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The Greeks a History

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Stories & Tales' started by Dnomal, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    Part I - Foundations

    It was a dark year, a dark year for all, there had once been 6 great tribes, each seperate from one another, living in peace and war as it suited them. But this ancient system was coming to an end.

    It would take a streak of fire across the sky to unite the tribes, there was panic and there was fear. The holy men preachde the time had come for change, that the streak was signal from the spirits, and that all the tribes must unite, and create something that would appease the spirits.

    The tribal leaders would believe anything: and so the six tribes joined together and they would call themselves greeks, the Athenians, the Spartans, the Thebans, the Seleucids, the Corinthians and the strongest of all the Macedonians.

    And so on a cold wintery day the tribal leaders swore a blod oath, to live, fight and die together, and so would there would there ancestors for a thousand years, until the ending of the world.

    There city would be called Athens, and in time it would change the world, as would the greeks who founded it.

    But the greeks were not the only ones to unite under a common banner in the year that would in time be called 4,000 B.C, far from it across the plains, deserts, oceans and mountians other peoples would do the same, and they would not be the only challenges to face the Greeks in times to come.
  2. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    Part II - Others

    So it was that the Greeks built there first city, and they called it Athens, named after the great God Athena, whom all the Greeks worshiped as the supreme deity..

    The Greeks however were not alone, Athens had been founded at a crossroad, a small passage of sea which seperated two continents, and across this passageway the Greeks would encounter another people, they called themselves the Indians.

    They claimed to be peaceful, under their Emperor Asoka the magnificent they founded a city of there own. These were the first people ever discovered by the Greeks

    In the years to come other races would be discovered near-by, the Aztecs, the Spanish, and others who lived far from Greek borders, the Ottomans, the Carthaginians.

    Later other civilizations would emerge, and they would prove to be a thawn in the side of the original civilizations, the ancient ones.

    For now the Greeks were happy and content, within the walls of Athens they built unto themselves a great city, filled with wonders the world have never seen before, they founded their own religion, and for centuries there was peace.
  3. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    Part III - The Great Dilema

    The Greeks had sprung ahead of the world in the years that had followed there birth, they had abolished the cruel Tribal system and adopted a democratic system of rule, each man having one vote to choose the destiny of all.

    They worshiped multiple deities from there holy city Sparta, their knoweldge was unsurpassed, but a problem soon emerged, one which threatened the future of the world's most powerful people.

    Greek Senate - Athens, 22 nd April 241 B.C

    Ariston had never been a politican, he had always been a thinker, he was the head of science in the entire empire, now the thought that he had to grovell to the bumbling cowards of the senate sent a shiver down his spine, how the Gods questioned a mortals faith.

    A noise behind him awoke him from his day dream, as he tilted his head he saw Heladius behind him, oh how he was disgusting, his greatest pupil who cared not for the noble persuit of knowledge and understanding, instead lying and cheating his way into a position of power in the Greek Heiracharcy.

    "They're ready for you now, old friend", at this last statement Heladius forced a meak smile, that only the most dimwitted could have misinturprated, the malice was as clear as day.
    "Good, lead the way"
    Heladius lead on through the many halls and pathways in the senatorial building, criss crossing thorugh what was in Ariston's opinon a glorified maze, eventuall the two parted ways as Ariston climbed the stairs into the main chamber.

    Two of the senatorial guard blocked his way, the tallest spoke from beneath his heavy helmet.
    "Excuse me Sir, no visitors allowed in the Senate."
    "I am not a visitor! I am the head of science and technology! Now you move out of the way or for the love of the Gods you will be lucky to live out the day!"
    The Guard looked taken aback at this, and after a moment regained his former composure and arrogance.
    "Sir, as you should know the head of the Science, would have a proof of his identity Sir."
    Increasingly infuriarted Ariston handed over a medal from his robes, made of gold, it was a gift from his predecessor, who had amased great wealth and was somewaht egotystical.
    The taller guard lifter his spear and stepped back, as did his apparently vacant companion.

    Stepping thorugh the huge doors Ariston could not but help feel intimidaited, so much money must have been spent on this chamber, simply for the purpose of a meeting room, surely a room would do.

    Above him he was seven chairs each with one representative, one for each city and another as speaker.

