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The Fairy Tale of the Highwayman.

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fairy Tale Mod' started by Highwayhoss, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Highwayhoss

    Highwayhoss Red Lantern of Civ4 Earth

    May 24, 2009
    Richland Hills,texas
    My contribution of the lore of Fairy Tale.

    The Fairy Tale of The Highwayman.

    In the cold northern forests of Vestalla there once roamed a highwayman who led a group of archers that attacked and plundered the tax collectors who roamed the kingdom. He did this because the land was ruled by a wicked king who used the exorbiant taxes his soldiers collected to live a lavish lifestyle at the expense of his subjects.
    One day, the Highwayman learned of a great archery contest being staged in the city of Merceria; he decided to go to this contest. His fellow archers tried to dissuade him from going, thinking it is a trap to lure him out of hiding. But the Highwayman could not resist a challenge and went to Merceria.
    On the day of the tournament, the Highwayman arrived in Merceria and proceeded to the archery range where many Vestallan archers were waiting to demonstrate their skills. When the tournament started, they awed the spectators with incredible feats of marksmanship. None, however could match the skill and accuracy of the Highwayman however, for he was the best archer in all of Vestalla; he eventually won the tournament.
    As he went to claim his prize however, the soldiers of the local baron seized him and took him to the local baron's citadel. The Highwayman was not suprised, but he was not worried; he had escaped many times from similar predicaments.
    However to his suprise, he was not taken to the Dungeon but to the baron's quarters; he eventually stood before the local baron Gerard Gascoigne. "Welcome, Highwayman" the baron said "Congratulations on winning the tournament; I have heard of your skill and staged the tournamnet to bring you here. I knew you could not resist." The Highwayman replied "Thank you Baron; now may I ask why I am not in your dungeon? That is usually where criminals like me are kept." Gascoigne smiled "You are here because like you, I despise the wicked king who is the real criminal of Vestalla. I lured you here to enlist your help in overthrowing him." "Oh?" The Highwayman replied "May I ask how?" Gascoigne smiled "I have sent a messenger to the King informing him of your capture; he will of course want me to take you to Vestalla for execution. However it will not be the execution he expects." "Hmm, I see." the Highwayman smiled back."Tell me more.."
    The wicked king was happy to hear of the Highwayman's capture; when Gascoigne brought him to Vestalla, the King immediately ordered preparations for the hanging of this miscreant. On the day of the scheduled execution, a large crowd, held back by Vestallan soldiers watched as the Highwayman was marched out to the Gallows. He climbed the steps to the noose without hesitation. As the noose was put around his neck, the king asked him if he had any last words. "Yes I do." the Highwayman replied. "NOW!!" Suddenly, an arrow sliced the rope above his noose and cut him free; he immediately jumped onto the ground as his followers emerged from the crowd, bows ready.
    "SEIZE THEM!" the King commanded. "NO!" a voice suddenly cried. "SEIZE THE KING!" To his suprise, the soldiers turned and moved upon him, seizing him and his followers. "What is this treachary?!" the king asked in shock. Gerard Gascoigne emerged from the crowd and stood in front of the king. "This is the end of your greedy and tyrannical reign." Gerard said as the Highwayman came up beside him. "Today is not the end of the Highwayman but of you!" The King and his followers were taken to the gallows where a fresh noose awaited each of them; one by one, they were executed to the cheers of the long suffering Vestallans.
    In graditude for his services, King Gascoigne made the Highwayman a marshal of the Vestallan Army. He continued his fight for justice and won the admiration of the Vestallan people. When he died, he was hailed as a true hero of the eternal flame.

    (The Book of Vestallan History)
  2. Le Sage

    Le Sage Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2009
    Digging up your garden
    Good stuff :goodjob: Precisely the Robin Hood we needed.

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