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    Frozen Civilization v1.02
    For Fall from Heaven 2 0.40n

    This civ has been in the development for some time. A while ago, FFH 2 first got me into modding, and I wanted to (like many others) make new civilizations. But the types of civs I wanted to make weren't normal civs- rather, I wanted to expand the number of summonable civs. Like the Infernals and Mercurians. And since Winter was my favorite part of the game (Illians = favorite civ), I chose to make an Ice "divine civ".

    The lore behind the Frozen is simple enough. Taranis, former archangel of Mulcarn, is imprisoned. Even if you beat him in the Age of Ice scenario, I assume he is retrapped (instead of "killed"). The Illians cast a ritual powerful enough to free him called Liberation, expecting him to pledge allegiance to Auric Ulvin. But... he doesn't, and instead gathers all the former demons of ice together. His goal: to bring back the Age of Ice, and to ascend to the God of Winter's position. Taranis is capable of ascending to produce a "Taranis Ascended" unit.

    If you have a suggestion or bug report, please post it here. I welcome feedback.

    As of v1.0, this is probably a finished product. I don't intend to add any new content, but if there still are bugs or balance issues, I will fix them. I'll also update for compatibility when a patch for FFH 2 is released.


    • This mod adds a new summonable, ice-themed civ, the Frozen, to the game.
    • The Frozen are summoned by a ritual called Liberation, which requires the tech Elementalism and for the summoner to be either evil or neutral. Liberation also gives the summoner a few Ice Golems.
    • The Frozen are led by Taranis the Unchanging, archangel of Mulcarn, who is also their civilization hero. His traits are Agnostic, Arcane, Defender, and Fallow. The hero unit has the Unchanging promotion, which makes him immortal (in that he must be killed twice in one turn and returns to his owner's capital on death).
    • Like Auric, Taranis is capable of ascending and creating an Auric Ascended unit, as well as creating all the "Spells of Winter" (Samhain, The White Hand, The Deepening, The Draw, Ascension, and Stir from Slumber). Since he is also their hero, doing this kills the Taranis unit in-game.
    • The Frozen are Fallow, and gain population just as the Infernals do. When units with the Winterborn or Frozen Soul promotions die, the Frozen get a Frozen Soul, a unit equivalent to the Infernal Mane.
    • Frozen Unique Units:
      • Aquilan: Replaces the Knight
      • Frost Giant: Replaces the Berserker
      • Ice Golem: Replaces the Longbowman
      • Kocrachon: Replaces the Chariot
      • Nive: Replaces the Ranger
      • Winter Wolf: Replaces the Hunter
    • Frozen Unique Buildings:
      • Frozen Palace: Replaces Palace, provides Ice and Law Mana, as well as Iron
      • Swamp of Souls: Replaces Aqueduct, gives production bonuses at cost of health
      • Temple of the Hand: Replaces Pagan Temple, same as the Illian UB
    • Other Frozen Stuff:
      • The Frozen Worldspell is called Wintering, and it spreads the Wintered promotion to around 20% of living units. It also turns all Blizzards inside Frozen territory into Winter features.
      • The Winter feature provides +2 production and commerce bonuses to the Frozen alone.
      • Unit with the Ice Demon promotion, the Frozen racial promotion, pass the Frozen Soul promotion to enemies in combat.
      • The Kocrachon unit passes the Nested promotion to enemies in combat, which has a chance of killing the unit with it and spawning several Young Kocrachon units under either Frozen or barbarian control.
    • This mod also adds Blizzards, capable of moving around and spreading ice terrain, that begin to spawn after the Deepening is completed.
    • It also increases the powers of Auric Ascended and Taranis Ascended:
      • Taranis and Auric have gained +10 Ice Affinity, which means they start out at 70, as both their palaces provide Ice Mana
      • They can also spread ice terrain around the map as they move, in an effect similar to the Temple of the Hand.
      • They can cast a greater version of the Slow spell (Ice I), with a two-plot radius.
      • They can cast a spell called Summon Winter Creatures, which lets the player choose which type of "winter creature" they want to summon.
    • This mod also gives both the Frozen and Illians a Mulyalfar Elf unit, a Druid UU that can use the Freeze Forest spell, which either creates snow under forest or a forest on a snow plot.
    • In-game documentation is available both for the Frozen, for Blizzards, and for the Orb of Sucellus mechanic, under the "Fall from Heaven 2 Concepts" section of the pedia. Other things, like new promotions, buildings, and units, have strategy and help text available as well.

