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The History of This Mod

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fairy Tale Mod' started by Le Sage, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. Le Sage

    Le Sage Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2009
    Digging up your garden
    A Chronological History of the Fairy Tale Mod

    Late January 2010, Fairy Tale is begun. The first release revolved around the scenario Fairy Tale, which is now known as "The Collective War". This initial release also only had seven civs and a handful of units.
    February, 16-17, Initial release of Version 0.1 with smaller patch updates following.
    February 18-22, Updates 0.2 to 0.3 are published.
    February 22, Deliverator supplies the Dragon, a Fairy Tale classic unit.
    February 22-23, Version 0.3 is patched.

    March 1, Version One is published. 20,7 MB (Zipped). The Angvina nation is introduced.
    March 4, The Theme Song, "Knights of Darkness" is added as Zero-Project agrees to have it included in Fairy Tale.
    March 6, Version Two is published. 53,7 MB. More music is added and also the 12th civ, the Denerean Elves.
    March 12, Patch 2a is published.
    March 18, SaibotLieh produces the Princess unit to be included in Fairy Tale. Released Beta Patch 2b for playtesting.
    March 21, Version Three is published. Merged BUG with Fairy Tale. Diplomacy music added.
    March 27, Update 3a includes lots more buildings. Among others, the Purple Tower, which opens up Diplomatic Victory.

    April 3, Version Four; with Update 3b, V4 counts 88MB. Two new civs are introduced - Arcana and Zuur, taking the total number up to 14.
    April 4-10, Update 4a, b and c. Major corrections. Adds civ 15, the Erezon Empire, and begins work on Pirates, mercenaries and other covert units. The Palace is changed to a Tower-looking thing and the Fairy Tale Castle is updated.
    April 16, Version Five is ready, counting 95 MB's total.
    April 25, Zero-Project publishes an article on his site about the mod and his music in it.
    April 26, Major Update 5a introduces The Empire. This new civ will only be used for specific scenarios. Five more Zero-Project songs added.
    Apr 30-May 3, Created the first own Python addition for the mod. This makes victory be announced when the Demon King is killed.

    May, Fairy Tale is published on the cover of a French computer magazine.
    May 3, Update 5b. Added the Imperial Scenario, The Great War, complete with custom Python.
    May 13, Version Six is published (along with patch 5c), counting a total 124 MB. The Imperial Scenario is completed as the Dark Side is also made playable.
    May 15, Corrections Patch 6Aa deals with a few pressing issues and also adds the Blackguard Units and some other stuff.
    May 23, Update 6b. The Elchers clan is totally remade in this big update.

    June 1, Version Seven, counting 132 MB. Merged with Better BtS AI by Jdog5000 and added Kraxantina Sultanate Kingdom. V7 has 887 Downloads on StrategyInformer, ModDB and FileFront combined.
    June2, Version 7 gets a couple of good reviews.
    June 6, HighwayHoss produces HEFT, a modmod for Fairy Tale V7. He is made part of the project, effectively advancing it to a team effort.
    June 7, Released the Terrain Patch which upgrades the look of the terrain in-game.
    June 21, Version Eight, 156 MB's. The Black Banner is introduced, merged with HEFT and Better Terrain. Gets 1.300 dl's.
    June 29, Small Fixes Patch.

    July 13, Update 8a is released with the 18th and 19th civs, Kharrorch and Dwarven. The Dwarven civ was designed by VeBear.
    July 15, HEFT 1.31 is released.
    July 23, Update 8b has lots of small but important tweaks and also merges with HEFT 1.31.
    July 25, The Fairy Tale Europe Map is published.

    August 4, Version Nine. 160 MB's gets 1.943 DL's. V9 is a most popular one, although somewhat buggy.
    August 6-28, Fairy Tale appears on the ModDB Main Page and is Rank 2 (out of some 12.000) on the website at best. Lots of attention for several weeks.
    August 8-13, Update 9a. Balancing update followed by several smaller updates and corrections. Lots of bugs fixed. Hereford Mappa Mundi added and Tech Tree remade.
    August 14, Update 9c puts together all the previous updates, has more bugfixes and the 20th civ, the Tanite, as well.
    August 16, Bonus Map Pack released.
    August 17, Fairy Tale gets its own Subforum at CivFanatics.
    August 22, Missing interface Patch finally solves the problem with missing interface for some users.
    Mid-August, Fairy Tale Appears in a notice in PC Gamer magazine along with two other Civ4 mods.

    September 17, Version Ten. 168 MB's. Introduces Vestalla and Angleeye and also reforms the scenarios by supplying masses of new maps. Version Ten is published with Civilization 5 looming in late September.
    Sept 18-Oct 3, Fairy Tale is once again featured on the ModDB Front Page.
    September 22, The first Patch for V10 is released.

    Late October, An Expansion is started, but later discontinued.

    November 10, Le Sage goes on to mod Civ5.
  2. Le Sage

    Le Sage Chieftain

    Apr 24, 2009
    Digging up your garden
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