    The speaker stood up on his appearence, Diodes, luckly for Ariston he was an old friend of Ariston from school, they still talked, mainly about corruption and indescency in the sysytem, but they still talked at least.

    "Ariston you told us this was of the upmost importance." The formal nature of his words could not hide the wink he gave Ariston.
    "It is Mr Speaker."
    At this another senator spoke, an old man by anyone's standards he could have passed for 70, on a good day, he had a crimpled nose and had an obvious lisp when he spoke, and on the physical side he had something of a bulge.
    "Ariston, would you care to tell us what is so important as to interrupt governemnal procedure?"
    "Of course, as you all know I have spent many years, building on the work of my successors, that being increasing our knowledge anf understanding of the world around us..."
    "At great cost to the state I might add." Said another senator, the representative from Sparta.
    "Progress costs money senator, as I'm sure you are aware the money is not wasted. We are aproxametly 100 years ahead of all other nations."
    At this Diodes spoke again this time in a more even voice:
    "Yes and we aware of this, however you said your reason for this audience was of upmost importance."

    "The matter of which I speak is of national security."
    At this simple phrase the old deary senators awoke from there semi-sleep and paid the upmost attentions to this small chunky man who brought them such news.

    "Through hard work and the blessings of the Gods, we have managed to increase our efficency in metal purrification and extraction. We have managed to perfect both copper and iron extreaction."
    He expected some kind of congratualtion at this, but was dissapointed, and slightlt disheartened continued.
    "But there is a problem." He paused once more, for dramtaic effect, watching the senators, the most powerful men in the world hanging on his every word.
    "We don't have any."

    "WHAT!!!" the senators yelled.
    "There is no Copper or Iron within the Empire, we cannot produce a modern army anymore than we can sprout wings."

    At this Diodes spoke once more:
    "Where is there Iron and Copper Ariston?"
    "According to our research there are large quantiites in the Aztec and Spanish Empire..."
    "Then we have no choice, we must take these stockpiles before we are overwhlemed by our enemies."

    The senators all nodded and phrases like:
    "We have no choice" and "War will bring us together" were muttered in the chamber.

    Ariston could hold his tongue no longer:
    "But senators, surely trade could gain us the metal we need."
    The old senator spoke once more,
    "Pah! tell me Ariston would you give up such an advantage if you were the head of the Spanish or Aztec kingdoms?"
    "Well no but...."

    "Now is not a time for division, armies must be gathered and the Empire prepared for war!" said Diodes, and an eree silence filled the huge chamber.
    "Ariston we thank you for you for your efforts, your contribution to the Greek peoples will not be soon fogotten." Diodes stood up and bid Ariston a good journey.
  4. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    Part IV The War with Spain

    One year after Ariston's metting at the senate the greek empire was prepared for war. It had taken but little time to organise the few greek divisions that could be spared, now they sat on the border with spain waiting for the right moment to strike.

    Greek-Spanish Border 4th August 240 B.C

    From his tent Dorus looked out across the land before him, he watched an eagle fly across the sky, looking down upon the mighty earth with disdain.

    "General Dorus?" spoke a weak inquisitive voice from behind him,
    "Yes Tristan what is it?" Dorus didnt even turn to look at him as he spoke.
    "There is a messanger from the senate, he awaits you in your tent."
    "Very well send him in", at this Tristan scurried off to fetch the messenger, and returned a moment later to introduce him.
    "General Dorus, here is the messenger" and that moment Tristan stealthily left.

    A small man uncovered himself from beneath his cloak, and looked at Dorus.
    "Well man, what are you waiting for? Hand me the message!"
    "It is a verbal message, from the speaker himself."
    "Well man get on with it!", why thought Dorus was this man slowing down the reading, it could be of critical importance.
    "Diodes said that the time has come to march on Barcelona."

    Dorus sighed deeply, oh politicans, they were do ready to fight wars as long as another fought for them.
    "Message understood, now leave."

    Dorus walked outside of his meger tent, and knew the time had come to fight, did anyone know the real truth? He was expected to defeat the Spanish with four chariot divisions, a hunter division and two archer groups. Oh how they would be slaughterd, if Barcelona had walls they would all die, they had no way to breach any walls.

    Two Days later...