    Download main mod here (v1.01)
    Download latest patch here (v1.02)
    Fall Further version
    Rise of Erebus Discussion Thread


    v1.02 Patch Changelog:
    -Ice Demon units are no longer alive
    -The Ice Golem now has Resist Cold
    -The Mulyalfar Elf now gets +25% Ice Resistance, rather than -25%
    -Taranis can now be Obsidian Gated around the map
    -Fixed a bug where both the Illians and the Frozen would create Auric Ascended
    v1.01 Changelog:
    -Made compatible with FFH 0.41n
    v1.0 Changelog:
    -Made compatible with 0.41m
    -Blizzards will not spawn until someone completes the Deepening
    -Added Orb of Sucellus event that triggers after Liberation
    -The Orb of Sucellus Shards are given to the strongest player
    -Any arcane unit (units with Channeling I) can reforge the Shards at a Forge
    -Then, the artifact destroys blizzards and weakens Ice Demon/Winterborn units within a 2-plot radius
    -Added new Kocrachon unit art from Lord Tirian
    -Reworked Frozen worldspell- it has a 20% chance of giving units Frozen Soul when cast
    -Also, it causes all Blizzards in Frozen lands become Winter features
    -Updated help text, strategy text, and concept text for Frozen stuff
    -Added new buttons for Adult, Young, and Nested promotions from Planetfall mod
    Spoiler Old Changelogs :
    v0.9b Changelog:
    -Implemented a "Diminishing Returns" mechanic for Frozen Souls
    -Lowered Taranis's attack and increased his defense, as he cannot attack
    -The same civ must create Ascension and the Draw (so the Frozen can't do one and the Illians the other) 
    -Allowed the Frozen to select the Illian option for the Mulcarn constellation event
    -Fixed a bug when the Frozen capture a city
    -Stopped Frozen Soul promotion from passing itself in combat
    -Increased the cost of Kocrachon
    -Nested can be removed by Dispel Magic, and Dragons are now immune to it
    -Young Kocrachon have an increased chance to die, Nested units a decreased chance to hatch
    v0.9a Changelog:
    -Combined the two Dedicate Monument event options
    -Decreased the rate Tar Demons can spawn in a Frozen city
    -Limited the number of Tar Demons that can spawn in a Frozen city
    -Frozen now only get 1 Frozen Soul on a unit's death, like Mercurian Angels, unlike Infernal Manes
    -If a unit would create a Frozen Soul but also create Manes\Angels, it will not create a Frozen Soul
    -Units cannot create both Manes and an Angel on their death
    -Fixed a bug where all AI Frozen souls would be assigned as city population
    -Fixed a bug in Blizzards, and also lowered creation, raised death, chances
    -Blocked blizzards from being created in cities and moving onto water
    -Before creating a blizzard, the game will check if too many other blizzards are nearby
    v0.9 Changelog:
    -Made compatible with patch 0.41j
    -Auric/Taranis Ascended now can cast a version of Slow with a 2-plot radius
    -Auric/Taranis Ascended now can summon many different ice creatures
    -Fixed bug where units with Blizzard Caller could not cast Call Blizzard
    -Fixed bug where Ice Demon could be dispelled by Dispel Magic
    -Changed Taranis's diplo music to the Age of Ice theme
    -Frozen Temples of the Hand now only freeze the BFC, nothing beyond it
    -If the Frozen have died, and units are still Nested by the Kocrachon, they produce barbarian units
    -Balance changes to Blizzards: many less water tiles turned into ice
    -Liberation now grants the summoning civilization a few ice golems
    -If Blizzards are not in Frozen or Illian lands, they have an extra chance to "die"
    -Scorch can now remove water ice within one plot of the caster.
    -The Dedicate Monument event now has an option for the Frozen as well
    -Updated concept articles documenting Frozen features and added a lot of links 
    -Added the final part of Liberation, the story covering the founding of the Frozen
    v0.8 Changelog:
    -Made compatible with patch 0.41i
    -Merged in [URL=""]Blizzards Modcomp[/URL], also by me, with documentation
    -Created new graphic for the Winter feature (generated by Wintering worldspell)
    -Added new Frozen Palace graphic by Deon
