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The History of Our Nation

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by DWilson, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. DWilson

    DWilson Where am I? What turn is it?

    Jun 7, 2012
    Madison, WI, USA
    We came together long ago. It began when the Tokimune family introduced us to directing edible plant growth in such a way that abundance could be attained. To accept these techniques, however, was not an easy decision. While the Tokimune had found the secret to a stable source of food, much sacrifice was required. For countless generations, into times untold, our people had traversed the region, following the animals that provided much of their food to that point, expertly scrounging for any plants that might otherwise be needed. The proposed change would require the people settle long term, without the free range that had long been enjoyed. Additionally, with many required to maintain the new settlement, much of the surrounding region they currently occupied seasonally would need to go unmonitored, and would subsequently effectively cease to be theirs for unknown generations. Rumors told of other peoples. What if they decided to occupy the cherished lands near by?

    And yet, the many benefits outweighed the steep costs. The elders struggled, at times, to move across the grasslands and hills. Likewise, travel was hard on the newborns, as well as the women that bore them. Many times, the game would become scarce, and the scavengable limited. Without food, everyone was hurt, and many passed on. Further, firm shelters from the elements were irregular.

    And so, the debates raged. Many were frustrated, and felt passionately about their determination. Eventually, by a small margin, the majority determined that it was the best past to stay. They determined to settle in the Kyoto region, where they had first developed these controllable plants. And so they did.

    However, not all among our ancestors decided to do so. Some, the more skilled of the hunters, determined to continue their tradition of providing for the people in the only way that they knew claimed the title of protector. They would roam the regions nearby, hunting game as it appeared, and preventing encroaching dangers from any of the predators that crossed the lands. Many of the more able young men and women would join them for a number of years, before returning and participating in the building of the settlement. Unfortunately, not all of those who remained mobile accepted our determination to stay sedentary, with a stationary home. Some renounced us, and all those who would interact with us. They deemed us ungrateful for all that we have been given, the blessings of the lands and the game and the trees. They left, with the warning that any who might cross their paths would be brutally assaulted. It would be a long time before any peaceful interactions between us would recommence.

    And so we began, with a sad division, but also with optimism for our futures.
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  2. Aussie_Lurker

    Aussie_Lurker Warlord

    Jul 21, 2003
    Adelaide, South Australia
    Off to a very fascinating start. I can't wait to read more :).

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