    Dorus rode hard and fact into the wind, from his chariot he could direct the fighting, and he prayed, oh how he prayed to the Goda for victory.

    "Chariots advance!", horses, wheels and men all made a sound, as they rumbled across no-mans land towards the small city of Barcelona.
    "Archers..... Ready.....Aim..... Fire!" a hail of arrows rose from behind the general as they plummeted towards the cities defenders, most of them missed of course, but enough hit to bloody up the Spanish.

    Dorus could see the chariots riding towards the barricades and streets of the city. Now was his moment to join them, he looked down at his chariotter, hand picked from birth for war.
    "All Men Advance!", then he whispered down the ear of his driver
    "Quickly man, to the chariots!"
    They sped off into the city, on entering Dorus looked to his left and right he saw the Spanish dead and dying.

    At that moment a group of Spaniards ran out from a alley ahead, pulling out his swords he leaped out onto the ground, and enagaged in hand to hand combat. A quick lunge slayed the first man who dared run at him, he was dead before he hit the ground. The second was not so foolish, he pulled back his bow and launched it at him, Dorus ducked and smirked inside at his own ability, he slit his throat.

    Blood spattered everywhere, he fell into the dirt, there he would bleed to death, his blood ran onto the street. He was but a young man, probably no more than 15 years of age. The others looked down onto the corpse of their friend. Seeing the fear in there eyes Dorus spoke in a broekn heavily acented Spanish.
    "Luche y usted se morirá, correrá y usted puede vivir" (fight and you will die, run and you may live.)
    At hearing this one of them ran, followed byt the rest of the motely crew, dropping their weapons and returning to there homes, most happily at escaping the chaiotic battle with their lives.

    The chariot driver returned to his general, wheeling his vehicle around
    "I don't think they'll be coming back any time soon."
    "Nor do I Sir" said the driver with a small curling smile.

    The Battle of Barcelona was a stunning victory for the Greeks, not only did they suffer minimal casualties, but they also gained acess to Iron, and could at last build and mantain a strong, modern army, in order to beat back the inevatbale counter attack.
  5. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    No replies? not even one? how come?
  6. Zande33

    Zande33 Chieftain

    Nov 19, 2006
    I've been reading it, I like it! Honestly I was just too lazy to reply :p You gonna write more?
  7. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    Oh yea, another update today or tommorow, its gunna get better far more interesting. Ty for reply, i was starting to wonder if anyone was reading it.
  8. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    Part V Repercussions

    The news of the Greek victory spread like wild fire around the greek world and beyond. In Athens the news was received with a mixture of euphoria and relief. Meanwhile in Corinth the people were fearfull of this new found aggresion, although they were greeks through and through they were also Jewish, and so fearful of what they saw as Hindu imperialism. Despite this the Greeks had shown themseleves a force to be reckoned with.

    However within Spain the shock was cataclismic, Spain had lost ground to the greeks, a people they had always considered inferior. Prayers went out across the land, prayers to the Buddha for deliberation from the vile greeks. However prayer was all Spain could muster, its garrison was defeated and Spain had no kind of army prepared.

    The much feared counter attack on Barcelona never occured, and so it was that the Greek armies began to push there advance into the Spanish homeland, they set there sites on one of the greatest cities of the ancient world. Madrid.
  9. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    Part VI The Two Front War

    Athens - Senate Building

    Diodes looked around at the squabbling delegates all around him, and this was what men fought and died for at the front....

    "Senator Diodes, what have you to say to this?"
    At this Diodes awoke from his daze and answered his young senator, to young to represent anyone.
    "Senator Myron, as you are aware the people outside of this senate house fully support thw war."
    "They may do Diodes, but that does not mean that WE do, and it is wee... not the mob on the street who rule the empire; lest you forget."
    How dare he lecture Diodes, he the man who had made the hardest decision any man can make, whether or not a nation should go to war.
    Sarcasm rang throughout Diodes voice as he spoke his next statement, barely concealing his rage at this upstart.
    "Noble Myron, I would remind you that this senate is elected by the people, for the people. And if the people do not wish the war to continue they need only hault there support for me."
    Before Heladius had a chance to respond Heladius came bursting thorugh the doors of the Senate, he was breathless and look shocked as if he had just seen a ghost.