    -Gave the Aquilan the Call Blizzard spell (by tying it to a new "Blizzard Caller" promotion)
    -Frozen cities with the Swamp of Souls building have a chance to spawn a Tar Demon
    -Added Part 2 of "The Liberation", story covering the founding of the Frozen
    -Rename Wintered promotion to Frozen Soul
    -Allow Dispel Magic spell to remove Wintered from affected units.
    -Wintered/Frozen Soul now applies -15% strength, -25% against cold damage
    -Frozen units no longer have Winterborn promotion
    -Wintered/Frozen Soul is no longer spread by Winterborn... it is spread by Ice Demon instead
    -All Frozen units now have Ice Demon (except for the Ice Golem, which starts with Golem)
    -Removed Winterborn trait (it was useless now that Frozen do not start with Winterborn)
    -Your own units no longer turn into Frozen Souls
    -Wintering no longer causes Frozen or Winterborn units to gain Wintered/Frozen Soul
    -Blocked Winterborn units from gaining the Wintered/Frozen Soul promotion
    v0.7b Patch:
    -Fixed bug where Frozen units without Ice Demon promotion suffered damage from Blizzards
    -Fixed worldspell placement bug, hopefully for the last time...
    -Removed Frozen Souls from a Frozen city when someone else captures it
    -Fixed bug where the Illians and Doviello could build TumTum
    -Blocks the Frozen from being summoned if the No Hyborem or Basium gameoption is enabled
    -Added Part 1 of "The Liberation" to the pedia, detailing the liberation of Taranis by Auric
    v0.7a Patch:
    -Fixed worldspell tech prereq (back to Sorcery from Arcane Lore)
    -Gave Taranis Arcane trait instead of Spiritual
    -Removed research/gold/culture bonus per state religion in city from Frozen Palace
    -Fixed bug when casting Worldspell
    v0.7 Changelog:
    -Made compatible with patch 0.41g.
    -Added city names to the Frozen
    -Added Nive unit as Ranger UU from the Bestiary
    -Added Mulyalfar Elf unit, ice elf druid with a "freezing" spell
    -Added Kocrachon unit as Chariot UU from the Bestiary
    -Kocrachon passes "Nested" to enemies in combat, Nested units "hatch" to spawn young Kocrachon that last a few turns
    -Added new graphic for Wintered promotion
    -Renamed Demonic Citizens building to Frozen Souls
    -Doviello and Illian civs given Winterborn as civilization trait
    -When a Winterborn city is razed, the Frozen get Frozen Souls (like Infernals from evil city)
    -Fixed issue where the "building Temple of the Hand" code does not work after capturing a city
    -Added pedia page for concept information on the Frozen (this is a work in progress)
    -Create Fall Further version of this civilization
    v0.6b Patch:
    -Made Frozen start with Temple of the Hand instead of Training Yard
    -Blocked Wintering from giving Wintered to "unalive" units (naval and siege units, etc.)
    -Blocked Wintering from damaging any non-Winterborn Frozen units
    -Moved Wintering Worldspell to Arcane Lore
    -Fixed bug where if non-Illians summon Taranis, Taranis does not get Winter Tech
    -Weakened defensive strength of Ice Golem by 4
    v0.6a Patch:
    -Fixed Frozen spawning popup text to say "abandon your original civilization"
    -Fixed units getting random Defensive promotion when built
    -Fixed issue where Taranis declares war on the enemies of those who summon him
    -Prevented blizzards from dealing damage to Ice Demon units (Frozen units)
    -Fixed bug where other civs besides Frozen/Illians could research Winter Tech
    -Fixed Ascension ritual so that Taranis/Auric is actually summoned
    -Fixed Frozen Worldspell button art
    v0.6 Changelog:
    -Made Liberation a ritual that all non-good civs can create
    -Added diplo text and defeat text to the Frozen
    -Added the ability for Taranis to ascend (which kills the hero unit)
    -Used Mulcarn art from AoI for Taranis Ascended unit
    -Allowed the Frozen to make all other rituals of winter (Deepening, Draw, Ascension)
    -Added "Winter Tech" that Frozen and Illians start with
    -Added passive snow spreading for Ascended units, thanks to MagisterCultuum

    To Install:
    To install v1.01, all you need to do is run the included executable. It automatically copies your FFH 2 directory.

