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The impossible dream - Building every wonder


Apr 10, 2008
My brother mentioned he'd learned of a Wonder/Super Specialist Economy, so I tried it out. After a surprising start on Prince level where I was able to get all wonders before the Hanging Gardens I decided to tweak around some settings and cheat where needed to see if I could build every wonder (not including religious shrines, though I think they could be monopolized too with a little luck).

I'll disclaim, I cheated by reloading auto saves, and opening WB in the beginning to verify there was Stone and Marble nearby, so this is in no way a viable strategy for a serious game, just a parlor trick you can use for a diversion.

The tweaking I mentioned was this: Noble difficulty to eliminate AI advantage (though I think it would probably still work on Prince), normal speed, Custom game so I could pick the other Civs, and I picked Montezuma, Shaka, Alexander, Tokagawa, Ragnar, and Gengis Khan, with the intention that they would be too busy killing each other to build wonders.

I hoped for an isolated start, but ended up on an island with Ragnar. I played as Ramsis, built worker, warrior, settler and directed my research to go straight for Monotheism to get the extra 25% production (plus it takes you through Masonry to get the bonuses from stone and marble). I set my first settler down next to stone and built Stonehenge there. I was lucky to have Marble just outside my capital's fat cross, but still needed a coastal city for the great Lighthouse and Colossus, so picked a coastal place with lots of hills and forests for production. With three cities I focused on building wonders for most the ancient and classical periods, and ended up taking up most the island with the culture from those cities. My research was directed to techs that unlock wonders almost exclusively (had to divert to get animal husbandry, but, for example, went without Iron Working or Hunting until well into the middle ages). I grabbed Metal Casting from the Oracle since forges will also help with maximizing production.

I have a Mac, thus I'm still playing Warlords, so I can't say this will work on BtS, but looking at the tech tree it looks like it would maybe even be easier early on, since the Parthenon doesn't open up until later. Aesthetics does look like it would be the biggest stumbling block, with three wonders that need building all at once. On Warlords I think that if you don't lose any wonders before the Great Library you're pretty much set for the rest of the game, and I imagine it's pretty close to the same on BtS.

Anyway, I remember when I was starting out playing I was really frustrated that I couldn't find a way to build every wonder, so if anyone always wanted all of them (short of taking them by force), I hope this helps.


Phoenix Rising
Feb 12, 2006
Duel map. Settler level. Just spam those wonders ;)

one city challenge. :)


You need more workers....
Feb 17, 2007
Jacksonville, FL
A wonder economy is a viable strategy, but you certainly don't have to build them ALL. Search for threads by Obsolete, he's pretty much the master in regards to a wonder economy. And he does it with any leader, not just industrious ones! AND he does it on Immortal (not sure how his deity games go).

The key is of course in getting many great people and settling them all in one city.


If A implies B...
Jan 26, 2008
I believe MadScientist's RPC with Ramsses got all but two wonders, and captured them eventually, on Monarch level. Still, it'd be nice to see someone on my skill level do it.

Ugh. I shadowed that game. The rules said we had to control them all. Anybody could build them. I didn't get nearly as many as mad by building :(.

I wound up going vassal crazy, taking wonder cities then capitulation and directing their research away from other wonder techs. Ultimately I succeeded too, but man was that ugly.

I'd say on noble and below it'd probably be possible to build them ALL with a favorable start.


Aug 30, 2007
I had a Rameses game on Emporer a while back that got every wonder. For me, the key wonder to get is Temple of Artemis. If I can work that in along with all the other early ones (which typically aren't a problem), then most if not all the wonders are mine.


Sep 14, 2007
Did it long ago on prince (the AI doesn't get any substantial wonder production bonus), when I still had construction-itis.
IIRC it was an incredible start. A production capital with bureaucracy helped. For some reason, I mainly spawned great priests (6 or 7 IIRC). Hundred turns of golden age really powers your game ;) .
Didn't finish that game, fighting longbows with infantry/tanks aren't funny.


RPC Supergenius
Oct 6, 2006
New York City
In the ramesees game I had to capture 7 wonders. Similar in the early Bismark game which I think was about the same. On the other hand Napolean could not build any yet I had to capture ALL of them by the end in amodern warfare game!
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