    He glanced at Diodes then the other senators.
    "Diodes may I speak to you in private?" he said hesitanitly.
    "But of course." Replied Diodes, all the other senators saw was heladius whispering something into his ear, at hearing it Diodes seemed to age before them all.

    After about a moment everyone in the room semmed to be pearing at Diodes and his small secretary.

    Diodes suddenly stood up, and looked at Myron with a sad defeatist lok in his eye.
    "Myron it would appear that the issur of war has been settled for us."
    "Explain" said a fierce voice from the back.
    "The Aztecs have crossed the border, with 1,000 men. They're heading strait for Corinth, to liberate there fellow Jews."
    From the back the Corinthian representative stood up and said what everyone was thinking.
    "What have we to stop them?"
    Diodes looked at him synpathetically, lowering his head in shame, Diodes couldnt even remember his name.
    "A single archer division, maybe two if our reinforcments hurry."
    "Thats not good enough!" shouted the man in desperation.

    "I agree Theron its not good enough, but we have no choice, it is the will of the gods."
    "Will of the Gods!"

    Myron stood and vented all his fury, with all the strength he could muster.
    "Diodes, if Corinth stands against this heathen onslaught then you will be a hero, blessed by the gods immortalised by the people for a thousand generations.
    But if Corinth should fall then you will be reviled as the man who lost the Greeks our sacred land!"
    "So be it" whispered Diodes, as he realised the full extent of the situation that the Greeks now faced.
    "I will lead the defence of Corinth personally, senator Myron."
  10. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    Part VII The Aztec invasion
    The war between the Greeks and the Aztecs raged on, there could be no mistake who was winning, aztec armies rampaged through Greek territory, marching across and undefended border.

    One of the reasons for the war had been the friction between the Hinud Greeks and the Jewish Aztecs, the proclomation of war had famoulsy read:
    "The mighty aztec nation under the leadership of his royal heighness Montezuma XIV can no longer tolerate the injustcies of the Greek Nation, thusly for the good of all Jewish people a state of war no exists between our two nations"

    The inhabitance of Corinth were Greek but predominately Jewish, and had always felt excluded from there Greek bretherein because of it. When the Aztecs approached the city many believed that the Corinthians would join there religous brothers, they did not, and the Aztecs would have to seize Corinth by force.

    Diodes had never been a miltary man, yes he had served, but he lacked the energy of his friends, he was happy when he had been elected.

    Beyond the hastidly constructed walls Diodes peered out into the darkness of the fields below the city of Corinth.

    For the tewnty second consequitive day Diodes saw nothing of the infamous Aztec hordes, a warrior race who lived to fight.

    "Diodes! The aztecs are on the move!" Exclaimed the scout.
    "How many, and how long?" Diodes asked
    "One hundred thousand at the least"
    "And the time, how long till they arrive"
    "Hours, they were hot on my heels" he said catching his breath

    Diodes turned to the mayor of Corinth, Askes,an aging man, famously athiest he was respected by his enemies and friends alike.
    "Askes prepare the milita!"
    "At once Diodes" Askes scutlled off as fast as he could.

    - The next day -
    The Aztecs had no plan for the seige, they had no siege equipment, they had expdected to be greeted as liberators, not shuned as invaders. They charged up to the Corinthian walls in vast groups, scrambling to reach the top of the walls most were slain before then from the archer fire from the Corinthians.

    Atop the wall Diodes fought furiously, striking down many exhausted Aztec warriors, pushing them down onto their comrades below. For hours the massacre continued, blood flew from Greek and Aztec alike, but the Aztecs failed to make any real impact. And by the end of the first day the Aztecs had lost 16,00 men dead, 24,000 wounded and 3,000 missing.

    Diode's Tent atop the palace of Corinth-
    "Well we can't keep this going, the men are exhausted, in a day they'll breach the defences and have the city." Philip always spoke his mind, which was both an asset and a weakness.
    "We cannot give up, the city would not survive an Aztec sacking, they would surely raze it to the ground!" Askes said before his exhausted citizens.

    Once again the scout ran to Diodes, this time with far greater news.
    "Diodes, its the army, they've arrived 200,000 Greeks, we are truely saved!"
    "Thank the Gods!" Diodes exclaimed, more to himself than anyone else.
  11. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    Part VIII Greek gains and loses

    Following the seige of Corinth the Greek senate ordered the ending of hostilites towards Spain, with there time up the grand greek army destroyed every town, road and farm in their reach before the peace between the to nations.

