.

    Most exulted of all Aztecia forces, are the forces of ancient technology. Bravest of the brave, they faced their foes, rejecting the modern armaments of the day. They fought; held or died with the tools of a by gone era. Crossbowmen, Steel tipped arrows and fearless hearts, defenders of the city, guardian of the people, loved by all.

    By attacking the retired armed forces who formed the guards of honour, and by stealth attack from the sea, stealing the city of Zurich. The Dark Lord Tokugawa had now committed an insult against the very spirit of the ARMED FORCES OF AZTECIA. For once the populace of a city was stolen by the minions of the Dark Lord Tokugawa, they then resisted the invaders, until they were given salvation, by the righteous forces of Aztecia.

    Spoiler :

    Great was the wrath of the Aztecia armed forces, attack the revered fathers of them all, the sons and daughters rose as one, death to the invader. Long were the queues at the recruiting offices. Mothers offered up their newly born children to serve.

    Gracious mother of the nation, let your offspring grow in the sunlight of our beloved ruler, don't seek to weed out your garden of life so soon.

    This and other rhetoric heard at the recruiting offices all over the land. Avenge the revered veterans, sons and daughters of Aztecia, march forward and cleanse our lands of the filth of other nations.

    Zurich needed to be freed and avenged. Only the most modern of troops would do, vengeance for the fathers and the grandfathers of the armed forces. 1st the Air force launched its sorties, with grand fury for the fallen, they assailed the doomed defenders of the Aztecia city.

    Next the navy delivered the saviors of Zurich, the newly Mechanized Infantry corps. One by one, the corps of Mechanized Infantry stormed ashore. Not for the Citizenry was their fury, but for those despised invaders, minions of the Dark Lord Tokugawa. One by one, they fell to the assault, and great was the rejoicing heard in the AZTECIA city of Zurich upon liberation.

    Spoiler :

    For now; with the invading forces of Lord Tokugawa repulsed, the land, seas and skies of Aztecia cleared and cleansed of the filth and stench of Foreign nations. The Dark Lord Tokugawa no longer threatening the home lands, Lord Monty the Barbaric, looked to the foreign lands of the vassals of the Dark Lord Tokugawa.

    Lord Monty the Barbaric, did desire greatly the lands of the Zulu. Great warriors they once were, but no longer, and a van guard of invasion that land could be. But Lord Monty the ever wise, deemed the land had been poisoned and sullied by the filth of the foreign nations, and was not worthy of footsteps of the Aztecia.

    Spoiler :

    Once more Lord Monty, the Barbaric, put forward the hand of friendship, would the hand of peace be spurned yet again??,

    Spoiler :

    It seemed the ego of the Dark Lord Tokugawa, knows neither defeat, nor humility. Never would the Peoples of Aztecia, nor Lord Monty the Barbaric, give away the lands of the righteous, the pure, the invincible.

    Barbaric Monty. A title him and his people wore with PRIDE.

    The cost of peace, a mere token to great Aztecia, but the greatest blow to the Dark Lord Tokugawa's pride and standing. For these 'BARBARIANS' had stood against him, and bent like the reeds in the divine wind of the Dark Lord Tokugawa's wrath. Were not broken, NO, they were stronger.

    Spoiler :

    This gesture of gold for peace was spurned.
    A stronger gesture was needed to soothe the ego of the Dark Lord Tokugawa.​

    Making over 2.6K gold /turn, it was of no matter, all that really mattered, was the smooth running of mission control for the space program, and our seeding of the stars.

    Peace was restored to the world. Much trading was done after the war was over, all of the peoples were happy to see prosperity return to their lands, perhaps the greatest trade was made with the Dark Lord Tokugawa's people themselves.

    Spoiler :

    The great, glorious and righteous peoples of Aztecia, could now rejoice. With our great and glorious National project, the Space ship of Colonization having been launched, carrying our Sons and Daughters to a brighter future.