    However, you should make sure FFH 2 is updated to 0.41n first. You must have FFH 2 patched to 0.41n before installing this mod.

    -TC01 (civ, idea)

    -MagisterCultuum (help, Ascended Passive Snowfall Spread spell)
    -The_Coyote (the old Kocrachon/Locust)
    -Lord Tirian (the new Kocrachon/Locust graphic)
    -Bill Bisco (ideas, feedback)
    -Valkrionn (help, merger with RIFE)
    -Sephi (help, merger with Wildmana)
    -Xienwolf (help)
    -mimic, Cupric Leane (ideas)
    -Cyther (rationale for Taranis's ascension)
    -Tarquelne (alignment idea)
    -Tasunke (feedback)
    -Deon (feedback, palace art)
    -DioAurion, BlackArchon (Wildmana feedback)
    -Other Planetfall art contributors (some promotion buttons)
    -Gravage, Swinkscalibur, 2Hydroclopse, Breez, Schwarzbart, Brokenbone, jimmythes, Sarisin (RIFE feedback)

    And many other people who give feedback, including Rise from Erebus testers.

    -Fall from Heaven 2 Mod Team (for making FFH 2)
    -People credited by FFH 2 team in the Credits thread

    -Firaxis for making Civilization IV
    -Sid Meier for making original Civilization


    See download page for screenshots. Currently there are:

    -All unique units and units with unique art
    -Passive ice spread by the Ascended units
    -The Summon Winter Creatures spell menu
  2. Valkrionn

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    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    Sounds interesting. :goodjob:
  3. [to_xp]Gekko

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    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    cool, someone that can give the Illians a run for their money. looking forward to see how this develops :goodjob:
  4. MagisterCultuum

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    Feb 14, 2007
    Kael's head
    Unfortunately, I'm afraid Taranis's completely unchanging nature (which also makes him invulnerable to all injuries, but wouldn't protect him from an attack that could destroy his entire being in a single instant) would seem to mean that he could never possibly ascend. He can never be any more or any less than he was in the moment he was created. In fact, he could likely never even learn that his god is dead, no matter how often he is told. He doesn't really have the mental faculties to have a goal of godhood, or anything else really. Most archangels are more like humans than their gods, but Taranis is one clear exception (which makes since considering Mulcarn was the only god who thought that creating mankind was a bad idea).
  5. Bill Bisco

    Bill Bisco Callous Calling

    Apr 28, 2007
    Yawn, yawn. Don't let an interpretation of lore get in the way of interesting mechanics and potentially better lore.

    I like the idea, but I'd like to see civilizations other that the Illians summon Taranis.

  6. TC01

    TC01 Deity

    Jun 28, 2009
    Irregularly Online
    I decided to go with a slightly different interpretation of Taranis. I haven't written any of this, but my idea/interpretation is that Mulcarn created a being and then "programmed" him to be unchanging. I imagine that in that "programming" there might be a directive to make Taranis seek Ascension on Mulcarn's death, and "programs" written to make Taranis more flexible as he neared Ascension.

    My justification/logic for this? I remember seeing somewhere he was called Taranis the Defiled (that's actually in his pedia entry I wrote) and you commented something like maybe he started out not-Unchanging and Mulcarn altered him to become that way. So I interpreted it that maybe Mulcarn did more to Taranis then just that. After all, all the other gods' archangels would seek Ascension on the death of their god. (Evil ones for power, good ones to prevent someone else from taking the place.) Cernunnos, for example. So Mulcarn may have planned for his own death.

    But his programming is is still pretty strict. He refused to join Auric Ulvin, for instance. I want to make his diplo text incredibly short and to-the-point. He's just lost enough of his programming to actually have diplomacy with people.

    This is still bending the Lore, but it's not that bad (at least, I think).

    I could make all evil civs able to "summon" Taranis, or all civs able to summon Taranis. The issue is I'm not certain why they'd want to. Restricting Liberation to evil civs would probably work best, but I'm not certain why, say, the Sheaim (who want to destroy the world) would summon someone who wants to preserve it forever.

