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The Enigma of the Roman Dodecahedron is Revealed!

Thorvald of Lym

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Nov 21, 2005
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In sum: The theory proposes the dodecahedron was a component of military cryptology. In addition to providing an aperture for the cipher discs, it was used to seal the dispatches in a way that provided the receiver a quick reference to which cipher applied. Multiple faces meant it could switch between different ciphers easily, such as when communicating over multiple channels, or in the event a cipher was suspected to be compromised.

I'm not familiar with the leading dodecahedron theories, but for someone who got really deep into EnigmaSim a few years ago, it's a very intriguing contender.
Possible, but romans weren't that mathematically oriented. Military cryptography is documented to be in existence at least as early as the Peloponnesian war, with the earliest variant being the spartan cryptia.
A dodecahedron - even moreso if we assume all were of the same size - wouldn't be a good idea to use to descrypt messages in the first place; the whole point is to not have a conspicuous tool to do so. Eg rods (cylinders) of varying sizes were used in the cryptia, rendering any given size meaningless.
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