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Attention Mr. Spice:

Before you jump to conclusions, you should have done a more thorough research to find out the history of Dr. Fell (also known as Ironic Warrior, Blood Oath, Juicy_CivNewbie, and other names). I have my reasons to be angry at him, namely:

1) Reporting false wins against me as well as others in Gameleague ladder play. Check out
2) Lying to others about my absence and slandering my name. Told them that I had left the civ scene because he had beaten me in a game; a game that was never even played.
3) Threatening to doctor saves to accuse me and my tribe of cheating (Apparently, he works with Eyes of Night to work on these devious schemes)

And the list goes on and on. Don't point fingers unless you get the facts straight.
Anyway, I am not too far away from you (Ft. Drum), but that's not what's important here...:)

You happen to be one of the few Civ 2 MP players left here. But when you carry a fight over from another site, a fight that should be fought behind closed e-mails, it makes you look terrible.

How in the world are you gonna expect people to play you when they read this endless drivel about cheating and such. They will automatically connect you with cheating, whether you are guilty or not.

Please don't drag this crap into the forums over here. I have no idea who is right and who is wrong here, but you two arguing your case makes you both look silly. All of this is over ladder play, so how do you expect people to want to play in a new ladder (If there ever is one?) when stuff like this goes on.

I am a firm believer that ladder play is useless, but in order to promote it, you need to have people that appear trustworthy. With all of your flaming, you are merely ruining your reputations, and harming our chances of getting new players to play Civ 2.

Because without newbies, there won't be multiplayer games before for very much longer.

As good players, you should be promoting games, not making them look like farces.
yes please keep this nonsense at Apolyton..anywhere but here.

If a forum becomes inactive,it will be closed down.Not used for whatever anybody wants.Bickering forums are at ACOL ;)
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