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The Great Greek Proxy Empire


Jan 27, 2006
Leader: Alexander of Greece
Difficulty: Leaning towards King but might do it at Prince, just to make sure my strategy is as effective.
Map Type: Either Pangaea or Terra Incognita (custom map script)
Map Size: If Pangaea, then Large, Standard if Terra Incognita.
Speed: Taking opinions on if Epic or Standard would work better for the strategy.
Goal: Going for a Military victory without taking any capitals myself.

Strategy: My plan is to befriend a number of City States. One of which I will be constantly gifting units. I will pay Rival civs to war with the CS which I am gifting units to, hoping that will envelop the Civs by doing so. My own cities will be focused solely on developing gold, with the exception of perhaps one military producer. I hope to gain a good Science lead based on mostly the Science I get from City States from the Patronage Social Policy Tree.

Thoughts? I'll be starting the game either tonight, tomorrow or the next day. I will take lots of screenshots. :D


Sep 27, 2010
Los Angeles
I basically just did this on a Pangaea map that was essentially two separate continents with an isthmus in between. I tore poor Hiawatha apart with this strategy--it's pretty freaking hilarious. Standard works just fine for the strategy. And it will make you feel evil and Magnificent Bastard-y. Or at least, it did for me :D
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