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The Fenrir's Den

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Demo Game III: RPG' started by Immortal, Apr 25, 2003.

  1. Immortal

    Immortal Deity

    Feb 18, 2002
    Welcome to The Fenrir's Den, the first pub in all of (Demogame 3), located in the beautiful capital of (City).

    The pub at the moment is small and cozy, being little more then a hut. However its atmosphere is welcoming and pleasent. The entrance way is carved with images of hunters gathering animals to feed their fellow villagers. You step downward into the seating area of a few dozen seats made of mud, sticks and deer hides. Tables of rock are surrounded by these chairs as citizens clamour about their lives.

    To the left of the main sitting area is the bar area, where citizens can recieve refreshing clay pots of their favourite beverage. Tall stools made of wood line the side of the long log which acts as a bar for the workers behind it. Where ancient recipes dating back before the founding of (city) are recreated for your consumption.

    A small group of citizens have used hallow twigs and other materials to construct musical instruments, which they use to make music for the barfly's enjoyment.

    As the bars location is the epicentre of our civilization, stories from travellers and exhiles from far off nations disperse from the bar, sometimes catching the attention of nobles, rogues, or even politicians. Tales of political intrigue are shared here. Sometimes traitors from foreign lands looking for a new home, or companionship, spend days in the comfort of the Fenrir's Den. Which is looking to one day opening an Inn where trail worn travellers can spend the night.

    You can also join the pub here at the mIRC channel #fenrir'sden to visit with fellow countrymen, and share your stories. Our bartender and waitresses will be happy to serve you with a smile and talk your ear off with their own stories.

    Fenrir's Den Staff

    You can stay in here for as long as you like and discuss on any topic appropriate to the forum rules of CFC.
    There will be no limitation at all on demogame issues.
    For the time being, there is no charge to visit the pub, so come on in and make yourself at home :)

    Parties, events, and Catering
    For now, nothing

    For now, nothing

    Owner: Immortal
    Bartender: Civgeneral

    Employment opportunities
    2 waiters/waitresses are needed as well as a book-keeper if interested PM Immortal.

    Special Thanks to Disorganizer for inspiration and his rebel Pub rules, which I used as a guide.
  2. Immortal

    Immortal Deity

    Feb 18, 2002
    Rules for Order-Handling
    1) The first waiter who sees an order will deliver it.
    2) Waiter gives a receipt to the customer in a standardized format (see below) in the pub-thread.
    3) the waiters can decide for themselves how they work together to optimize service.

    The main point is that orders and receipts be logged in any way. Additionally, that the bookkeeper must be informed of where to find them if not in the pub-thread.

    Format of Receipt
    The Reciept will contain the following information:
    • Customer: Name of Customer to whom the reciept is issued.
    • Order: List of Products/Services Issued to customer.
    • Bill: Total amount owed to The Fenrir's Den For products/Services Provided

    Transaction Logging
    Yet to be deteriming, once the RPG is in full operation this will be edited in.

    Special Thanks to Disorganizer for inspiration and his rebel Pub rules, which I used as a guide.
  3. Immortal

    Immortal Deity

    Feb 18, 2002

    (*'s signify the presence of mind altering contents [alcohol etc.] The Fenrir's Den will not be held responsible for stupidity caused from excess consumption, please drink responsibly)
    [b]Refreshing Beverages[/b]
    Pineappe Juice
    Banana Juice
    Pop, Iced Tea, Milk etc.
    [b]Beer[/b] (*)
    Fenrir's Tooth (Mead)
    Fenrir's Claw (Lager)
    Fenrir's Eye (Ale)
    Fenrir's Tail (Traditional Beer)
    [b]Spirits[/b] (*)
    [b]Specialties[/b] (*)
    House Red Wine
    House White Wine
    *Add Foreign Wines when contact is made*
    Immortal's Private Whiskey
    CivGeneral's Private *add*
    Spare Ribs
    Chicken Wings
    Soup of the Day
    *add more*
    Prices to be Determined at a later date, they will be VERY reasonable.
  4. GenMarshall

    GenMarshall Night Elven Ghost Agent

    Jun 17, 2002
    New Suramar City, Vekta, United Terran Systems
    Russel walks up to the Bar Tender

    Russel: I would like you to Hire my Freind CivGeneral.

    Immortal: Certanly

    Russel: Thanks, and a beer please. Oh, here is the finest fur coat I personaly made myself. Should come in handy in the cold

    Soon Crag Ors walks in the Bar

    Russel: Ahh Crag Ors, you finaly came. Any sine of CivGeneral

    Crag Ors: The last Time I saw him, he and his Gir; was sleeping in that cart

    Russel shakes his head

    Russel: How many times did I say. Dont let them sleep in the cart

    Crag Ors: But we are nomads

    Russel walks out of the bar to look for CivGeneral

    OOC: I would like to Apply for the job :).
  5. Immortal

    Immortal Deity

    Feb 18, 2002
    Russel reenters the bar, Immortal stands behind the counter, he walks out from behind it and approaches him, the conversation will be taken from Immortals perspective.

    Immortal: Well where is he?
    *My impatence is growing, I need an employee desperately, though Id never admit it*

    Russel: He was right behind me, I don't know where he went!

    *A well worn man enters the pub, his eyes shift wildly from side to side. I notice the strangers hands looks like those of a hunter, but why would a hunter ever want to abandon its lifestyle? No matter, my pelt will serve me well, my wife will enjoy it*

    Russel: There you are! You have a job waiting for you.

    Immortal: So you're the guy all my customers have been yakking about?
    *I size up the fellow, he seems young, maybe a little too young, the look he gives me is one of confidence*

    CivGeneral: That's right, so what am I supposed to do here?

    Immortal: You make my customers happy, that's what you do, the work ain't tough, but its long hours.
    *he smirks as I talk, he's confident, I like that*

    CivGeneral: that all? I think I can do it

    *I reach out and shake his hand, I think this is going to work out real good...*

    OCC: your hired, for the pelt.
  6. Shaitan

    Shaitan der Besucher

    Dec 7, 2001
    Atlanta, GA
    OOC: This thread is unlocked but not necessarily open for business. As we don't have shops yet it may be too early for this establishment. Fortunately I don't have to worry about that 'cause I'm not an RPG Manager. ;)

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