"The Future is Wild" (mostly) Clean-Maps


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Feb 10, 2002
It's complete! Well, atleast the first one so far. I've completed the 256x161 map. If you don't know what "Future is Wild" is, it's the Animal Planet special that was on a year ago, and repeated a few months ago on how the earth might look 50, 100 and 200 million years from now. Supposedly, the earth will become a pangaea (which is one of the theories). In civ-terms, this is a 60%, dry, temperate world.

I used the map from Future is Wild, and saved it into PSP7, reducing the colors. I then used bmp2bic to save it, then imported it to C3C. This resulted in 2 problems that I've dealt with.

1 - Civ3 only had tundra, so the software could only use tundra as a graphic. So, that left tons of tundra in the middle and edges of the map. I made most of the central (interior) "tundra" into snow-capped mountains, and the outer edges into marshes. The only exception was in the west (former Europe) which is theorized to have lots of forest, and be very wet. So, what better place to add a marsh.

2 - Land featues and 'artifacts'. From the map in Future is Wild, there's a huge line of white (clouds) in the north-east part of the map. This caused PSP7 to turn it into desert when I reduced the colors. So, I improvised and turned it into grassland and plains from what it looked like in the main image. So, that's the only place where you'll find bonus grassland.

Also, there's one place I added marshes where there weren't any tundra. That's where there's a river. In the real picture, there's a huge river flowing, which was hard to capture in the bic version. So, I added marshes to where there was grassland, up to 2 snowcapped mountains. I also put in a river, which is the only river in the map.

Future is Wild Map
Yeah almost too good...oh well if you did make that your self then I congratulate you. :goodjob: :goodjob:
I did make it myself. :) I spent quite awhile converting a few-thousand color image to just 16 colors.
I love it :goodjob: great work CT, hope to see more cool stuff you one day :D
That looks amazing CT :thumbsup: Altough a little big
I'm working on smaller versions too. I think the way that C3C crops the map, the edges of the continent (east and west) might be a little too close to each other.
can you make it for civ4
kristopherb said:
can you make it for civ4

If I still have that bmp2bic conversion tool, or I could find a Civ3 to Civ4 conversion tool, I could make it a lot quicker. The original is 256x161, which is a bit much for Civ4, so I would have to make it smaller.
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