The Franklin Expedition Mafia - Mafia Win


Dec 13, 2019

On May 19th 1845 Captain John Franklin led the Erebus, the Terror, and 134 members of their crew on their last journey, a journey to secure their place in history. John Franklin, and his crew, were going to traverse in it's entirety for the first time the Northwest Passage, connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans through the Northern hemisphere. In Greenland, five crewmembers were discharged for their conduct and sent back, losing their chance to be a part of history. Those were the lucky ones. The Erebus and Terror remain trapped in ice. Their captain, John Franklin, died on them. The crew, after waiting for more than a year and a half, have abandoned these useless vessels. They've survived in the Arctic Tundra for two years without their ship and a hope to return to Britain, but not without losses. 80% of the crew is now dead, and factions are forming among the few that remain, including one, the Cannibal Cabal, who thinks that they could be better served by their crewmates remains digesting within their stomachs.

1. Takhisis - John Diggle - Vanilla Townie - Lynched Day One
2. Topsecret - Alexander Paterson - Mafia Goon - Won Night Four
3. Pzelda - Richard Wall - Mafia Framer - Won Night Four
4. JohannaK - Robert Sargent - Cop - Killed Night Four
5. Timsup2nothin - Francis Crozier - Mafia Roleblocker - Won Night Four
6. RRRaskolnikov - Alexander McDonald - Doctor - Endgamed Night Four
7. LordArgon - Samuel Honey - Vanilla Townie - Lynched Day Four
8. Montmorency - William Fowler - Vanilla Townie - Endgamed Night Four
9. Arakhor - John Morfin - Vanilla Townie - Endgames Night Four
10. TheCleanerDragon - Charles Johnson - Vanilla Townie - Lynched Day Three
11. MaryKB - James Brown - Vanilla Townie - Killed Night Three
12. Snerk - Thomas Hartell - Vanilla Townie - Lynched Day Two
13. Visorslash - Thomas Armitage - Vanilla Townie - Killed Night Two


Game Summary
Day One
Night One
Day Two
Night Two
Day Three
Night Three
Day Four
Night Four
Mafia QT
Dead Chat
Role List
Action List

Maritime Law
In the far Northern reaches of the world the cold nights last long, but the days last longer. Days last 48 hours and Nights last 24 hours.

Just because your supposed to be sleeping doesn't mean you will be. Night chat is allowed.

The crew are a family. What you say in front of one you must be able to say in front of the whole crew. You cannot privately communicate with other users, unless you're a Cannibal speaking with the Cabal.

The forgery or destruction of transcripts is a treasonable offense. Do not edit your posts for any reason.

Since the death of Captain John Franklin and most of the higher ranks, the crew is left to dispense justice among itself. Each day, crewmembers can democratically vote to execute their former comrades in the following way: Vote: Player. No lynch is not an option. In the event of a tie, day will be extended until the tie is broken. If the tie is maintained for longer than 12 hours, than the lynch will be decided through chance alone.

Your personal documentation was abandoned with the Terror and Erebus. You are not allowed to post your role PM, QTs, or anything else I may send you.

Make your livelihood known each day, lest your comrades leave you for dead in the snow. Be active lest you be replaced

A crewmember's alignment and role are revealed upon their death. After death, the dead body must not stir lest it be burned by it's former crewmates because of signs of sorcery. Don't post or like posts after you're dead

Tl;DR: Cycles are 48/24, don't post your role PM, don't edit posts, night chat is allowed and be active!

Crew win condition: Eliminate the Cannibal Cabal
Cannibal Cabal: Equal or outnumber remaining town
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Not sure when we'd start, but some options are January 28th, Early February, or Mid/Late February
I'm in.

As for start date, I'm open to any of them, but of course I'd prefer the earliest start.
Ready to set sail at captain Dolbster's convenience. :salute:
This does look interesting.
Does it look interesting enough to be worth your time?

Say yes or we'll eat you.
vote: Synsensa

Clearly Mario...

Oh wait, I mean, Mafia.
For what it's worth, one of my (not-so-secret) mod powers is to be able to tell when any post is edited, if that's of interest to our dubiously-avatared referee.
For what it's worth, one of my (not-so-secret) mod powers is to be able to tell when any post is edited,
What be this witchcraft?
For what it's worth, one of my (not-so-secret) mod powers is to be able to tell when any post is edited, if that's of interest to our dubiously-avatared referee.
That'd be cool if you could help with that. I'm looking at past games and it looks like allowing "ninja edits" is a thing here so I might do that. How long after the post was made does one need for edits to it to be publically visible?
What be this witchcraft?
I think that if we eat him we gain his powers
Oh, and will we be doing everything in the same thread or will a new one be made for game start?
I thought it was as short as five minutes, but then, it's not really been that important to me for the last few years. :)
Ok, in. Sorry, If you lunch me again because of my time constraints.
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