    I guess, though, I could make all evil civs without Ashen Veil able to summon him?
  7. mimic

    mimic Magic Box

    May 18, 2005
    United Kingdom
    oooh nice idea, you could use the art for Mulcarn from Age of Ice for Taranis's ascension.
  8. Bill Bisco

    Bill Bisco Callous Calling

    Apr 28, 2007
    Well, the issue of letting other civs summon Taranis has to do with fun and playability. Maybe lore-wise it'd be hard to see dwarves going OO or Elves going RoK, but again its more fun if I have the option to go that route, or force others to go that route. To me, Agnostic is a terrible trait, I can't force someone to adopt my religion no matter what. I mean, Sabathiel can be forced under pain of death to convert to the Veil, but somehow Auric would rather die than ever convert. Bad and counter-intuitive to me.

    As far as why they'd want to, I'd very honestly say: leave that up to the player. When I'm playing a game in FFH; I'm not playing Amelanchier, I'm playing Malis the Elven Warlorld. Maybe Malis likes Ice a whole lot and thinks summoning Taranis is a good idea! Maybe Malis thinks that another Age of Ice would be a sure way to defeat his remaining enemies and would be preferable to a direct assault.

    I don't see much difference personally in turning the world into helfire or turning the world into frozen crystals. Both are the destruction of the world in my view. And I don't see a reason that the Sheiam couldn't think differently.

    I wouldn't mind only allowing Evil Civs to Summon Taranis if FFH let you change Alignment at will. Unfortunately, you can only change alignment by adopting a religion. So for a civ to summon Taranis with that idea, they'd first have to adopt the veil, then unadopt it, then Summon Taranis. Really, I think one's alignment should be up to the player. It's kind of sad when I'm playing Cardith Lorda and researched Way of the Wicked only to be told that I can't adopt Slavery because I'm Good. Well, maybe I don't want to be Good; maybe I want to be evil, I mean that's why I researched Way of the Wicked in the First Place.
  9. TC01

    TC01 Deity

    Jun 28, 2009
    Irregularly Online
    Maybe we need a "Change Alignment at Will Modcomp" then. Perhaps after researching certain techs (like Way of the Wicked) you get an event that lets you become evil?

    In any event, I can make all civs able to summon Taranis. But the way I made Liberation work is it has a production bonus for owning Ice Mana. Which the Illians start with. So the Illians are more likely to complete Liberation first. But if someone else beelines it, they might get it instead.
  10. cyther

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    Jun 9, 2008
    Fane of Lessers
    Perhaps Taranis had part of Mulcarn's spark.

    Spoiler Beneath the Heel Ending :
    "Sorry he couldn't be brought back in better shape, he put up a fight."

    Auric ignored Tasunke's comment. He was staring reverently at the broken pieces of Barnaxus that Tasunke had laid on the meeting rooms sturdy table. Auric touched each piece carefully, as if they were religious artifacts.

    Lucian stood near the door of the chamber, seeming the least confused by Auric's actions but only because he had given up trying to understand them. Dumannios, Riuros, and Anagantios all watched Auric carefully, sensing something deeply significant in the golems shattered parts but unable to tell what. Tasunke just waited to get paid.

    The room's only other occupant was caged. Beeri Bawl, Luchuirp king, sat ignobly in an old wolf pen that Tasunke had dragged along as a special present for Auric. Beeri was the most surprised to find that Barnaxus was not only the cause of the war with the Hippus, but of so much interest to the Illian priests.

    "This is not a golem," Auric began, "he is not powered by gears and dwarven enchantment but by the divine breath of Mulcarn himself. This is the last piece of Mulcarn, that which was untouched by the godslayer."

    "Oh yeah, that golem's a god. I got a pair of boots made out of Bhall's panties too if you're interested. They smell kinda funny but sure do keep your toes warm on a cold night."

    Everyone but Auric glowered at Beeri, but he only crossed his arms and stared back at them.

    Auric placed his hands on the chest of the broken golem and began chanting. The spell started low and quiet as he repeated each incantation. To Tasuke it sounded like a lullaby, but in a language he had never heard. It wasn't harsh or chaotic like the spells he was used to hearing.

    As Auric continued to cast the room chilled to the point where everyone's breath could be seen. Outside of Auric's spell the rest of the sound dimmed and Beeri yelled and thrashed against the bars of his cage, but it went unnoticed.