    The Greek army was re-equiped in Corinth and soon rampaged through ther Aztec lands to the south, hoping for a quick peace the Greeks were diddapointed, the Aztecs were determined to fight on, despite several defeats, inculding the massacre of Techara Mountain.

    And so the war raged on, with vast casualties on both sides; it was however the superior recruitment abilites of Greece that eventually won them the war. The Greeks could lose ten divisons in a single year and still keep going, while the Aztecs fodun it hard to prepare a single unit in the same time.

    The Aztecs cities of Tlatelolco, the holy city of Texoco and the capital of Teotihuacan. However despite the massive gains of the Greeks there was stilll one city that the Greeks could not conquer, the colony of Calixtlahuaca.

    Thusly the Greeks set out terms to the Aztecs, that if they would surrender to Greek rule they would be allowed to administrate there own affairs without outside interference, they accepted, and the Greek Empire was at peace... for the time being at least, for the next threat would come from the sea...
  12. darkkai64

    darkkai64 Chieftain

    Dec 7, 2006
    wonderful detail. i predict the invaders are the vikings
  13. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    Oh yay someone is reading my story, i never get comments :(.

    The next xhapter should be up by thursday, and the story of the invaders is an interesting one, alhough they're not the vikings which would have been cool.

    P.S. Globetrotter, unfortunatelky this game was months ago, and on my old computer, I might be able to get some images on fo some later posts, ty for your response aswell.
  14. Globetrotter

    Globetrotter ...wherever i may roam...

    Sep 25, 2002
    ...where I lay my head is home...
    I am sure many are reading, but do not post comments.
    Cool story so far, but do add some nice cool screenshots :)
  15. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    Part IX - New Threats

    Since the unification of the great tribes in 4,000 B.C the capital of Athens had been the greatest city of the world, its vast food supplies were capable of supporting a million men and women before the inventionof plumbing, and its strategic location projectd power across the surrounding area.

    Of course such prosperity bred Jealousy, the once peaceful Indians feared the Greeks and their new army, and they began preparing for war, and eventually while the Greeks were consolidating their hold on the new Eastern Provinces the Indians invaded in a vast sea invasion, defeating the Greek Navy in a swift surprise attack.

    The Indian navy sailed on unopposed to the Greek shore.

    And landed a vast army in greek territory, in Athens there was vast panic, thousands fled, while others dided of starvation as the Indians had cut off the food supply. For while the city was wealthy and influential, its garrison was pathetically small, a single divison of archers stood against fifteen advancing indian divisions.

    And so the war became a race , as to who would reach Athens first, the Greeks or the invading Indians.
  16. darkkai64

    darkkai64 Chieftain

    Dec 7, 2006
    hmm... tricky sneak attack:)
  17. vra379971

    vra379971 Deity

    Jan 2, 2003
    very nice.
  18. tagayakal

    tagayakal Chieftain

    Mar 22, 2007
    Wow! I just love the details on your story. ^.^

    I wish you had some screenshots on this, but then again, it still is a very interesting read.
  19. Dnomal

    Dnomal Prince

    Aug 2, 2006
    Part X - The counter attack

    "Catapults, FIRE!"
    Boulder after boulder flew up in the air, and fell with the vengence of a God crushing all beneath them, men, horses, camps.

    "All men adavance"
    Even as he gave the order Elias realised there was no need, this pocket of Indians was, like the two before it, wiped out.
    He wondered why the Indians were so feared, since they fought so poorly, surely someone should have conquered the by now? Perhaps when they were pushed out of Greece.

    "General" said a small messenger with a tone of respect and fear in his voice.
    "The Indians have regrouped, and are about to assault Athens itself."
    Elias turned his head and looked at his Leutenants.
    "Summon the mounted divisions, i will lead them, and we will kill these invaders once and for all." His Leutenants scurried around to carry out his orders.

    He only hoped, he would arrive in time.
  20. 502nd PIR

    502nd PIR Rise to Empire

    Feb 20, 2006
    man, sounds like that isn't going well. great story though. well written

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