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The Golden Age of Adwa

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by redwings1340, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. redwings1340

    redwings1340 Emperor

    Sep 24, 2011
    Captain Seife of the USS Excallabur rushed to grab his gun, giddy with excitement, and weary from the tough times that had befallen his people. Enemies surrounded his kingdom, with armies several hundred times bigger than his, and greed that matches their ambition. On the east, Isabella of Spain menaced over them, once thought to be a great ally, the witch betrayed his empire in an hour of need, controlling an army that seemed endless. To the west, Agustus Ceaser of Rome resided, believing himself to be the master of the world, with the world's biggest armies to back his claim. Fighting a two front war against such powers was never something Ethiopia could do alone, and their only hope of Salvation, Arabia, did nothing to save them as the opposing armies carved up their lands.

    Things went from bad to worse when the Spanish sent waves and waves of enemies upon Harrar, destroying Castle Black, then taking control of The Meandering River, forcing Ethiopia's gattling guns to retreat to Addis Ababa. Then, the unthinkable happened. Addis Ababa itself came under siege, and with the Ethiopian forces depleted, the spanish conquered the capital itself.

    Life since then in Adwa has been a struggle, with everyone, man, woman, and child, constructing and serving in ships of war to help fight against the inevitable storm. At first, some advocated surrender. We all knew it was hopeless, we were never going to be free after Addis Ababa fell. But then... a miracle happened. The struggle became the challenge, the will to fight became our purpose. We weren't living in luxury anymore, but it didn't matter, we were happy, possibly happier than any time in history. Every day, we had to fear invasion, so every day, we built ourselves up, sung our national anthem with pride, and created as strong a nation as any nation can be. We built ourselves ships, we continued resisting the enemy, and now, with the Excallabur, we're ready to strike back.

    "All hands on deck!" He shouts at his crew, at the top of his lungs. "Prepare the cannons, get the boarding parties ready! Today we retake our homeland!"

    "HURRAH!" The crew yells back, guns in hand, ready to die for their country at a moment's notice. "For Addis Ababa! For Adwa! For the pride of Ethiopia!"


    He looks over to the west, and sees the cannons blaring from the USS Enterprise. This is their chance. Yes, Adwa was under siege from the Romans, and their chances of keeping their capital was low, but to continue moving forward, you need to have a purpose.


    The battle that followed was brief and decisive, as the spanish occupiers were overwhelmed by the force they thought was decisively defeated and restrained. Seife looks through the city with pride. Today, they accomplished something the world thought was impossible. Today, they reminded Isabella that the Ethiopians were a force to be reckoned with, that nobody should ever dismiss them again.

    In the end, some say this day might not matter. Armed with a few frigates while fighting against great war bombers, perhaps they were doomed in the end no matter what they did. The Romans and Spanish would eventually roll over them, using superior firepower and technology to overwhelm the Ethiopian's grit. But when you think about heart, think about courage, and try to stand up for what is right, never forget the golden age of Adwa. Never forget the few that stood up to the many, the little city that struck back. For no matter how many luxuries Rome might have in the future, no matter how many troops, they will never take away the pride of Adwa.


    As expected, the day of reckoning did eventually come, and the golden age came to an end. Still, on the final day, surrounded by foreign troops using tools he could only dream of, Seife was happy. Happy that he led the charge of a prideful nation, happy that Ethiopia had one last glorious stand. Rome would likely dominate the world, and someday, Adwa would become one of many cities supporting that effort. Not today, though. Today, they fought, and today he died with honor.


    ((For some reason I'm having difficulty getting the picture to show up inside the text, but here's a link anyway.))

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