    Barnaxus' chest began to glow. As everyone watched a white radiance spread along the broken pieces and then gathered in his chest before flaring in the symbol of a white hand. The flare was so bright everyone was momentarily blinded, but when they could see again the shadow of Mulcarn stood above the table.

    Dumannios, Riuros, and Anagantios fell to their knees. Tasuke felt his knees wobble, as if subconsciously wanting to worship the figure before him, but he resisted.

    Mulcarn wasn't there, he wasn't real. It was only a glimmer of his power like the glow of sunlight after it has passed beneath the mountains. But still there was godhood in that image. And in that moment, with Auric standing arms outstretched before the last remnant of Mulcarn's power he did look like a man ascending to heaven.

    The light turned to pale mist and Auric breathed it in. His body strained against the energy that coursed through it, then faded leaving him triumphant and weary for the experience. The three priests continued praying, but did so now at Auric's feet.

    Looking at Lucian Auric said, "See that the horse lord is paid well for his service."

    Tasuke smiled, "and what of the dwarf I brought you?"

    Auric considered Beeri closely, "He's very funny. Sell him to Perpentach, I'm sure the Momus can use another jester."

    I believe the Magister said that losing the spark killed Barnaxus and made him a simple if well-crafted golem. If Auric had tried such a ritual on Taranis it may have changed him. He may now be more human and thus able to want the godhood of Mulcarn himself. The Illians would still worship Auric but Taranis would be both independent and able to attempt to gain godhood.
  11. Switchblock

    Switchblock Kuriotate Scholar

    Jan 21, 2007
    I really like the idea! I just hate choosing between FfH Modded up and FF modded up
  12. Bill Bisco

    Bill Bisco Callous Calling

    Apr 28, 2007
    I think more opportunities to switch alignment would be a good thing. I would note to creators and anyone else that RPing is fluid concept, and people can go back and forth. Imagine being told that you can't build Infirmaries because you're Evil. Well why not? A healthy populace is a more loyal populace. Imagine being told that you could later build infirmaries when you researched Way of the Wise. Well why? Why do I have to research extra techs when I want to and am acting benevolent now.

    I think giving a production bonus to those with Ice mana is a great thing. Perhaps a civilization that controls the Lectum Frigis, feels a calling and is compelled to summon Taranis. Not only an RP reason, but a mechanical benefit as well which is double the good!
  13. TC01

    TC01 Deity

    Jun 28, 2009
    Irregularly Online
    You mean, FFH modmods and FF modmods? I can release a Fall Further version of this sometime in the future (when I have time to convert it and have done more work on it). (And I guess a FF+ or Orbis version as well...)
  14. Valkrionn

    Valkrionn The Hamster King

    May 23, 2008
    Crestview FL
    Depending on how it comes out I could include it in FFPlus. ;)
  15. Tarquelne

    Tarquelne Follower of Tytalus

    Dec 8, 2001
    It could be not the civ as a whole but one faction, conspiracy, or tendency within the civ that does so. Sure, it'd be a huge betrayal, but that's often not a stopper when you're Evil.

    And, given that rationale, Good and Neutral civs could be included, too. Yet it seems far less likely that such a group in a Good/Neutral civ would be strong or Evil enough to pull it off. They'd be fine to leave out.
  16. TC01

    TC01 Deity

    Jun 28, 2009
    Irregularly Online
    True. And switching to Neutral is far easier then switching to evil. So instead of making all civs able to summon them I'll just let Neutral or Evil summon them (with the Ice Mana bonus I already described).
  17. TC01

    TC01 Deity

    Jun 28, 2009
    Irregularly Online
    I released v0.6. Main change in this version is that now the Frozen can ascend, creating Taranis Ascended, killing the hero unit Taranis if he's on the field. It also lets the Frozen make all Spells of Winter, and (thanks to MagisterCultuum) gives passive snow spread to the Ascended units- as they move, they make snow terrain.

    Next version I'll release will also have a Fall Further version.
  18. Bill Bisco

    Bill Bisco Callous Calling

    Apr 28, 2007
    Well TC01, this was fun rushing to get this civ. And thank you for implementing my suggestion about Civs other than Illians because that inspired me to test it out. A few things however.

    1. Winter Tech is buildable by anyone before building Liberation. The AI summoned Mokka and killed himself.

    2. The Text for when you're given the option to abandon your civ and take over Taranis, mentions "abandoning the Illians" except that I'm not the Illians.