    Spoiler :

    Sure enough the bickering and back biting continued amongst the Dark Lord Tokugawa's vassals.
    • One would want trade stopped against another.
    • Charlemagne, wasn't allowed access to Oil and would repeatedly request a trade deal with Aztecia.
    • Other vassals wouldn't even condone to trade with Aztecia, seeing them as the true barbarians of the world.
    21 turns to victory 17 turns remain of the golden age, one to be spent in luxury, festival and [party]. Lord Monty The BARBARIC was pleased, his people had risen as one, to fight off the Japanese aggression.

    Previously disdain had been heaped upon the Air force, relaxing in their Caribbean bases, sun, sea and surf. Seen as sun tanned sky jockeys, now they had proved their worth, in this, the end of day's, and were greeted with honour where every they would go in the future.

    Military production was kept at war time levels, if not increased further again, for the people had seen what the TRUE BARBARIANS from across the sea's could and would do. NEVER AGAIN THEY VOWED, our sons and Daughters shall seed the stars and we shall guard and watch over them from here, as ever a parent has done.

    Spoiler :

    Gladly the great peoples of Aztecia, went back to their labours. For the food of the sea, was to be harvested, and used in that Aztecia institution, Sids Sushi. Fishing nets were repaired, boats cleaned and launched. More mineral resources were mined, iron mines opened up in the arctic north, workers rushed all over the lands, rebuilding all that had been destroyed.

    With the war over, the historians could tally their figures and argue, but the true figures were;

    Spoiler :


    Foolish in his pride, and vain to the very end, the Dark Lord Tokugawa's ego, required a victory was to be had at any cost, a diplomatic victory would suffice. A vote was called for, all the peoples of the world voted, but a surprise was to be had on the ballot paper;

    Spoiler :
    For the lord with the greatest population, wasn't to be found on the ballot, but it was
    Spoiler :

    Lord Monty the Barbaric, Ever Crafty, had DEFIED A U.N. vote and lost his full membership.

    For then it was the Dark Lord Tokugawa against his VASSAL, Charlemagne, for the diplomatic win. For with this action, Lord Monty, the Barbaric and Crafty, was assured NO DIPLOMATIC WIN WAS POSSIBLE.

    Onwards the Great space ship of Colonization from Aztecia flew, carrying their Sons and Daughters, to seed the stars.

    Spoiler :

    For the Dark Lord Tokugawa, who's ego knows no bounds, ordered his armed forces to; re-build, re-arm, and re-train. New and greater weapons of war were to be produced, for he WOULD have dominion over these lands. Only 1 Nation had ever succeeded in standing in his way, that was a nation of BARBARIANS, lead by Barbaric Monty.

    Spoiler :

    The Glorious peoples of Aztecia, were not to be denied, in this the end of day's. For it wasn't for themselves that they worked so hard, toiling away in the workshops, labouring in the factories, producing the armaments of modern warfare. They endured these long and arduous days gladly, armed with the thoughts of their sons and daughters gone to seed the stars, for no greater hope does a parent have then for their children.

    Evermore worked the peoples of Aztecia hammering out the tools of war. Defense of the homelands, never again. Many were the motto's and phrases coined in those times, the end of day's. Always with the thoughts of their sons and daughters, speeding to the stars. With a better life to be had there then was to be found here with its; pollution, global warming, and the petty bickering of the various 'Leaders' of the nations.

    Spoiler :

    At long last the efforts of 6 Millennium of Labour were rewarded, for the star's now belonged to Aztecia, Lord Monty the Barbaric had won.

    For now these brave colonists, those Son's and Daughters of Aztecia, now gazed upon a new world. With new lands to tame, resources to harvest and a planet to populate. A future to build for themselves and their offspring ever more, in this, the end of days.

    And so concludes the Tale of Monty the Barbaric.

    Lint to Original game from which this tale arose

    Barbaric Monty, an open RPC
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    I was meaning to say this for a while: very nicely played. Hats off to you!

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