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The Great Lost Civilizations v1.0 - available ! 1.0


Mar 18, 2003

Take the lead of one of the most outstanding Civilization ever in an epic struggle in Mediteranea and Mesopotamia, and leave your mark for the centuries to come...

Game Era : 3000BC - 400AD
Geographic zone : Mediteranea and Mespotamia
version : C3 Conquest

Featuring : More than 150 units, 18 tribes, 30 wonders, and many improvments.

Download : (130Mb [c3c])
For the peoples who don't own C3C you can alway download the GLC beta 3 for PTW. See this threadhttp://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=67926http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=67926

If you get an error when building the Hebrew prophet unit, the fix is here : http://forums.civfanatics.com/showpost.php?p=2268593&postcount=66

- Unzip this mod your "Civilization III\Conquest\Scenarios" folder (winzip users, use the Extract button, do not drag and drop !).
- Run "Conquest".
- Select "Civ Content".
- Choose "Great Lost Civilizations v1.0".
- Have fun !!!

Note from the Author : It took me more than a year to complete this mod (peoples who have tested the many beta already out know what I mean), but finally it's here ! :crazyeye:

The v1.1 Update for GLC !

http://www.civfanatics.net/uploads11/Update-v1-1.zip (1.1 Mb [c3c])
Unzip it to your "Civilization III\Conquest\Scenarios" folder, replace files if prompted (winzip users, use the Extract button, do not drag and drop !).
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So what's new ?

Updates since Beta 3.1 to v1.0

Improved waiting time between turns :
- Now the waiting time as been divided by 3 since the last beta release (beta 3).
And thus there're more than 30 units and more than 30 resources added to the game.
This has been achieved by croping and tweaking map.

Map :
- Basically the same than in the last version exept that she's been croped a bit, and the resources has been realocated.
- Updated to use the latest C3 Consuest effects, like Volcano's eruptions and Plague.
- Cities now retains culture on capture.
- Volcano max eruption time has been set to 1000.
- Plague is allowed.
- Goody Hutts are no more parts of the game.
- Deleted Wadi Rum (Strange mountains formations near the city of Petra).
- Deleted Great Nemausus Aqueduc.

Leaderheads :
- Updated King TAHARQA : He's now a Male (that's more accurate). :)
- Added Ramses II Victory/Defeat/Love/Hate pictures set.

Technology :
- Basic cost of all 1st lvl Tech have been decreased to boost up research and balancing the removing of Goody Hutts.

Units :
- All african based units now belongs only to Nubia.
- Added the standard ancient units of C3 Conquest.
- Added more than 30 news units (like Etruscan Chariot, Hebrew Slinger, Ugarit Axe Warrior, Greek Scutatio, and much more), putting the total number of units to more than 140 !!!
Assyria : Assyrian Chariot, Siege Archer.
Carthage : Celtic Chariot.
Delian League : Greek Chariot*, Toxotis*.
Egypt : Anubis Knight, Egyptian Archer, Egyptian Axeman, Egyptian Heavy Spearman, Egyptian Monk, Egyptian Spearman, Egyptian Warrior, Horus Knight, Khapesh Swordsman
Etruria : Broad Swordsman, Etruscan Chariot, Etruscan Scutatio.
Hatti : Hatti Commoner.
Hebrews : Slinger.
Lacedemonians : Greek Chariot*, Toxotis*.
Macedonia Toxotis*.
Minoans : Toxotis*.
Parthia : Cavalry Band.
Persia : Eastern Elephant Archer, Eastern Elephant Rider.
Phoenicia : Ugaritian Axe Warrior.
Rome : Centurion, Militia, Roman Army, Roman Ballista, Siege Tower.
Troy : Amazon Beast Master, Amazon Settler, Amazon Warrior Princess, Trojan Chariot.
(* same unit used for several Civs)
(Scientific leader added as well for all Civs)

Wonder :
- Added Marius Reform (require Republic government - produce a Centurion unit every 12 turns, also increase Army value).
- Reconfigured several wonders with Tourists attraction flag.

Improvments :
- Added City Bridge (can only be built on city near a river - increase commerce).

Notes :
- Due to the Conquest game engine, the city view is no longer available... Damn ! Hours of work now in the trash !!! :mad:
Sword_Of_Geddon said:
hows it compare with the Ancient Meditarrian btw?

This Mod focuse on "civilized" civilizations of the era. Here, barbarians are not true civs but... only barbarians.

BTW, I've begun an Eternal Egypt story in the stories & tales subforum. See this Link :egypt:
I just finished the download and fired up a game. First thing I noticed is that you have disabled the option to turn off the preserve random seed. Is this by design? If it is I recommend that you double the hit points of all units to try and minimize the impact of the RNG. In my experience, leaving random seed on just creates frustration.
@Horton :
The main goal for all the modifications I've done, is on my opinion to enhance the gameplay. And I'm alway aware of player feedback. So try to play so and tell me what you think, I'll try to correct what's not good. ;)

@pinktilapia :
Sorry for you :lol: I hope you've a good bandwith :D
R8XFT said:
BTW, if you want to use any of my leaderheads in any future version, you don't need to ask :) .

Thnaks, I shall use some of them in my futur acient era based Scenario who will focuse on a specific periode :goodjob:

BTW, If I can make a fews leaderheads requests... :mischief:
MOD DOESN'T WORK! Error occured: "ERROR REDING FILE! Missing entry in
"text\Pediaicons.txt": TECH_Code_du_Guerrier" The game will now exit" - and
it kicks me back to Windows
R8XFT said:
they might have to wait a little while.

that's not a big deal cause I'm only in the planing phase so no needs to hurry. :king:

This list is non-exhaustive for the moment.
And I need only ancient era one...
I'll will need :
- Antiochos III Emperor of Seleucidian Empire
- King of Pergamus (Asia)
- Ptolemee King of Egypt
- Philip V or Persee King of Macedonia
- Mithridates King of Pontus
- Marius Roman general

:crazyeye: :crazyeye: :crazyeye:
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