    3. It mentions demonic Citizens in the cities

    4. The cities have infernal names

    5. Each city has a forge, elder council, mage guild, obsidian gate, and training yard. Is this on purpose?

    6. I was wondering what the problem with my Ice Golem was until I looked in Pedia. If there's any way that can be adjusted so that when you mouse over golem unit, it tells you where it can't walk, that would be great

    7. My Adept started its life out damaged. Not sure why

    8. I was very confused about this Ice Golem because It says that it can't walk through grass, plains, desert, or coast, yet it walks though trees and Oasises just fine. It wasn't able to defend my cities which were on hills or grassland, and this made me quite sad.

    9. Maybe every city should automatically spread Tundra like temple of the hand, or start out automatically with temple of the hand. It would feel much more thematic and dramatic for me since I just summoned an Ice guy.

    10. I praise you for not extending his summoning too far out. I OO Kuriorate Rushed this guy at turn 95. Might have been faster if I started out as Amurites and didn't get Writing.

    11. I got a random free defensive promotion, on some of my created guys, I'm guessing that's Winter Tech. Keep in mind it applies to anyone who gets it.

    12. If you do want Taranis to have Obisidian Gates, it would be cool if Taranis could use them. The idea of a Huge teleporting defender is very appealling.

    13. I was at war with Faeryl when I summoned Taranis. As Taranis, I'm at war with her for some reason

    14. When I captured Kwythellar, my old civ's capital, I got to keep my old Great People, strange

    15. I like this worldspell a lot, although it's only spreading blizzards in places I built temples of the Hand. Also, what do all these cloudy things do to my enemies?

    16. I used worldspell and all my enemies got withered promotion and when I killed them, suddenly they died and became frozen souls. I like this. That's cool.

    17. I think I'm getting 2 frozen souls for killing 1 withered Svartalfar, I like this. Also after casting worldspell, my cottage tiles are giving me 2 hammer and 5 commerce. I love the Frozen!

    18. Commune with Nature is a required Tech, yet since Taranis is Evil, he can't have Druids, the problem is that causes the whole tech to be just another speedbump on the way to ascension (which takes too long I might add). Perhaps there should be some Evil Frost Druids available to Frozen and Illians.

    19. My workers get damaged and killed by the cold stuff. Maybe they should be immune to cold?

    20. During certain points, the population in my cities decreases. I have no idea why this happens. Everything should be fallow. Ok, this happens when I kill a unit within my borders. the pop of my city decreases by 1, but the frozen soul appears in that city. Very strange.

    21. It would be nice if I could build mana nodes in blizzards. Thanks :)

    22. I build Ascension in the same city that Taranis was in. He did not ascend!!!!!!! :( Very sad!
  19. TC01

    TC01 Deity

    Jun 28, 2009
    Irregularly Online
    Alright, apparently there are plenty of bugs/issues to fix.... :)

    Interesting. I'm not entirely sure how this is possible. It has a starting cost of -1, so no one should be able to build it. Will investigate.

    EDIT: Fixed. Apparently you need to also block all civs save the ones you want to start with this via python. Added to next patch.

    Leftover from when you had to be the Illians to abandon them, sorry. Will be fixed in next patch to get the name of the civ you were before.

    Remnants from the Infernals. I can make a new Frozen Souls building in the city (to go along with unit of same name). For city names, I have no good ideas, except for making Taranis's capital "Mulyr" (the name of the mountain in Mulcarn's hell). Do you have any suggestions?

    Yes, it is. The Frozen get the same bonuses as the Infernals do. Should this be altered to be otherwise?

    I probably could by modding the game text manager in the DLL. I might also be able to do the change via python only, but I doubt it.

    This might be worth implementing in regular FFH too.

    No idea as to the cause of this...

    Well, if I make the Frozen start with a Temple of the Hand, this won't be an issue as much. Also not sure as to why it can't cross Coast. Cost is water, so I'll remove this part of it, anyway.

    I stole this unit from Age of Ice, that's why it's restrictions are so annoying. Should I lighten the restrictions on the Ice Golem's movement or increase them by blocking movement on Forest and Oasis?

