The end, or a new beginning?

Yoda Power

Sep 24, 2002
As many of you properly know I am the creator of the Medieval European mod. I have decided to stop working on this, be course I lost all the work I had done for C3C. Actually my computer lost all its software.

So instead im starting a new project called "The Persian Empire". I already have the unit lines and a tech tree sketch ready. The scenario will be for Conquest only and will run from the time of Cyrus II the Great to the conquest of Alexander. I will start on the actual modding when my computer gets fixed(sometime next week).
I will post a real scenario preview/creation thread when I get my computer back. Untill then you can use this thread if you are interestet in testing the scenario, or just post your random thoughts:)
I'd be interesting in testing...The holidays come, and I'm practically assured a C3C.:santa::)
Sorry to hear that you lost those files.

However - good that you make something new :)
BTW I havent decided on the map yet, but I think im going to make one myself.

Amenhotep-Sure you can be a tester, though I might want to add that there properly isn't going to be alot of testing.
great idea but you said properly know, its proBABly know
That's some very bad news on MEM!

'The Persian Empire' sounds interesting; the Achaemenid Empire has always been an interest of mine - indeed, back in elementary school, I was annoyed it was essentially ignored in favour of those boring Greeks! I will certainly want to try it when it's finished, and might help as playtester.

Are you going to try and represent Alexander's invasion? That would seem to be really hard to do in the abscence of events scripting.

But that's a minor point; what I really look forward to is improving on Darius and Xerxes's preformance, and once and for all showing those uppity ultramarine Yauna who is the King of Kings!
Its sad news about MEM, considering the addition of the Plague and a few units. But I like Persia a lot. You seem to have it planned out already, so I guess I don't need to add a lot, but I'll gladly help in any way, if you need help (I can even test too, assuming I get Conquests for Christmas).
Wow. What a gyp. I had been unable to play C3C properly because one of my computer's two harddrive died suddenly and screwed up my Win 98 registry. Now that I have received my warranty-replacement and managed to fix much of the registry, I was very much intent on trying MEM for C3C. And now you tell me that your computer has died? sigh . . .
You can still play the current mod with C3C.
I agree with you, it's sad that the MEM wound't continue. However I would allow a person from this community who already has experience in modding continue it, if he/she wants too.

NaZ-As long as you get my point please dont correct me. If everybody looked for spelling mistakes this forums atmosphere wouldn't be very nice. No offence meant:)

TLC-The scenario will be split into two eras. In the first era Persias forces will be dominant, but in the second age Macedon will get more powerfull military than Persia. Thats basicly how im going to represent it, if anybody has better ideas, please post them:)

ps my computer will probably be fixed by Monday;)
What civs do you plan to include?
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