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Are you joining this competition?

  1. Yes, I plan to join this competition.

  2. I'm not joining, but I did find this poll.

  3. I just wanted to vote in a poll.

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    Sep 24, 2016
    Serious necro I know sorry but sadly I wasn't a member of CFC back when this all went down. I certainly heard about it though as mainstream media covered it everywhere. I didn't have Civ2 installed in those days so it's funny to now load Lycerius's savegame and see how easy it is to get out of the stalemate but as other pointed out in this thread is was more about the story. I remember everyone was so nostalgically touched by the story that people created artwork and wrote additional background stories, it was crazy lol!

    Screenshot of the original savegame with one of the artwork made back in the day:

    Anyway because of that story I'm kinda surprised no one made a full blown scenario out of it with custom graphics! So just for fun I thought I'd combine elements of this game with some of the dark apocalyptic assets I made up for the Terminator Future War graphics remaster pack and also use some of the cool artwork posted back in 2012 for a title screen and city background. Looks pretty moody! Will upload the mod in the near future once I've finished tinkering. :)

    Test screenshot:
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