    One thing I want to do is have Blizzards naturally appear in Frozen (and Illian) territory and move about, like they do in Age of Ice, spreading ice terrain. The process itself isn't that hard, I just need to decide how it should work.

    I could make Frozen cities start with a Temple of the Hand instead of one of the starting buildings (Forge, Elder Council, Obsidian Gate, etc).


    I think this is a bug. I originally made a set of unique ice spells for the Frozen, but I had issues when implementing them and so I dumped them for the first release. But a bit of code in the Event Manager checks if you have one of the spell buildings, and then randomly assigns you Defensive if you do. It works like the Chancel of Guardians. However, since the building doesn't exist, there's some bug that does the code no matter what.

    I can either remove this code or add in the unique ice spells. Which is better?

    I implemented Unchanging as Held, meaning that would be impossible. Perhaps if I set Taranis's movement to 0 instead (so he can never move), or make the Unchanging promotion do this, this would work?

    I think this is because I stole the Liberation code from a mixture of Basium's and Hyborem's, and Basium comes in as your permanent ally. This will be fixed in the next patch.

    You mean Great People on the city's plot or attached to the city? Not sure as to the cause, I'll have to investigate.

    Well, the first issue (Blizzards only where Temples of the Hand are) is because the worldspell "Upgrades" ice terrain. So snow plots with no feature become Blizzards, tundra becomes snow, desert becomes tundra, other land terrain becomes snow. The cloudy things- do you mean Blizzards or Winter? (I really need a new Winter graphic that isn't identical to Blizzards...) Blizzards damage your units, Winter provides production bonuses.

    Wintering will be better when I add in Blizzards, that way there will be more snow terrain to produce blizzards.

    Technically it's "Wintered", not Withered- I used the Withered graphic at the time because I had no better one. I think I'll use one of the Winter Tech buttons from Age of Ice for this, I've been using them for random stuff when I need buttons.

    This is the way it works for the Infernals as well. Mercurians only get 1 angel, since Angels are powerful fighting units, whereas Manes (and Frozen Souls) are better used by adding to cities, upgrading, etc.

    As for the other- Winter is a feature that snow terrain in your territory gets instead of Blizzards (which is what it gets outside your territory). I added it to provide a bonus on snow tiles, to make them not worthless.

    Actually, I have just the unit in mind to do this. Will add it when I add the Bestiary units.

    They are immune to cold damage, but blizzards are done via python. I'll fix this in the next patch (so Blizzards don't apply damage to Ice Demons).

    Strange. I'll investigate.

    Bringing back Ice Mana is something I have planned, but I'm not quite sure how to implement it. This might be a good way to do it.

    You didn't get a Taranis Ascended? Or Taranis did not die?

    Strange. I wonder if I broke Ascension? Will have to investigate, see if this blocks Illians from ascending as well.
  20. Bill Bisco

    Bill Bisco Callous Calling

    Apr 28, 2007
    Dagger Peaks

    just ideas, feel free to use or not.

    I don't mind Iron cause I think it's important for later civs and whatnot. The only thing that I don't quite understand is Obsidian Gates. Now mind you, I'm not entirely sure why Hyborem has these Either.

    I do like Obisidian gates, they let me teleport my Ice Golems around to defend which I consider very important.

    Well, if I make the Frozen start with a Temple of the Hand, this won't be an issue as much. Also not sure as to why it can't cross Coast. Cost is water, so I'll remove this part of it, anyway.

    Yeah, basically any plot of land that is two things, 1 restricted and 1 not restricted, the Ice Golem can walk on. Kind of silly that he could walk all around my cities but not into my cities.

    The major issue here is that Taranis doesn't summon Ice or Tundra when a city is created, and the Ice Golem can't defend. I don't mind that Ice Golems can't enter not Tundra stuff since they're supposed to be Ice Defenders.

    That would be very good!

    My vote would be to replace forge or Training yard. Temple of the Hand is a must to start with!

    Anything to make Taranis more Icy and dangerous is good!

    Yeah, just keep in mind things such as someone casting a haste spell and whatnot.

    By the way, it's kind of curious that he has 15 attack strength and 12 defense strength yet can't attack.

    Yeup, great people attached to the city stayed there when I conquered it.

    Excellent :)

    sounds good

    Excellent, this is a much needed addition

    He did not die, and I did not get an Ascended unit.

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